TBLF Ch. 26

History is simply too easy compared to mathematics and physics. At least he can understand every word and knew what it meant when linked together.

In the afternoon, two history classes were held. After the class ending bell rang, Qi Ying ran to his seat, and Ji Rang quickly closed his only class notebook.

Unorganized class notes must never be seen by history class representatives!

Holding the homework book in her hand, she wrote in the blank space on the back: Do you want to take history class with me in the future?

Ji Rang thought that it was not only history class, but also geography and chemistry class.

He strained his lips and nodded with a careless expression.

Qi Ying was so happy; the light flowing in her eyes was brighter than the stars on a summer night. She took the pink whale pen he had put aside and leaned down and wrote: Would you like to do homework together after school?

The summer school uniform consisted of a small v-neck t-shirt, which had two buttons on the neckline, the button on her collar was not buttoned, her neck is white and slender, and when she leans over, a slight clavicle got exposed.

Ji Rang didn’t hold back as the kind of pretense he had before, and he almost nodded in panic.

Qi Ying smiled sweetly at him, turned around to return to her seat, Ji Rang grabbed her by the wrist. He frowned, looking fierce, and dragged her to the corner of the corridor.

Qi Ying blinked puzzledly.

Ji Rang stared at her: “As a girl, you are not well dressed!”

He roared fiercely, but moved gently, covering her collar with both hands, and tied up the collar button for her without staring.

Finished, he raised his eyebrows with satisfaction.

Qi Ying felt too strangled to breathe.

She was a transfer student. They lacked her size when she took the school uniform. Only the small size and the extra small size were available. Fortunately, she is thin and the small size can be worn, but the neckline is a bit tight, so she had to loosen the top button.

Ji Rang was still happy, and the corners of his lips raised: “Okay, go back to class.”

The aggrieved little student Qi Ying had to pull the neckline with her hands to prevent the neck from being strangled so tightly. Halfway through the class, it really wasn’t working, so she looked back at Ji Rang furtively.

He was taking notes with his head buried.

She quickly unfastened the button and let out a long breath.

After class, the history teacher assigned homework and asked them to complete today’s rolling review of the unit in the discussed section.

Ji Rang: Rolling review of the unit? WTF?

The homework assigned by the teacher is either an exam paper produced by himself or after-school tutoring materials. Classmate Ji hasn’t listened to classes in eight hundred years, and there isn’t a copy of the necessary after-school tutoring materials.

Qi Ying is still waiting for him to do their homework together!

Ji Rang quickly sent a message to Wu Rui: Where can I buy the unit rolling review papers? And is there anything else that I have to buy?

It’s a pity that except for the first grade during lunch and going home from school, Wu Rui’s phone was basically turned off, and he didn’t receive any help from him.

Ji Rang could only watch Qi Ying step forward happily to him, waiting for him expectantly.

Mr. Ji waited for a long time, accepted his fate, and tricked Qi Ying into typing on his mobile phone: My review paper was destroyed.

She didn’t doubt it, and replied: I will accompany you to buy a new one.

So the two set off to the bookstore.

There were several large bookstores near the school, and there is also a small bookstore specializing in tutoring materials almost at the door of the school. Qi Ying had been shopping with Yue Li earlier and was very familiar with this shop, and thus took Ji Rang to her favorite store.

This shop not only sold books, but also various learning tools, beautiful notebooks, cute writing pens, stationery boxes, hanging decorations and stickers.

Most of the shoppers were girls. When Ji Rang came in, he immediately attracted the attention of the whole shop.

Qi Ying also took care of him and happily helped him find a counseling book, Ji Rang stubbornly followed her, with a cold expression on his face, scaring those who looked at him back.

Commonly used tutoring materials were placed in a prominent position and were easy to find. Ji Rang swept around and found that there were books on other subjects also, so he considered whether to choose a few more books.

Qi Ying saw what he was thinking, and he didn’t know whether she really believed that his tutoring book was lost, or knew the truth that he had never studied before, but she helped him choose all the required tutoring materials that he needed in other subjects.

