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The first thing she noticed was the woman’s pair of choppy waves, followed by a tender and beautiful face, the woman was about 1.58 meters tall, and was wearing a white sweater embroidered with pink cherry blossoms, a pleated skirt below, white pantyhose, and black heeled princess shoes. The whole person looked fresh and cute, like a doll.

She was looking sideways at An Yiyuan, who smiled at her without saying a word, walked into the dressing room, and said to Si Huang, “You came so early.”

A look of embarrassment flashed across Yan Yan’s face.

Si Huang stood up and nodded to An Yiyuan, “As a newcomer, if I’m later than the two seniors, I won’t be able to show my face.”

Yan Yan also walked in, “Young Master Si, don’t say that, I’m not a senior, I am not a senior. In fact, I might change your address to Senior Si Shao soon.”

Si Huang glanced sideways at her, her beautiful eyes smiling more perfectly, “That’s right.”

This was the first time Yan Yan had seen Si Huang with her own eyes and met her smiling eyes at close range, she suddenly felt that her meticulous eye makeup was not as bright and eye-catching as her pupils, and the waves inside seemed like a black torrent that could drown people. If she hadn’t remembered the phone call from Si Hua just now, she would have almost shaken her mind and been suppressed by Si Huang.

“What did you say?” The mellow and sweet voice came to mind immediately, but what he said was extremely presumptuous.

An Yiyuan laughed: “It’s a good thing to have self-confidence and ambition, and it can promote people’s progress.” In this way, the smell of gunpowder in the atmosphere was eliminated.

Yan Yan froze her face, her eyes filled with mist. If this scene was filmed by the paparazzi, they wouldn’t know what they would write.

“Director Liu is here, you are not afraid of being coached if you continue talking.” Passing through the gate outside the door, he left this sentence coldly and walked out. He had his own dressing room.

An Yiyuan also went out with a smile. Yan Yan, whose eyes were still full of mist just a moment ago, turned her face and said in a low voice, “After taking the role of his younger brother, can Young Master Si feel at ease this way? Hmph.”

After everyone was gone, Du Qiang continued to touch up Si Huang’s makeup, and whispered anxiously and angrily, “That bitch is…” Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Si Huang raising his hand.

Du Qiang panicked, scolded herself for being impatient, and said to Si Huang, “I said this, it’s none of Your Majesty’s business, I’m just worried…” This time, the words came to an abrupt end, but it was because of Si Huang’s soothing smile, every time she saw such a gentle and clean smile, she couldn’t resist.

“I’m not afraid that you will implicate me. It’s just that I don’t want you to be angry on my behalf for a while in the future and let yourself fall into trouble and cause yourself injury.” Si Huang explained patiently, “She can’t embarrass me at this level.” When she got up, she smiled at Du Qiang as she walked to the dressing room, “Obviously watch to the end.”

After five or six seconds, Du Qiang came back to her senses, her cheeks flushed, “Fuck! I blushed!” She was so excited that if she didn’t vent her emotions, she would make herself sick, she immediately took out her mobile phone to open the penguin colony and typed out a series of words.

[Rose with thorns]: “Ah ah ah! Sisters, Your Majesty is so gentle! I’m about to faint from happiness! The most correct decision in my life is to choose the profession of makeup artist! Do you know? Your Majesty will go on a morning run every day, no wonder he is in such a good shape! Just now, Yan Yan came to find fault… (omit the middle summary) You don’t know the expression of Xiao Yan at that time! Later…”

A few minutes later.

Si Huang came out wearing a moon-white ancient costume robe and saw the makeup girl named Du put her phone away with a blushing face, her eyes shining brightly, as she ran over to put on the wig for her. Seeing her humming happy appearance made Si Huang laugh, it was as if she could see a tail on her back that was lifted up into the sky.


Si Huang was the first to come out. There she saw that the scene of the promotional stills had been arranged. Director Liu was at his post, and when he saw Si Huang, although there was no expression on his face, there was a clear look of satisfaction in his eyes.

An Yiyuan, Guan Li and Yan Yan appeared one after another.

The team of “The Emperor’s Path” was really strong, otherwise they would not have held every major character award for popular drama in their previous life. Their current clothing accessories and so on were enough to see their sophistication, which could be compared with and was at par big screen movies. Even the wigs were made of real hair, and it was almost impossible to see that they were fake when they were worn on the head.

Director Liu gave an order: “Film Feng Cang and Shui Lingxin first.”

