TCYEC Ch. 21

Some people are born lucky, but some people don’t get a chance no matter how hard they work.

Xu Mumu never felt that he was worse than others. He was born in an academic family and was handsome. He was 180 centimeters tall and had a good body after training. Could he be inferior to Yu Siyang with such good conditions?

But Yu Siyang was already playing the second lead in a movie, while he is still running around in various crews.

He was jealous and envious of Yu Siyang’s luck.

But now… the so-called “lucky” is nothing more than something that is not presentable.

No wonder Yu Siyang has such good resources.

“Ermu, let’s go, sister Ting is waiting.”

Xia Xing, who has a good relationship with Xu Mumu, waved at the door. Both of them are under the same manager, Zhang Ting. At this moment, she was going to take them to a youth idol crew for an audition.

The auditions are not for important roles, where one of them is even for the villain cannon fodder.

Xu Mumu despised this kind of role, but after being left in the cold for so many days, he should have learned how stupid he was.

After getting a job, he has to take the role no matter what it is.

“Have you read all the scripts?” Zhang Ting asked the two of them as they walked, turning her eyes around to peer at Xu Mumu’s face.

The income of the agent is directly linked to the artist. As long as one is not hopelessly stupid, he will not deliberately embarrass his artist.

Zhang Ting was very optimistic about Xu Mumu. He had the appearance of a traffic star. As long as he got a suitable script and hype, Zhang Ting was confident that he will definitely explode in popularity.

Unexpectedly, this kid turned out to be so eager for quick success. He really thought she didn’t know his little movements, but she didn’t bother to care about him.

He bounced around, and if he could make a name for himself doing that, Zhang Ting would admire him too.

But he was so stupid that he grabbed resources and stepped on Wei Xiaofeng’s hands.

Does he think he offended the newcomer Yu Siyang? He offended Wei Xiaofeng who stood behind Yu Siyang. A single word from him can make him immediately come to an end in the entertainment industry.

Zhang Ting never objected to her artists competing for resources, after all, there were too many monks but little meat.

But to grab resources, you must first weigh how many catties you have.

The artist under her hand made a mistake. It was his agent who was beaten. Zhang Ting was so angry that she benched Xu Mumu for nearly a month.

If it weren’t for a role that suited him well this time, Zhang Ting would probably leave him alone and let him repent.

“Ting sister, don’t worry, I have memorized the script.” Xia Xing likes to laugh, always looking like a hot-blooded teenager.

Xu Mumu also nodded: “I’ve seen it, Sister Ting.”

Zhang Ting stopped enquiring and asked the two to wait outside the company gate. She went to the parking lot and drove the car.

Xia Xing was a chatter, and kept chattering about his understanding of the script.

Xu Mumu listened to him patiently, with a gentle smile on his face, a touch of sincerity more than when he faced others.

At this time, a group of people walked out of the building, Xu Mumu and Xia Xing were just blocking the gate and quickly stepped aside.

At a glance, Xu Mumu saw Xue Chengxiu who was surrounded by the crowd and was listening to the people around him seriously. Walking beside him were the heads of various functional departments of the company.

Xu Mumu involuntarily stepped forward two steps before being pulled by Xia Xing.

Xia Xing opened his eyes wide and looked at him unclearly, as if saying, “What are you doing?”

Xu Mumu watched Xue Chengxiu being sent to the car by everyone, and then the black Bentley was gone.

A bold idea emerged in his heart-Yu Siyang can be in this position, so can he.

Xu Mumu and Xia Xing’s audition was not too smooth. There were too many young actors who come to audition for this crew. They were afraid there will be a second audition. So they couldn’t guarantee the success in getting the role. The odds may be greater.

On the way back, even Xia Xing, who has always been fond of talking, was silent. When he auditioned, he messed up his lines because of nervousness, and he strung the lines of several independent scenes together.

He was crying stupidly by himself, so he was still in no mood to talk.

