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The peach-like breath was soft and sweet, but it couldn’t be ignored. Instead, it seemed to be like a hook, seducing the minds of others. The doctor in charge of the examination was also an Omega. He couldn’t help but be startled when he smelled this breath and looked at Fu Yuanzhou with a strange look in his eyes.

“Is your estrus coming soon?” he asked.

The doctor bluntly said the word “estrus”, which made Fu Yuanzhou a little embarrassed, but he also knew that the doctor wouldn’t care about this, so he tried to make himself look calmer, shook his head and said, “No, there is still a while.”

“Then your pheromone concentration is very high, much higher than the average person.”

The doctor asked Fu Yuanzhou to sit down and examined him. He first drew a tube of blood from Fu Yuanzhou, put it into the precision instrument, and then took it out. A stalk-shaped instrument was then aimed at the glands located in the nape of his neck.

With a beep, the handle-shaped instrument displayed the result, and another instrument also printed out a small note. The doctor compared the two data for a while and said, “You seem to be susceptible, have you ever been to the hospital for this kind of test before?”

“No.” Fu Yuanzhou shook his head, his family had a family doctor named Dr. Sun, and she never mentioned to him that he was susceptible.

The doctor who performed the examination was not young. He should be experienced and able to discover more hidden details from the data. Fu Yuanzhou tentatively asked, “What will happen if you have a susceptible constitution…?”

It was common sense, but the doctor still answered him patiently and meticulously.

“A susceptible physique is more sensitive to Alpha’s pheromones, the calm period is short, the estrus period is more frequent, the maintenance time is longer, and it is easy to be induced by the Alpha pheromone fever.”

Fu Yuanzhou suddenly remembered the previous time. During his estrus period, Dr. Sun said that it came early because of exposure to too many alpha pheromones. Could it be related to his so-called susceptibile constitution?

The doctor continued: “After a susceptible person is temporarily marked, the marking is more difficult to fade away, the pheromone dependence on that Alpha is very strong, and they will involuntarily desire more pheromones from the other party until they are completely marked.”

“But you can rest assured that your pheromone is a high-quality pheromone, which can only be compatible with strong Alphas who have a high degree of matching with you.”

“The pheromone of ordinary Alphas would have almost no suppressing effect on you, on the contrary, they are likely to be suppressed by you. Strong Alphas will be attracted to you, and your pheromones will seduce and influence each other. Naturally, because of the gender difference, this effect will be more obvious on you.”

“Does this also mean,” Fu Yuanzhou asked hesitantly, “If an Alpha has a great influence on me, it means that I am a good match with him?”

“You can say that.”

It was not good news for Fu Yuanzhou. He suddenly thought of how his legs were weakened by Xie Lin and Yuan Ye’s pheromones. He had the same reaction with Xiaofei and Ran Shutang, and even Shen Xigou’s pheromones were very tempting to him, didn’t it mean…

“Is there any way to change this constitution?”

Although the doctor had not yet fully confirmed that he had a susceptible constitution, Fu Yuanzhou felt that it is already eight out of ten times confirmed.

“It is possible to remove the glands, but I am against this method, which is very harmful to the body.” The doctor said, “If the postoperative recovery is not good, it will cause various disorders of the body, especially serious endocrine disorders.”

Fu Yuanzhou originally thought about getting his glands removed when he became 20 years old, but now that he had this physique, it seemed that removing the glands had suddenly become a very far-removed option, which made him a little disappointed.

“Another method that isn’t the way to go: be completely marked by a highly match alpha.”

The doctor said: “After this you will only rely on your partner’s alpha pheromone and will not be affected by other alpha pheromones. This is the same for all Omegas, you will only be a little more dependent than them.”

“If neither method is going to be used…” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“I still recommend that you find an alpha partner that suits you. Even if you don’t do a full mark, at least keep a stable temporary mark and regular sex life.”

“Your pheromone concentration is high, indicating that you are very active, and the pheromone is a long-term problem. Being in an overactive state will accelerate the aging process of the body, and long-term use of inhibitors will not work.”

