TBLF Ch. 28

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The Haiyi students found that the first ranker and the last ranker in the grade have come close recently. Oh no, it is now the third from the last ranker in the grade.

After hearing this, a teacher got worried. After class, he called Wu Rui to the office: “Is he bullying you? He asked you for living expenses? Did he force you to help him with his homework?”

Wu Rui waved his hands again and again: “No, no, teacher Xia, classmate Ji is very nice, we have become friends.”

Ji Rang had come and told him that he was not allowed to tell anyone that he was helping him with tuition.

A class teacher glanced at him with incomprehension, “Wu Rui, you are now in the second year of high school, and study is important, but don’t be influenced by those bad students who are inconsistent.”

Liu Yao, the head teacher of Class Nine, just walked in from the outside, and he sneered when he heard this: “Oh, Teacher Xia, who do you say is inconsistent?”

As the head teacher of the key class, Teacher Xia has never had a good impression of Class Nine, and he said, “Who else is it, isn’t it the Ji Rang of your class! I will tell you Lao Liu, if Wu Rui’s grades are affected, it won’t be good!”

Although Liu Yao has a headache from the monkeys in his class, but he still always defends their shortcomings: “Don’t always think badly. According to you, if his grades can so easily be affected, why Ji Rang’s grades can’t be affected by Wu Rui’s. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Seeing that the two teachers were about to quarrel, Wu Rui said quickly: “Teacher Xia, don’t worry, I won’t let anything affect my study. Classmate Ji is also very friendly. We are good study partners.”

Liu Yao said that he was a study partner because of this kid speaking out.

Teacher Xia had a headache and waved to let him go.

There were two chemistry classes in the morning.

Wu Rui recently supplemented Ji Rang’s junior high school chemistry. The four-week study plan is basically to sort out and consolidate the knowledge of junior high school subjects. Fortunately, Ji Rang studied hard in the first two days of the first and second years’ study, so that he would not be completely blinded by the knowledge.

After arriving in the classroom, he chose a seat by the window. No one dared to sit near him. He was happy and quiet, and bowed his head to do the junior high school workbook Wu Rui arranged for him.

The other students in the classroom looked at each other with horror. They dared not discuss verbally, and thus started discussing through notes.

——What happened to the boss recently? Not only did he come to class on time, but he is also doing problems!

——I didn’t see him attending the class seriously. Are you sure he is doing questions or other things?

——Such as a crossword puzzle?

——He can’t understand even after listening to the lessons. What kind of fun can the scumbag have in chemistry class?

——There is the big guy here, so I don’t dare to mock the female classmates after class.

Qi Ying arrived a little late, and rushed into the classroom almost one second before the bell rang.

She hugged her books, panting, and looked around. In fact, there were still several places in the middle of the front row, and there were also students from Class 2 sitting nearby.

She didn’t go over, instead she went around the podium to the side by the window, walked to the back seat, pulled the chair and sat down.

The class fell silent.

Ji Rang hid the junior high school workbook he was doing under the high school textbook. He stared at Qi Ying, as if saying: What are you doing sitting here? Sit in the front!

Qi Ying just tilted her head and smiled at him.

She put her books away, took out the pencil case, and straightened it.

Ji Rang was sitting at the same desk with her for the first time.

He didn’t know why, bit his heart was beating fast.

He secretly pulled the workbook out and put it back on the desk, not wanting it to be seen by her and knowing that he was actually doing junior high school problems. She glanced at her book, turned to her page, took out her pink notebook, unscrewed her pen cap, and looked like she was sitting in a ready position.

The chemistry teacher walked in and said with a smile, “Hello classmates.”

The classroom said in unison: “Hello teacher.”

She also shouted, but there was no sound. When her mouth opened silently, he could vaguely see the tip of her pink tongue. Ji Rang smelled the scent of strawberries again.

Did she eat a strawberry candy before class?

The big guy was so distracted by the sweet smell that he didn’t understand anything at first, and now he can’t even listen to the class. Qi Ying was taking notes seriously. She is very smart. Although she can’t hear the teacher’s lecture, she can quickly grasp the knowledge points by combining the questions on the blackboard and the content of the book.

Some areas that she didn’t understand were marked with a red pen, and she will consult the study committee member Huang Botong after returning to class.

Chemistry in the second year of high school was still too difficult for Ji Rang. He doesn’t even know how to make notes. He opened the pink notebook, turned to the last page, propped his head with one hand, and wrote Qi Ying’s name.

These two characters are neither uncommon nor special, but they can be linked together, and the strokes are beautiful.

He wrote a “Qi Ying” and drew a strawberry. When he was drawing strawberries, he also borrowed her red pen. Qi Ying didn’t know what he was doing. She obediently handed over her notebook after class, hoping to exchange knowledge with him.

Ji Rang clutched his notebook with all his heart, not wanting to show it to her.

Qi Ying tugged at the corners of his clothes with two fingers, beseeching with her eyes, looking at him as if to say: Show me, just let me take a look, show me.

The gangster couldn’t stand it anymore.