Ji Rang carried a pile of test papers to pay for them.

After paying, he put more books in his schoolbag after the first one. With so many books, the schoolbag felt a bit small, and he wondered when he would be free to buy a larger one.

Outside the store, Qu Dazhuang and his party passed by.

When Luo Bing saw him accidentally, his eyeballs almost rolled out: “Isn’t that Brother Ji? What is he doing there?!”

Ji Rang was still putting the books in the bag.

The group looked at him like a ghost.

Qu Dazhuang screamed in surprise: “Fuck me, did you really start studying?”

Ji Rang filled a bag full of books and carried the weight in his hand.

Liu Haiyang said with a deep gaze: “What do you know! This must be a new type of fighting tool. I will ask you, then can you stand a hit from this schoolbag? And once the teacher or the police come over, others are holding knives, guns and clubs, and brother is holding counseling books. Who would be held responsible? “

The group of people suddenly became in awe.

The big guy is indeed the big guy!

Ji Rang didn’t notice the circle of worshiping eyes on the side of the road outside the store. After he had put in the books, he turned to Qi Ying and saw her standing with the learning tools, picking up pens and notebooks.

He only has one notebook, which he got when he bought a car magazine last year, and used it as a class notebook these days, with everything written in it.

He thought he hid it well enough that Qi Ying didn’t see the contents, but Qi Ying had seen him using this book several times, and knew what was going on after putting in just a little thought.

Ji Rang walked over with his schoolbag.

Qi Ying had chosen a box of black 0.5 pen refills and two pink pen cases for him. Maybe the pink whale pen gave her a misunderstanding during class. She picked the right and chose a pink cover and handed him the notebook with the balloon on it.

Her big eyes blinked, as if saying: This is pretty.

Ji Rang answered in silence.

She chose another notebook cover with a pink bear and a white bear sitting in a row, and handed it over.

Ji Rang took it again.

The two trials made Qi Ying more convinced of his aesthetics.

So the boss got a dozen notebooks with pink covers.

The homework place was still the earlier dessert shop.

Qi Ying knew that the store was doing well. After entering, she went straight to the counter, first pointed to the strawberry pudding, then pointed to the chocolate black forest she hadn’t eaten before, and asked the clerk with her eyes: Is this still available?

The clerk glanced at Ji Rang next to him.

Ji Rang pretended not to know that the clerk was looking at him, bowed his head and said, “Sell it to her.”

The clerk was relieved, and smiled and nodded at Qi Ying.

The two were doing homework while eating dessert.

Ji Rang opened the brand new counseling test papers and looked at it.

He thought that as long as he remembered the contents of the book, why did he still need to analyze it in conjunction with historical events? Isn’t it industrial revolution and capitalism that I studied today? Why are they asking what major events China went through in the same period?

Where does he go?

Very irritating.

He raised his head and glanced at Qi Ying.

She was poking the little blueberry above the Black Forest pastry with a fork.

The blueberries were slippery and hard, and they were embedded in the soft cream on the surface of the cake. After a long time, not only did they not come out, but they all sank into the cake.

Qi Ying wrinkled her small face.

Ji Rang couldn’t help it, his fingers propped his eyebrows and turned his head, and laughed out loud.

Damn, why was she so good.

Fortunately, Qi Ying couldn’t hear it. After laughing, he tensed, stretched out his hand across the table, took the fork from her hand, and aimed it in the cake downwards. He didn’t know how it was so easy, but he pierced the blueberries.

He passed the fork with the blueberries.

Qi Ying looked at him happily, bowed her head, opened her mouth and ate it.

Ji Rang’s hands were still in the air, his pupils slightly enlarged.

He just wanted to pass her the fork.

He didn’t mean to feed you!

What’s the matter with this little girl, she said she would flirt, so she flirted with me?

The little girl, who is still unaware, has continued to devote herself to homework. Unlike him, she can choose the correct answer by tilting her head and thinking for a few seconds after reading the question.

Ji Ran angrily withdrew his hand.

He still had a thin skin!


Ji Rang: I still have thin skin.

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