“One more thing to remind you, as your stable partner, you must choose a reliable Alpha, as it is easy for Omegas with susceptible constitution to become dependent on an Alpha’s pheromones.”

“Once you are marked, whether it is a temporary mark or a permanent mark, it will be easy to crave the other party’s pheromone.”

“I suggest that after your medical examination project is completed, go to register for the test which will help you determine whether you are really susceptible.”


Fu Yuanzhou listened to the doctor’s words and did not go back to school after the physical examination, but asked for leave with Da Yang, the head teacher, and went for further examinations. When asked with concern if there was something wrong with his body, Fu Yuanzhou felt warm in his heart, but he couldn’t explain his condition.

The test was quick, and the results came out after 20 minutes, proving that Fu Yuanzhou was really susceptible.

Before going back, he took a suppressant, so that his body lost the smell of peach, and his sweet breath was sealed under the black collar, and others could not see the secrets hidden below.

The doctor told him a lot of precautions that he must take, and he also checked a lot of things himself. After all, Omegas who had a susceptible physique should maintain a relationship with an Alpha, otherwise it would have a not small impact on the body. The idea of frequent estrus was enough to make Fu Yuanzhou tremble with fear.

Could it be that he was destined to associate with an Alpha…

Fu Yuanzhou touched the back of his neck, his heart beating fast.

He should be glad that he was bitten on the back of the neck by Xie Lin at first, but Xie Lin had not had time to inject pheromone, and he should also be glad that he was not temporarily marked by Xie Lin or Yu Fei at the last moment during his previous estrus period.

At that time, they didn’t even know that he was susceptible, otherwise it would be a lot of trouble, especially if Xie Lin had marked him, he was afraid that by now he would have become extremely dependent on Xie Lin from body to heart, and he won’t be able to live without Xie Lin.

If it was Fu Yuanzhou, who had just been reborn, he would definitely be very angry and sad when he learned this fact. Now he was still not in a good mood, but he didn’t seem to be as depressed as he would have imagined, and it didn’t seem so difficult to accept.

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment and realized that his mentality had changed unknowingly.

He went home with the test sheet from the hospital. He didn’t hide his susceptibility. He told the truth to his parents. His parents were surprised and worried when they found out. They again began to hesitate whether to let Fu Yuanzhou go out to live alone.

Fu Yuanzhou was also a little hesitant, but then he thought about it, if he told Xie Lin and Yu Fei about his susceptibility, they would definitely not mark him casually. Besides, his aunt was still there, and when his parents were away, it was no different from living at home.

“It’s okay, I’ll go out and live.”

Compared with this trivial difference, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to see Shen Xigou more. Although he hadn’t seen Shen Xigou much recently, he could often catch a glimpse of him from the window, and each time he became more and more eager to move out of the house.

In the evening, Fu Yuanzhou’s parents called Xie Lin and Yu Fei to their house for dinner. The parents asked about their physical examination results, especially Yu Fei’s, because Yu Fei had pheromone insensitivity before, and they didn’t know how he was doing now.

“It’s healed.” Yu Fei smiled and said to the two elders, “Thank you uncle and auntie.”

“That’s good, I’ll tell your mother when she gets back.”

The parents smiled relaxedly, but soon they also restrained their smiles, mentioned Fu Yuanzhou’s susceptible physique, and asked them to take care of Fu Yuanzhou after moving out.

“You know this constitution, it is easy for him to become dependent on pheromones, but fortunately, only Alpha pheromones with a high degree of compatibility will have an impact. The probability of this is very low, so after thinking about it again and again, we still agreed with him going out to live.”

Fu Yuanzhou listened silently and did not speak. Although the probability was indeed very low, but Xie Lin and the others all matched him very well, and there were not many Alphas who were close to him who did not match him, so the probability was 100%.

Mother Fu looked at Xie Lin and said, “Xiao Lin, you are the eldest of the three. Auntie will ask you to take good care of Xiaofei and Xiaozhou, okay?”

“Okay, please don’t worry.”

Xie Lin nodded in agreement. Yu Fei also smiled and said that he would take good care of Fu Yuanzhou, but after hearing the news, their eyes darkened, and they invariably remembered something from the past.

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