Desperately showing her the first few pages of his notebook: “Look! There is nothing!”

Qi Ying was puzzled.

What happened? Obviously he wrote very seriously when he was in class.

Ji Rang took advantage of her daze and quickly put away the notebook, and took notes honestly in the second quarter.

If she doesn’t understand, he can write it down. What if she wants to read his notes again after class? What if she sees a page full of her name in the back, what about his dignity as a man?

He couldn’t let her know this kind of thing like secretly writing the name of a crush!

After class, Ji Rang returned to Class 9. The next class was the mathematics class he feared the most.

The big guy is sad, but the big guy’s little brothers are smiling, after all, today is Friday, and tomorrow is another good weekend. Qu Dazhuang didn’t understand the look on his face, and asked excitedly, “Brother, where to go on the weekend? I heard that there is a basketball game in Chengdong. Haven’t you not participated in a long time? Do you want to go?”

Ji Rang said upset: “Don’t want to go.”

Liu Haiyang patted his head from behind: “You fucking forgot that you got beaten up because of this broken game last time? Do you know how to observe discipline and rules? “

Qu Dazhuang nodded again and again: “Yes, yes, don’t participate in the broken game, then let’s go to Lan Jue to play games? Lan Jue has replaced a batch of ultra-high configuration machines, and playing on them must be very cool!”

Ji Rang was still lazy: “I’m not going, you go.”

“What about the game hall? By the way, we can go climbing Anshan! Isn’t there a live-action competition on it this weekend? We can team up for it!”

Ji Rang smashed the math book down: “I’m not free on the weekend, I’m fucking busy!”

His loud roar made the classroom quiet.

The boss is better at it than the teacher.

Qu Dazhuang gritted his teeth and stared at him for a long time, ignoring Liu Haiyang sneaking away him behind him, and suddenly became angry: “Brother! Do you have an opinion on us brothers? If you look down on us, just say it! No need to hide it! “

Ji Rang almost laughed angrily: “Qu Peng what the hell do you mean?”

He called him by his name directly, which proved that the boss was really angry, but this time he bent his head and said: “What do I mean? What do you mean?! How long have you not been out with us? Yes? I heard that you are very close to the first ranker recently. Why, you are looking down on our poor grades? Want to get rid of us bad boys? Then just tell us! As long as you say that you don’t need us anymore, if we follow you we will be your grandsons!”

Qu Dazhuang roared fiercely, but his eyes gradually became red.

No one in this group of adolescents served him unwillingly. Outsiders say how vicious and violent he is, that he is bad, they hate him and fear him. Only those who have been by his side know that the teenager who is feared by the teachers and students of the school is actually really good.

Qu Dazhuang’s mother had heart surgery, and he paid the operation fee without telling them. After Qu Dazhuang got to know about it, he still remembered to worry about his brother’s face, and said lightly: What a big deal, I’ll make an IOU.

Luo Bing’s sister had a crush on a senior in high school, but had her naked pictures taken in the name of love by that animal. After knowing that he didn’t want to say anything, he didn’t want to involve them, so he beat the beast half to death by himself, and forced him to destroy the nude photos.

They usually made trouble outside, and Ji Rang took care of the aftermath, and he also carried the final pot. But he always said indifferently: What is the big deal.

They all know that Ji Rang has a bad relationship with his family. He has endless pocket money, but he is sick and hospitalized by himself. During the winter and summer vacations, everyone has a home, and they can get red envelopes from their elders during the New Year, but Ji Rang will always live in his big and empty house. On the 30th, he will eat instant noodles and watch the Spring Festival Gala alone.

They treated him as their eldest brother, and wanted to treat him as family, but now, it seems that he doesn’t need them anymore.

No one can accept it psychologically.

If Qu Dazhuang’s words were said in normal times, Ji Rang would have already beaten him down.

But now he didn’t move for a long time.

Angry and funny.

He didn’t know that his behavior during the recent period would cause them such a big misunderstanding.

Qu Dazhuang’s eyes were red, and he looked like he was about to cry, but he bit his lips tightly and insisted on the principle of a man not crying.

Ji Rang felt his throat tighten a little, and reached for him.

Qu Dazhuang subconsciously hid, thinking that he would be beaten. Unexpectedly, Ji Rang just patted him on the shoulder, and said in a deep voice: “It’s not what you think, I just…”

He paused, and in front of the eyes filled with the grievances and expectations of the young people, he said gravely: “I just fell in love with studying.”

Everyone: “?????”

What are you in love with?

Ji Rang looked at the few people with different looks, didn’t know what he thought, frowned, and said with determination: “Well, don’t go out to play after school and weekends. You will all go to tuition with me. “

Everyone: “?????”

Qu Dazhuang, what the hell did you say!!!

The boss used to force people to do homework, but now he’s going to start to force people to go to tuition!

Qu Dazhuang: “…”

I’m sorry I was talking too much I shouldn’t have asked.

Ji Rang: Not only I want to become a good student, but my brothers must also become good students.

Qu Dazhuang: No… we don’t want… we don’t have little fairies, we don’t need to do this…

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