TBLF Ch. 27

Halfway through writing the paper, Ji Rang received a reply from Wu Rui: Classmate Ji, I just finished school, where are you? I will now take you to buy the tutorial book.

Ji Rang texted back to him: No, I have already bought it.

He took a picture of the question he was doing and sent it over: What the hell does this question mean?

It took five minutes for Wu Rui’s reply to come back: You can think about this question from two aspects. The first aspect is the meaning of the verse itself. Please blow my dead thoughts down to the world, let it promote new life like dead leaves. In his poem, the poet expresses his wish to nurture new life, which shows that the current world is withered and hopeless. The second aspect is the presence of the nineteenth century in the title. Think about what the Western world was like in the nineteenth century, and the answer to this question will come out.

The long paragraph of text made Ji Rang feel dizzy. At the end, he didn’t even say the answer, let him think for himself!

Ji Rang gritted his teeth, and could only read the text content sent by Wu Rui again, combining several options, hesitatingly asked: Choose c?

Wu Rui: Yes, just analyze the questions in the future, and you will find that the answer to each question is obvious.

Ji Rang was embarrassed to tell him that choosing c was actually a guess.

After all, the big guy who had only taken one history class didn’t know what the hell was the Western world in the 19th century.

However, Wu Rui’s analysis has inspired him, and he will know how to figure it out when he actually does the problem.

In this way, the correct rate of guesses has increased a bit.

The brainstorming boss just finished the multiple-choice questions, while Qi Ying had already finished writing the entire paper. She looked at the young man who was still thinking about it, and waited for him while holding the Black Forest cake she hadn’t finished eating.

The young man frowned and looked thoughtful, exactly the same as when the general sat in the study and reviewed the marching orders.

Those family dandies who were thrown into the training camp always made him angry. He often sighed, how dare he put this fertile soil[1] into the hands of these ignorant people.

At that time she didn’t understand, and blinked and said, “There is still the general.”

With the general, he will be able to guard these thousands of miles of rivers and mountains easily.

He touched her head with a smile: “Little fool, I am not a God.”

He is not a god, he will die one day.

It’s just that no one thought that that day would come so fast and so suddenly.

That was the fifth year she entered the General’s Mansion. The caregiver who took care of her received a letter from the housekeeper and happily ran to her and told her that the general had won another battle and that he would return soon.

The general had left Beijing since September last year and has not been back for a full year.

She was so happy that she cleaned the general mansion together with the other inhabitants of the mansion. As the New Year’s Eve was approaching, she bought a lot of window lanterns and hung them. Even the flower gardens were renovated and planted with camellia and winter blossoms.

The caregiver also went to Fairview Square to get a new dress and cloak made for her. The cloak was bright red and ostentatious. It was completely different from her usual style of dressing, but the caregiver said that this color was now popular in Beijing. She has white skin and red will look good on her. She must be beaming to welcome the general home. It will be good.

The general lost his mother in his early years and his father was lost in his youth. In previous years, the mansion in Beijing was guarded by only two or three old servants. After Qi Ying moved in, she added some maids and women one after another, which made her more popular.

He should be happy to see this festive and bright scene when he comes back to Beijing.

She agreed.

Within a few days, another urgent letter reached the palace. On that day, the emperor closed his court.

At that time, the news of the general’s death spread to Beijing.

But no one came to tell her.

They probably thought that she is nothing but an unknown concubine, and is not important enough.

She just clasped her hands and waited and waited, and finally waited until the day when the army returned. That day, at the beginning of the new year, she wore that red cloak and waited for the general’s coffin.

The window grilles and lanterns that she put on by herself, and the lanterns she hung up by herself, were taken down by her and replaced with white funeral flags.

She took off the scarlet cloak, folded it, and put it on the bed, put on a white skirt, and hung herself from the beam of the room.

At that hour, the sun was still shining.

When she closed her eyes, she could still see the golden light.

Qi Ying rubbed her eyes.

How lucky she was to meet him again. Those promises that were too late to say, and the New Year that he didn’t spend with her, this time, they can all make up for them bit by bit.

Ji Rang didn’t know that the little girl opposite had quietly cried for a while, and he was still struggling with the test paper.

Multiple-choice questions can be guessed at, but the following big questions have to be seen from the book. When he was about to reach out for the textbook, he suddenly remembered that Qi Ying hadn’t touched the book when she was doing the problems just now.

Wouldn’t it seem rubbish that he still needs to read the book?

The big guy who doesn’t want her to face his scumbag status can only continue to stare at the next question.

The next one won’t be easy.

He doesn’t go where there is a mountain of books, but he doesn’t have a boat to learn.

Horizontal batch: The idol is too burdened.

Ji Rang glanced outside the door, and the sky was getting darker. He collected the test papers for some reason, and typed on the phone to show her: It’s getting dark, go home.

She didn’t want him to send her, because she was worried that it would delay his time, after all, where he lives and her home are in two different directions. Ji Rang had accepted the “fact” that she disliked his motorcycle, and he was upset but still sent her to the bus stop without revealing it.

This time of the day the bus stop is no longer crowded, and there were still many places to sit left when the bus arrived. He handed her the schoolbag and said with a sullen face: “Go.”

Qi Ying looked up at him slightly.

He didn’t know if it was because of the wind, but her eyes were a little red, and her eyes were gentle and tired.

Ji Rang’s heart was inexplicably numbed by this look, and he interrupted and smiled: “What? Can’t bear it?”

The bus stopped behind them and opened the door.

Qi Ying suddenly hugged him on tiptoe.

He only felt that a small, fragrant and soft thing came in his arms. Before he could react, Qi Ying had already grabbed her schoolbag and turned and ran to the bus.

The night wind swirled past him, swept away the sweet fragrance remaining in his arms.

The bus was already moving, and Qi Ying was lying by the window, waving her hands and smiling at him.

Only then did the gangster who had become a wooden man, reacted.

Who did you learn from to run after teasing?!

No, she has already taken advantage of him twice, so next time he must take the initiative to take the advantage back!

When he arrived at school the next day, Wu Rui took advantage of the early self-study and ran to Class 9 to find Ji Rang. The first ranker appeared there, which immediately aroused the interest of the onlookers. A few bastards laughed and blocked him: “Oh, is this not the first ranker, why come to us?”

Wu Rui said: “I’m here to find Ji Rang.”

A group of people roared with laughter: “Fuck, this nerd actually wants to find brother? I’m afraid he’s itchy to get a punch?”

Ji Rang’s icy voice came from behind: “I see you are itchy to get beaten by me.”

When several people saw him, their necks shrank in fright and they ran away. Wu Rui suddenly felt a sense of being protected by a senior boss, and he was a little excited about it.

He endured his excitement and passed the notebook in his hand: “Student Ji, this is the study plan I tailored for you last night according to your situation. You can take a look first, and I will come to you after lunch at noon and take it from you. Tell me more carefully if you want any changes.”

Ji Rang reached out and took it: “Thanks.”

Wu Rui waved his hand shyly: “It’s ok, it’s not like you didn’t give money for it.”

Ji Rang thought this kid was quite funny, and smiled: “Okay, you can go back, class is about to start.”

Wu Rui nodded and turned away. Ji Rang took the notebook and returned to his seat, turning over the first page of the notebook under the curious eyes of the surrounding circle.

He saw five big characters written on it:

[Ji Rang Attack]

Followed by a line of fine print below:- Study plan for four weeks.

Ji Rang:???

Why the fuck is the first ranker like a middle school boy?

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[1] Referring to the security of the country.

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