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There was no doubt about Si Huang’s outstanding performance, and even when she left the stage, everyone’s eyes had an unusual look. Women’s eyes were the most enthusiastic. If those eyes didn’t seem to be acting, maybe they would have rushed over.

When Si Huang came, Guan Li’s cold voice rang out, “Intentional?”

Si Huang blinked at her with an innocent look on his face.

A smile flashed in Guan Li’s eyes, and even the coldness on her face eased a lot.

An Yiyuan touched his chin and said, “Tsk, Goddess Guan has never given me a good face, this junior is incredible.”

Si Huang smiled lightly: “I’m not as good as senior who has passed like a leaf among a thousand flowers without touching their body.”

An Yiyuan’s smile froze, and his back teeth were itchy.

Even the corners of Guan Li’s mouth were slightly curved.

The three of them standing together were really good-looking, making a group of staff onlookers howl in their hearts.

Female: Queen Guan is so happy! She is surrounded by two male gods, I shouldn’t hold too much hatred!

Male: Damn it! The goddess Guan smiled! You look amazing, don’t you? It must be amazing to coax people, huh? Acting is amazing!? Special! It’s amazing! You and other mortals can’t compare, I really want to die, you see if you can recreate it!

“What did you do!? It was not to make you smile, it was to make you pretend to be melancholy! Do you pretend to be [beep–] in your mind? Can you still be an actor just like this?” The merciless scolding interrupted Si Huang’s conversation and the staff’s thoughts.

Si Huang looked at Yan Yan, who was standing in a state of embarrassment on the set. The other party was obviously not in a good state. Her expression was like crying, laughing, anger and resentment all at once, in fact it was almost distorted. No wonder Director Liu was so angry. With the first two worry-free and smooth examples, and the surprise of Si Huang later, Yan Yan’s mistakes were even more unbearable.

Even though, Director Liu understood that there was an added element of Si Huang’s deliberate revenge.

But Si Huang didn’t say anything to quarrel, and secondly, he didn’t start provoking things. When he came up, he used his acting skills to crush the opponent’s heart. Director Liu couldn’t find a reason to say that Si Huang was wrong. The play was suppressed, resulting in mental confusion and imbalance.

After a few times, the photographer also lowered his face and put down his hand on the camera, expressing his unwillingness to continue.

Director Liu’s scolding sounded again: “Do you know how precious Louis’ time is? If it weren’t for Tie Lao’s face, would he come to take pictures of you? Go down and reflect on it, if it’s so rough next time, I think the role of the second female should also be re-selected!”

“Woo!” Yan Yan, who was already out of balance, was scolded by Director Liu, and felt that the eyes around her had also become subtle and gloating as if they were watching her joke. All of a sudden, she burst into tears on the spot, shouting, “Why are you scolding me, it’s all Si Huang’s fault, it was he who scared me and looked at me with that kind of eyes, if it weren’t for him…”

Who knew that Director Liu hadn’t spoken yet, but photographer Louie laughed before that, “Liu Shu, don’t say I didn’t give you face, just the quality of this child, I think it will lower the quality of the entire “The Emperor’s Path”, you are remiss in your job, you actually find this kind of thing for Tie Lao’s project.”

Director Liu’s face turned blue and white.

Louis shrugged, “You see it too, look at how she ends up. If it’s still like this, I won’t take pictures. You can ask someone else.”

Director Liu knew this guy’s character, he did what he promised, not to mention the other party really had this ability, so he turned his head and scolded Yan Yan who was still crying, “Don’t you understand what people are saying? Why don’t you get out?”

Yan Yan was roared at and she was so surprised that she forgot to cry, she was so embarrassed and angry that she wanted to leave immediately, but when she was about to leave, she was held back by her agent Zhou Jian, who covered her mouth covertly, for fear that she would say something extraordinary.

Yan Yan’s farce didn’t affect Si Huang and the others. After the single photos, there were group photos which needed to be clicked in pairs and sometimes in threes and fours.

An Yiyuan and Guan Li, who had a cold relationship off the stage, entered the play as soon as they came on stage. Prince Feng Cang’s forbearance in love and Shui Lingxin’s enthusiasm and straightforwardness were all revealed in their eyes and behavior. The two stood back-to-back, then it was one staring at the back of the other, to getting closer as if they could kiss each other if they got even an inch closer, silently rendering a volume of ups and downs of love and hatred.

In the middle, Si Huang also joined in, confronting An Yiyuan one-on-one, or being alone with Guan Li. Maybe it was because they didn’t want to lose in comparison to the newcomer. Once An Yiyuan and Guan Li faced the boss Si Huang, their seriousness increased by a few percentage points. Their auras confronted or merged, and the staff present were hooked.

When he finally learned that three people were going to have one picture clicked together, the evil smile on An Yiyuan’s face disappeared silently, and his face became very serious. Guan Li also silently took a deep breath. The two looked at each other, both saw each other’s state, and were keenly aware of the mentality of both sides: being forced to this point by a newcomer, I really don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

The eruption of Si Huang’s aura was too terrifying, if they didn’t show their full strength, they would definitely be overshadowed by this newcomer.

