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Coincidentally, shortly after dinner, Mother Fu received a call from an acquaintance, saying that she had found a house that met her requirements.

After seeing the details and photos, Mother Fu was very satisfied, it was even better than she expected. She didn’t have any strict requirements about the distance between the house and the school, but the house that her acquaintance introduced was still near the school.

The next day was a weekend, and Mother Fu had a rare vacation, so she led Fu Yuanzhou and the others to see the house. Both houses were on the same floor of a high-end apartment building, and they could move in anytime.

Fu Yuanzhou wished he could move in immediately, but it was not realistic. It would take a few days just to pack up, but after returning home, he was not idle, and immediately started to pack up his personal belongings, mainly the collections in the game room, and called someone to come and seal the boxes for him and move part of his belongings to the new address first.

The service staff went in and out to carry his things. His mother stood at the gate of the courtyard and watched. Fu Yuanzhou washed his hands and wanted to go out to have a look, but he suddenly heard Shen Xigou’s voice, and subconsciously hid behind the wall, not wanting to let Shen Xigou see him.

“Good morning.”

Shen Xigou warmly greeted Fu Yuanzhou’s mother. Fu Yuanzhou was only separated from them by a wall, and their conversation could be clearly heard.

“Hello, Xigou.”

Mother Fu was also kind. Although she had not asked Shen Xigou to be a guest again since Fu Yuanzhou said that Shen Xigou was dangerous, but he was a neighbor after all, she could not tear face with him completely, at least not on the surface. Moreover, her impression of Shen Xigou was really good, and it was really hard to hate him.

“Are they cleaning? Or…” asked Shen Xigou.

“Xiaozhou thinks it’s too far to go to school by car every day. So, he wants to move closer so that he can study hard. He will go out and live somewhere else from next week.”

Facing Shen Xigou, Mother Fu would naturally not tell the true reason behind her child’s moving out. So, she smiled and looked for a different reason.

But Shen Xigou seemed to know, he went silent for a few seconds, the smile in his voice faded, and he asked, “Only him? It would be very unsafe.”

“Someone is going to be with him.” Mother said, “The aunt will follow him.”


Shen Xigou said softly: “Please wait a moment, I will go back and get a gift, which I brought for Yuanzhou from abroad, since he is going to move, I’ll give it to him first.”

“You’re too polite, don’t give him any other gifts, just keep it for yourself.” Mother Fu politely shied away.

“I bought this gift specifically for him. If he doesn’t accept it, it will be meaningless.” Shen Xigou said with a smile, “Please help me pass it on to him, okay?”

“That’s okay, I’ll ask him, if he is too embarrassed to take it, I will bring it back to you. Thank you very much, Xigou, for remembering to bring a special gift for Xiaozhou.”

Shen Xigou went back to get the gift, and then Mother Fu walked into the courtyard with a gift bag, and at a glance, she saw Fu Yuanzhou hiding by the wall. She paused, walked to the side as usual, pulled Fu Yuanzhou inside, and asked him in a low voice, “Did you hear that?”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded with a complicated expression.

“He gave you a gift, I don’t know what it is, do you want to accept it?” Mother Fu hesitated a little, but said, “I think Xiao Shen treats you well, is he really a bad person? I don’t think so.”

“I won’t accept his things.” Fu Yuanzhou lowered his head and said, “Please help me return it to him.”

“You won’t even open it?”


Fu Yuanzhou shook his head, whether he looked at it or not, it was meaningless. He knew what gift was inside. When they met for the first time in their previous life, they each brought gifts for each other.

Mother Fu turned back again and returned the gift to Shen Xigou with a face full of apology: “The child won’t accept it, he is sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Shen Xigou smiled, took the gift bag, and exchanged a few more words with Mother Fu. After returning to his villa, compared to the noise outside, his villa seemed quiet and cold, even a little dead.

He sat down and opened the gift bag. Inside was a watch box. After opening the lid, you could see a silver-white mechanical watch with a simple and elegant design. The time scale on the outermost ring of the dial showed the current time.

There were also three smaller chronographs inside, one was a thirty-minute timer, the dark blue chronograph showed the phase of the moon, and the last chronograph that Shen Xigou had specially asked someone to adjust showed his country’s time.

Using this watch to see the time, Fu Yuanzhou could know the time at Shen Xigou’s side at any time. Seeing their time difference, he liked this watch very much, so he believed that Fu Yuanzhou would also like it very much, because their tastes were very similar.

He wanted his Seven to think of him as soon as he saw this watch, but——


Shen Xigou smashed the dial of the watch into pieces, and the fine parts were scattered everywhere. He tiredly laid down on the sofa and raised his hand to cover his eyes.

Maybe it didn’t make sense anymore.

The author has something to say: Safe!

You can guess who will be the first to temporarily mark Fu Yuanzhou (this is of course a plot)

T/N: Sometimes, I feel sad for SX… He is willing to face so much humiliation just to spend time with FZ, I don’t know what FZ did to engender such loyalty, but there you have it. And conversely, FZ also really doesn’t want to hurt it, he just doesn’t want to be entangled with him like he was in his last life… This is a Catch-22 situation which cannot be resolved easily, I don’t know what will happen to them?

BTW who do you think will give FZ his first temporary mark… My bet is on SX!!!!

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