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The elite man replied, “Isn’t it right that you are Mr. Mao? I saw your photo before I came here, and I don’t think I would make a mistake.” Maybe it was a trick game.

However, looking down the street, the large row of luxury cars was genuine, it was not a joke that ordinary people could afford.

Such a group of cars, even if it was rented, he was afraid that it would cost a pretty good price.

Mao Dan doubted himself, and said with a cold face: “Who asked you to pick me up?”

The elite man replied: “Of course it is Mr. Kang.”

As for which Mr. Kang it was, he did not specify, this omission was however the only answer in Mao Dan’s opinion.

Because Mao Dan only knew one person surnamed Kang.

Kang, Xing, Luo!

This special team was actually the car that Kang Xing Luo sent to pick him up!!

No wonder he talked to Li Hongming on the phone just now and said that there was a traffic jam. He already had so many cars in his fleet, plus the crowd of cars watching to join in the fun.

Just a few minutes after the convoy stopped in front of him, the people around him had already started talking.

“Oh my God, who came to pick him up??” “Shit, he’s too rich.” “Hurry up and post it on your Moments.” “Is this a confession?”

Mao Dan was speechless for a moment, and the elite man said, “Get in the car.”

Mao Dan felt a little dizzy, he got into the car in a daze, then the car started and rushed forward.

Only then did Mao Dan remember to ask, “Where’s Li Hongming?”

The elite man replied: “Don’t worry, there are many cars, it will take a few minutes to drive out of this street, and Mr. Li can always catch up with one of them.”

Mao Dan: ” …”

Mao Dan felt a sense of money hitting his face. It seemed that instead of air, the smell of renminbi was floating in the car. The whole way, Mao Dan was stunned.

About 20 minutes later, the motorcade turned a corner and drove into the city’s largest villa area for the rich, and Mao Dan’s mind began to turn.

Who was he???

Where was he???

Looking around, this area was full of luxurious hardcover villas, Mao Dan could not have imagined that his destination would be such a place.

Who could live here, he must be at least worth hundreds of millions!!

That Kang Xing Luo’s home was here???

Mao Dan felt something was wrong, so he covered his forehead, and his eyes turned black.

The car stopped, and the elite man made a special trip to open the door for him. Mao Dan stood firm in front of the largest mansion in the central area. He was in a daze, when Li Hongming ran over excitedly from behind.

Li Hongming laughed and said: “How is it! Are you scared!”

Of course, Mao Dan was scared in his heart, but he didn’t lose his temper. He restrained his inner bewilderment and asked coldly, “Is this house yours?”

Li Hongming was taken aback. “No.”

Mao Dan said: “The car is yours?”

Li Hongming: “Uh, it’s not.”

Mao Dan said: “Then you’re a jerk.”

Li Hongming: “…”

Li Hongming said in pain: “But I’m a rich man! I am a rich second-generation who needs comfort!”

Mao Dan believed it by eight points in his heart, but his face was still indifferent, and the tortured Li Hongming almost went bald.

At this time, the elite man said, “The two gentlemen, please come in.”

Li Hongming looked at the man with a business smile in front of him and was a little flustered. He leaned over to the man and whispered, “Secretary, I am not used to you calling me that.”

The secretary smiled and said, “You call me bro. I’m not used to it either.”

Li Hongming said, “Then why did you call me Mr. suddenly.”

The secretary said, “I’m saving you face in front of people.”


Was it so good???

Li Hongming said happily: “Then you call me Master.”

The secretary glanced at him and said, “Haha.”

Li Hongming: “…”

After whispering these two sentences, the secretary led the two of them into the house, and the door just opened, when the welcoming sounds of dozens of people intertwined suddenly came from the front!

The voice was loud and uniform, and dozens of young and beautiful maids were lined up all the way down the stairs, bowing and shouting, “Welcome home!!”

Mao Dan abruptly took a step back.

??? What the hell??? Maids??? Dozens of maids???

After the car team?? Were there even maids at home???

Is this TM a Mary Sue novel???

Mao Dan stood on the spot with a shocked face, and at the same time, Li Hongming, who was standing beside him, was also taken aback.

Li Hongming was only in charge of bringing Mao Dan home. He didn’t know what was prepared here. He was stunned when he saw the car team, and he didn’t expect the display in front of him as well.