Both An Yiyuan and Guan Li temporarily went off the stage to change into new clothes and makeup, and came out a few minutes later, now An Yiyuan could be seen wearing a black gold dragon robe, while Guan Li was wearing a green sapphire dress, with beautiful peach blossom makeup. The dark green sapphire dress looked gorgeous, and the temperament and appearance of the two looked even more delicate under such a dressy packaging, so that people dared not look directly at them.

On the other hand, Si Huang still had the same moon-white robe on as before, with black hair and a shawl, and his face was still as flawless. When the two came back to share the stage with her, what surprised the staff was that among the two powerful movie stars dressed in costumes, this person not only did not lose their color, but became more and more eye-catching – as if the world was full of red, as if in the prosperous world, he was a piece of beautiful jade, moist and flawless, clean from dust.

Director Liu was stunned and did not expect this to happen. No matter how good Si Huang was, or how important the role of Young Master Qianji was, the protagonists were the other two, even if they were evenly matched, it was not enough, and Si Huang had taken away the light of the two!

He struggled to move his lips, but there was no way he could easily say the words that would make Si Huang weaken his sense of existence or make the makeup artist make him look ugly.

Louie suddenly shouted: “Don’t you know that my time is precious? As actors, what should you do? Do you want me to teach you?”

After he finished speaking, Si Huang and the three all responded and played their part.

Director Liu found out that he had become a fan of Si Huang. How to use his aura and charm was a must-have skill for an actor. This was not… An Yiyuan and Guan Li probably also felt the threat of Si Huang and knew that they could not ignore him.

The three stood together but faced three different directions.

An Yiyuan’s hair was meticulously tied into a crown hairstyle, and as he stretched out his hand forward, the palm in the thick wide sleeve clenched into a fist, his face was expressionless, his eyelids were half-closed, it was as if he was standing on the top looking down at the world, and what he held in his palm was the thousand miles of the country.

Guan Li had her hands folded below her lower abdomen, her etiquette was unbiased, her beautiful face was cold and solemn, her eyes were raised upwards, her pupils were still bright but bottomless, and her eyes concealed too many inexplicable things, her lips smeared in vermilion outlined a silent smile, glamorous and moving, such that she looked like a fine work of art.

Si Huang was sitting in a wheelchair and had lowered her head a bit, but she had untied the belt of her robe and wore it in an unruly manner. He supported his chin with his left hand while placing it on the chair handle, his head was slightly tilted, and his smooth black hair fell down his shoulders. He had a smile on the corner of his mouth, his eyes were clear and soft, and he looked down at her right hand in front of him—the right hand was stretched out like An Yiyuan, but it was spread out, and her fingertips as white as jade stretched naturally and comfortably, as if there was a breeze which made her fingertips dance lightly, and the falling flowers floated down to crave the warmth of her palm.

The sound of “click” and “clack” sounded again in the silence.

Everyone stopped breathing and stared at them. When they saw An Yiyuan and Guan Li, they would feel sad from the bottom of their hearts, but after noticing Si Huang, the haze in their hearts would be blown away like a breeze, and their eyes would no longer be able to leave him.

This scene told the ending of the three of them growing up.

An Yiyuan had become a successful king, domineering and awe-inspiring, holding the world in his hands, but his expression was not happy, his eyes were full of deep ambition, and he had lost the willful willfulness of his youth.

Guan Li dominated the harem and had become the most honorable woman in the world. She wore the most beautiful clothes and the most gorgeous jewelry. The rules and etiquette of her gestures were completely natural, and she was so exquisite that she seemed like a work of art that could only be seen from a distance. She knew how to hide certain things. From the bottom of her eyes, she would no longer express everything in her heart frankly, and that smart, playful and lively girl’s aura could no longer be seen from her body.

They had all changed. Time and experience had changed them, making them gain a lot and lose a lot. When they were strong enough to get everything they wanted, they found that they had long forgotten who they used to be and could never find them again. This was the characteristic of the past.

When everyone was sighing that this was the reality, one person never changed.

From the first time they saw him, he wore white clothes and black hair, sitting and watching the flowers bloom and fall. After things became right and wrong, this person was still the same, but the charm had become more and more peerless, and the smile was even more charming. Maybe it was because… he had nostalgia in his heart, and there were more people or things that could be recalled for a lifetime.

When everyone in the world had become unrecognizable because of power, status, love and hatred, the gentleness and flawlessness of Young Master Qianji was even more precious.

“Hey!” Director Liu sighed, his eyes complicated.

He knew that both An Yiyuan and Guan Li performed very well, in fact they could be said to have performed exceptionally well, but should it be said that Si Huang’s role was suited to his natural advantage or was it that his talent was too strong? Anyway, he already understood that these two veteran actors who had become popular for a long time had already lost to the newcomer Si Huang.

It was not that they were not good enough, it was just that Si Huang was better than them, not to mention the transcendence of his appearance, his temperament, acting skills and sense of camera, this scenes in his eyes was already impeccable.

“It’s just a monster!” Director Liu secretly breathed a sigh when he thought of Si Huang’s age and the major he studied.

Louis’ snap of his fingers meant perfection.

Si Huang just raised his eyes, his smile hadn’t faded, but then he happened to see a figure not far away that shouldn’t be here, and his pupils shrank.

Huh? Who is coming? OVO

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