An Yiyuan had a charming appearance, and his skin was well maintained. Under the wonderful hands of the makeup artist, he looked several years younger, which was exactly in line with Feng Cang’s age in the play. Wearing a thick and prosperous purple-black python robe, with a crown of gold and jade in his hair, as soon as he appeared on the stage and stood under the camera, his aura opened up, revealing the arrogance of ‘all of you mortals’.

He was worthy of being an old character. There were no NGs in the few photos in a row, and then Guan Li came on stage. Just like the video he saw before, Guan Li was wearing light green plain clothes. The simpler the dress, the more beautiful and refined she looked, she was like a beautiful and moving picture. From her clear eyes to the liveliness of the young girl on her body, and the aura cultivated in the mountains and forests, everything was just right, making people feel relaxed and happy.

It was only natural for Yan Yan to lose to Guan Li. Si Huang already knew the difference in acting skills between the two.

After the single photo of the two was taken, it was Si Huang’s turn.

There was no need for Director Liu to call, Si Huang himself had already walked to the set.

The photographer already knew that Si Huang was a newcomer, so he was ready to remind Si Huang. After all, being able to act did not mean that he could take photos. This was not the first time he had encountered such a situation. However, as soon as this person came on stage, he felt the invisible aura, which was even more terrifying than An Yiyuan and Guan Li’s. Those slanted eyebrows glanced at this side, and the elegance and charm made the photographer’s whole body agitated, and his arms twitch until a muscle almost popped up on his face.

“Hey, this kid actually hid his strength before!” Director Liu murmured to himself.

There were many people in this circle who were very sensitive to the induction of the aura, so the silent change in Si Huang’s temperament was immediately noticed by Guan Li and An Yiyuan. As for amateurs, they would also find that this person seemed to have suddenly changed into another person, but they wouldn’t find the reason, they would just be infected in an instant.

The young man in a moon-white robe sat in a wheelchair, his black hair flowed down to his waist without restraint, and his fair face could not be hidden under the bright light. His eyes were half-squinted lazily, and the ends of his eyes naturally looked upward. Those eyes were always light and had no focus and weight, but they were not dead and soulless. On the contrary, there was nothing in this world that could really penetrate this peerless boy’s eyes.

The photographer was stunned for a while, and then his eyes flashed like he was injected with chicken blood. There was no more attractive person in this world than a person who could inspire photographers. Now the famous photographer’s eyes and mind were attracted by this ancient style, like a young man who had been exiled to the world, and the shutter button clicked continuously under his hands.

Si Huang was able to change his posture and eyes indifferently, showing an air of arrogance from beginning to end. Her arrogance was different from An Yiyuan’s arrogance and domineering aura. It could even be said that she did not show a proud expression at all, but it was this kind of indifference that ignored the world, the indifference that even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of her eyes, she would still not change her face, which made her look extremely proud and arrogant.

If An Yiyuan was the real son of the dragon, then Si Huang was the chosen person. The levels of vision of the two were not on the same plane.

“This time Yan Yan is going to suffer.” An Yiyuan said softly.

Guan Li lightly twitched the corner of her mouth, revealing a hint of mockery, but her eyes never left Si Huang.

Yan Yan, who was not far away, was already pale, her body trembled slightly, and her hands were already clenched into fists.

The reason why she was like this was… No matter how the posture of Si Huang who was taking the stills changed, her eyes seemed to have no focus, but her gaze never seemed to leave Yan Yan. No matter how Si Huang looked at Yan Yan, Yan Yan’s figure was not really put into her eyes, as if the other party was inferior to ants, completely unsightly.

This was an invisible torture and oppression for Yan Yan, who was not mentally strong, especially because Si Huang deliberately did it and forced it on her with his acting aura.

“Si Huang, right? Can you change your feeling? For example, when treating enemies, or lovers?”

Si Huang’s lazy and half-drooping eyes finally opened, a pair of black pupils like a peerless sword whisking dust, clear and ruthless, cold and sharp but not polluted, and inviolable appeared in front of everyone. Everyone was stunned for a moment and when they met her eyes, a trace of chill was sent to their bone marrow, and Yan Yan, who was standing at the place where Si Huang’s eyes fell, changed her expression greatly, and fell to the ground.

The photographer’s instinct allowed him to capture and freeze this scene even while he was stunned.

Without waiting for everyone to return to their senses, the cold sharpness in Si Huang’s eyes melted like ice and turned into a handful of snow. He finally compromised, and anybody would like to fall off the branches and leaves and fall softly on the snow to accompany him closely.

A tenderness that no one could resist!

In the crew, only the sound of the photographer pressing the shutter button could be heard.

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