Xu Mumu still felt a little awkward facing Zhang Ting, Xia Xing didn’t speak, he didn’t know what to say, he turned his head and looked out the car window without saying a word.

“Wait a minute, stop.”

Suddenly, Xu Mumu yelled, shocking Zhang Ting, who reflexively stepped on the brakes.

“What the hell are you doing, don’t you know that this is the no-stop zone?” Zhang Ting yelled, putting her foot on the accelerator again.

Xu Mumu said, “Sister Ting, I have something to do, please let me get off here.”

He just seemed to see Yu Siyang on the street with a lot of people around, so he should be filming.

Zhang Ting frowned, stopped the car at the front bus stop and let him get off.

Xia Xing saw Xu Mumu got out of the car, and followed suit.

The two walked back for a while, and they saw a large group of people around the side of the road. They also saw cameras, reflectors, and boom microphones.

It really was the filming location.

Xia Xing came and squeezed into the crowd with interest, squeezing to the front.

“Yu Siyang?”

Xia Xing yelled uncertainly. This person should be Yu Siyang, but he seemed to look more mature than Yu Siyang.

When Yu Siyang heard someone calling him, he turned to meet Xia Xing’s gaze.

Xia Xing waved at him vigorously.

Yu Siyang told Peng Zhigao, put down the script and walked over to say hello: “Xia Xing.”

“It’s really you,” Xia Xing said with a smile: “I didn’t recognize you dressed like this. You are here. Filming?”

“Yes.” Yu Siyang nodded, “Where did you come from?”

This old street is so remote and deserted, they will not have come here to go shopping.

“Hey, don’t mention it, Ermu and I went to an audition, but the result was really hard to say.” Xia Xing looked depressed.

Xu Mumu finally squeezed in, and smiled at Yu Siyang, “Yu Siyang, is that Director Peng?”

Yu Siyang looked back in the direction of Xu Mumu’s attention, Peng Zhigao was teaching the scene to the second female lead, and he personally laid on the ground to demonstrate how to crawl forward.

Xia Xing looked envious, “Director Peng is very dedicated, I don’t know when I will be able to act in Director Peng’s movie.”

“It is not easy to be in Director Peng’s movie. Let Yu Siyang ask if Director Peng wants an extra person or not.” Xu Mumu said jokingly, staring at Yu Siyang closely to see his reaction.

Although Yu Siyang’s reflection arc is a little longer, he is not a fool. He could understand what Xu Mumu meant, and he tactfully refused: “Director Peng is a very good director. He wouldn’t ask extras for money.”

He doesn’t like trouble, but that doesn’t mean he will be bullied and let others step on him again and again. If he really got bullied without counterattack, the position of the head chef of the Emerald Hotel would not have been his.

Xu Mumu’s face changed slightly, and he didn’t expect that Yu Siyang would be so disrespectful, and could not help but hate him secretly.

Instead, he wanted to see, what kind of acting skills could this person rely on stage.

“Xiaoyu, why are you still there, come and act.” Peng Zhigao’s loud voice came.

“Immediately.” Yu Siyang responded, and then smiled apologetically to Xia Xing, “I’ll go to work first, and we will have dinner together when I have time.”

Xia Xing waved his hand, “It’s okay, it’s okay, you go now.”

Yu Siyang smiled politely at the two and returned to Peng Zhigao.

“Your friend?” Lin Qing, who played the second female lead in “Poisonous Delicacy,” asked him.

One is stupid, but the other is kind of interesting.

“Colleague.” Yu Siyang didn’t want to say more.

Lin Qing smiled and stopped asking, and walked behind Peng Zhigao.

Today’s location had a total of two scenes, one was Fei Qin killing the second female Wu Fang, and the other was Wu Fang’s body being found on the street. Han Shantian and Song Zhao came after hearing the news.

Before the hero and heroine came, they filmed the first scene.

After Peng Zhigao told the two supporting actors the scene, the filming officially began.

Two cameras, one followed Lin Qing, first took the main shot of the second female lead, and the other shot the front angle with a rocker arm in order to take a perspective shot.