Li Hongming looked at the secretary dumbfounded, and saw that the secretary, who was always calm, also looked surprised, with an unexpected look on his face.

Li Hongming shivered and gestured with his eyes: What is this???

The secretary replied with his eyes: How could I know.

Li Hongming: Didn’t you arrange it?

Secretary: How is it possible that the maid and I have the same painting style???

The two of them were shocked at the same time, but they still had to continue to pretend to be forceful in front of Mao Dan. The secretary looked indifferent, while Li Hongming insisted on giggling and said: “Ahahahaha, everyone is really enthusiastic, don’t say everything, just coming home, let us sit down. Well, these little girls are disobedient!”

Mao Dan’s heart was really trembling, but he still had the dignity of a cat in his heart, so he tried to maintain his calm and said, “Oh.”

Li Hongming found it a little strange when he pretended to be steady. “Wow, Dandan, you’re not cowardly, at all!”

Mao Dan said: “Otherwise, what do you want me to do? Kneel and lick? If I don’t think too much, nothing will change my attitude, even luxury cars and beauties are impossible to make me bow my head.”

Li Hongming applauded on the spot. “Wow!”

As the two of them were talking, the beautiful maids separated, and the sound of high heels came from upstairs, and even though the girls who had lined up were all beautiful women, but they were different from the one who was coming downstairs. Compared with that woman, they suddenly paled.

The tall and hot woman was wearing a black dress, with red fiery lips. With every step she took, her beautiful long legs were particularly eye-catching.

Li Hongming fell into intoxication, the secretary silently looked away, while Mao Dan saw the woman’s face clearly, and he only had a quotation in his heart:

300,000, 600,000, 900,000, 1.2 million…

As she walked in front of him, she took a total of forty steps, according to the market price, this was worth 12 million!! Sky-high price.

International supermodel Miao!!! That’s right, that Miao that cost gold every step of the way!

Mao Dan’s cat’s eyes had gone round, and he was speechless for a while, and all the mental activities in his heart were expressed on his face.

How come Miao was here? What was her relationship with Kang Xing Luo?

She was a first-order complete cat species, could it be, could it be she is one of Kang Xing Luo’s six cats???

While Mao Dan was looking at Xiao Miao, Kang Miao was also looking at him. The beauty swept her gaze across Mao Dan from head to toe, and her eyes finally fell on Mao Dan’s face, and she laughed coldly.

“You… don’t look like my opponent at all…”

The voice was very soft, and Mao Dan could hardly hear it clearly. Soon, Kang Miao’s expression instantly relaxed, the surrounding aura also relaxed, and the sense of oppression suddenly decreased.

“Come upstairs, Xing Luo is preparing dinner, I came to pick you up for him.”

Mao Dan responded, but he was already extremely shocked. Hearing Miao’s tone, he had guessed right, Miao was really Kang Xing Luo’s cat!!

Who would have thought that the owner of a cat food store would be the owner of the international supermodel Miao!

Mao Dan followed behind her, completely unaware that Kang Miao’s heart was turning round and round. In a short period of time, she had gone through the whole battle of treating Mao Dan as a simulated enemy and then after finding out that he was vulnerable, he was crossed out from the enemy column.

Kang Miao was relaxed, even a little happy.

“Did you like the welcome ceremony?”

Mao Dan paused and was speechless, but Li Hongming asked, “You prepared the maids?”

Kang Miao asked, “Yeah, didn’t you like it?”

Li Hongming said honestly, “I liked it very much. Now, the eighth one in the left row just now, do you have her contact information? Give it to me.”

Li Hongming and Miao chatted and laughed, while Mao Dan was still feeling the shock in his heart. He lowered his head and walked just staring at the carpet, caught off guard. Seeing a pair of feet blocking his line of sight, he raised his head in surprise.

A head of half-gold and half-white hair fluttered in front of his eyes, and a handsome man stared at him from a distance.

The man said: “Xing Luo was talking about you?”

If it was a normal situation, Mao Dan would have replied back as a conditioned reflex, but the impact of this person in front of him was so great that he even became sluggish for a while.

This face, this voice…

Wasn’t this his grandma’s favorite movie and TV show actor???

That superstar Prince who could be seen no matter how the channel was changed????


What’s going on???

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