Wu Fang fell down in the dark and messy alley. She was gasping for breath, but her breathing became more and more difficult. She panicked looking for her mobile phone everywhere. She wanted to call Song Zhao. Now only Song Zhao could save her.

But what about cell phones?

Why can’t I find the phone?

Wu Fang burst into tears, the more anxious she became, the more she couldn’t breathe.

“Are you looking for this?” The gentle and pleasant voice belonged to a devil. Wu Fang couldn’t stop shaking, and looked up to see her mobile phone being played with by the devil in his hands.

“Why are you looking for your phone?” Fei Qin’s voice was very gentle, “To call Zhaozhao?”

Wu Fang cried bitterly, begging him: “Please, please… let me go… I… I won’t… …Report…Report…”

Fei Qin shook his head, and said as if sighing: “Only the dead will keep secrets, don’t you agree?”

“You…shantian…will, will…”

Wu Fang breathed with more and more difficulty. The more difficult it was, the more foam overflowed from the corners of her mouth, and she couldn’t even say a whole word.

Fei Qin walked towards her slowly, she was afraid and strenuously tried to move back, but couldn’t move a bit.

Fei Qin stopped a step away from her, and looked down at her dying struggle condescendingly, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became more obvious.

“It’s so pitiful!” He said, “What do you expect from that idiot Han Shantian? Your autopsy report will tell him that you died of food poisoning.”

Wu Fang’s tears flowed more fiercely, and the froth on the corners of her mouth increased. .

“You like Han Shantian so much, I will fulfill your wish well and send him down to be with you.”

No, no. Wu Fang shook her head desperately.

Fei Qin snorted, and finally took a look at the dying ant lying at the soles of his feet, then turned and left the alley.

A dead person is not worthy of his attention.

Wu Fang’s vision was blurred, but she knew that Fei Qin, the demon had gone, and she wanted to survive. She hoped to crawl out of the alley little by little. As long as she crawled out, someone would come to rescue her.

Shantian…shantian…save me…

Only a little bit left… about to crawl out… about to…

Wu Fang was dead, she opened her eyes wide and looked ahead.

She wasn’t staring.

Peng Zhigao stared at the monitor and repeatedly watched the shot just taken, his tight brows showed that he was obviously not satisfied.

Lin Qing’s performance was pretty good, but she didn’t fully express her dying despair, and she always looked unhappy.

It’s really tangled whether or not to retake the shot.

The old bastard Mu Zhifeng wanted to mention the schedule from the Lunar New Year to the National Day, and he said, “No one will watch a suspense film in the Lunar New Year”.

If you know that no one will watch, then you shouldn’t have bought the copyright of this book at the beginning!

Now it takes so little time from shooting to post-production to release. If he smashes his Peng Zhigao’s reputation, he will fight the old bastard desperately.

“Director Peng, it’s been too long, you have to say something.” Wang Tai reminded him that Lin Qing was still lying on the ground with a mouthful of foam to fill the corpse, so it doesn’t matter if it is not good. It is not right to let people keep lying on the ground.

“Yes, that’s all, let’s shoot one more time.”

Yu Siyang hurried over to help Lin Qing up, the assistant took water to rinse her mouth, and the makeup artist gathered around to fix up her makeup.

“Ermu, Yu Siyang’s acting skills are good.” Xia Xing in the crowd elbowed Xu Mumu, “That kind of perverted temperament is really alike.”

It is also different from the current little fresh meats. The current bad guys like to twist their mouths and laugh. His smile is gentle and evil. When he looks down at the actress, he has a sense of solemnity.

Xia Xing sighed: “It’s no wonder he has the strength to be in Director Peng’s play.”

Xu Mumu pulled his mouth and forced a smile, and walked out of the crowd in despair.

He thought that Yu Siyang was just using the hidden wild road with high rules, but was slapped in the face firmly.

There is a movie, acting skills, and noble help. When there is such a person in the same period, does he even have a chance to make a career in All Star?!

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