PPM Ch. 74: Gorgeous Counterattack

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“Didn’t you hear what A Chen said. Whoever dares to help her will die? You don’t want to live anymore?” Ouyang paused, then said, “However, A Chen’s expression now seems more terrifying.”

“Do you want to help?”

The votes were displayed on the big screen: Gina’s votes were still soaring at an alarming rate, while Li Shengxia’s votes seemed to have been frozen.

On the other side, a smile appeared on the corner of Jian Dan’s lips, who was still behind the scenes: It seems that this time she had won.

Design was her lifelong pursuit, and she must not leave the stage halfway! For this, she could do anything! Of course, dealing with people like Li Shengxia, there was nothing impossible.

At the same time, Mo Nianchen’s little friends were still hesitating off the court…

Ouyang suddenly said a word: “Help!”

Everyone had already found the issue, so how could they pass without help?

Moreover, Li Shengxia’s design was highly similar to Jian Dan’s. If Li Shengxia lost this time, she would be called a plagiarizer. If this happened as soon as she debuted, they were afraid it would be too difficult for her to get by in the design world in the future.

“If A Chen gets angry, don’t we have to go around without food?” Jiang Youxi hesitated.

Ouyang raised his eyebrows: “Don’t you think he’s not scary now?”

“That’s true…”

Ouyang sent a message at will, and within a minute, the crowd started to act…

At this moment, the most anxious person was Mo Nianchen who was also feeling uneasy. After a period of psychological struggle, he could no longer turn a blind eye to Li Shengxia on the stage.

She was clearly being wronged, how could he pretend not to see it? Leave the apology, go to hell. Who made him fall in love with this damn stupid woman.

This stupid woman, why the hell did he fall in love with this woman, not anyone, but her! No matter what she did, he could never break with her completely. He wanted her apology but he could not let her die.

That’s right, because she was the one who was loved, the loved one didn’t need to apologize at all.

When she did something wrong, she had the opportunity to apologize, but when she was being bullied, he could not sit idly by! She was his Mo Nianchen’s woman! Even if he didn’t want her one day, she would still be his woman! It was only her turn to bully others!

Mo Nianchen stood up suddenly.

The group of friends were suddenly taken aback, and they all wondered if he was trying to stop them from helping Li Shengxia.

Jiang Youxi gave Ouyang a look: A Chen seems to be angry, what should we do?

At the same time, Mo Nianchen stepped forward indifferently.

The surroundings became quiet…

Ouyang’s lips twitched subconsciously. Just as he was about to explain, he found that Mo Nianchen’s footsteps stopped…

He followed Mo Nianchen’s eyes and saw a famous designer on the stage. The teacher walked in front of Li Shengxia and voted for her.

“A Chen, listen to me, I really don’t know that designer…” Jiang Youxi wanted to cover up.

Ouyang gave Jiang Youxi a roll of his eyes: Is it really good that there are no three hundred tassels of silver here!?

At the same time, on the stage, the famous designer voted for Li Shengxia and said to her: “I am also a designer, I like your work very much, I will vote for you.”

“Thank you!” Li Shengxia bowed to the other side, and couldn’t help but feel a joy in her heart.

Finally someone voted for her.

Immediately afterwards, another person came up, “I also like your work very much.”

“Thank you!” One after another, more and more people walked towards Li Shengxia.

Mo Nianchen’s movements froze…

It seemed that she didn’t need him to ‘rescue’ her, and she could ‘change her bad luck’?!

Jiang Youxi saw that Mo Nianchen had been frozen there, and couldn’t help breaking into a cold sweat: “A Chen…that…you’re not going to kill us, are you? Why, it feels weird with you standing there all the time.”

Mo Nianchen realized that just now he stood up in a hurry, and it would be too deliberate to sit back again at this time.

So, he coldly threw a sentence, “I like to stand, do you have an opinion?”

Phew… It turned out that he just wanted to stand for a while, did they have to make such a big noise!

Jiang Youxi immediately said, “No problem, you can stand as you like, and I’ll stand with you!”

Ouyang was speechless: be stupid alone if you want to be so stupid.

Jiang Youxi: Life comes first! Didn’t you notice that when I stood with him for a while, the terrifying aura emanating from him also dissipated a lot?

Ling Tian finally couldn’t help it: Don’t think too much? What does the breath on him have to do with you!

At this moment, Mo Nianchen stood under the stage and looked up, the lights were bright, and Li Shengxia was no longer a forgotten white swan. People kept voting for Li Shengxia, and Li Shengxia gradually showed a smile.

For some reason, when he saw Li Shengxia’s stretched brows, the disturbed feeling he had felt before was relieved.

He stood there calmly. Looking at her who was shrouded in lights on the stage, the corners of his lips raised slightly.

Time seemed to go back many years ago. She often participated in various competitions and won many awards back then. However, she was always the second place in exams, and he was always the first.

How good he was, no one could stand by her side except him, and no one could match her except him.

At that time, she always watched resentfully by his side, complaining that he took away her first place again. At that time, he always teased her nonchalantly that she was stupid, stupid, and stupid, and could only have the second place even in ten thousand years.

At this time, she was alone on the stage. It turned out that the scenery from the audience was so different.

She was the only number one and he was just a spectator.

She was the center of attention, and he was just a passer-by.

The battle of spirits when they were young couldn’t compare to the warm moment when he saw the moonlight shining between her brows.

When he didn’t plunder her light, she could bloom so dazzlingly. The so-called sudden heartbeat might be such a moment when the flowers bloomed.

Before falling in love with her, he never knew his heart could be so soft.

Before falling in love with her, he never knew his heart could be so cold.

He didn’t know why when there were so many people in the world, he took a fancy to her. At this point, he seemed to have realized something.

Probably because, after seeing her, he couldn’t see anyone else anymore…

The world seemed to be invisible, and she was the only one standing in front of him. Whether looking at him or not, he had always been watching her silently all this time.

At the same time, it was soon discovered that there were many celebrities voting for Li Shengxia…

“Everyone, look, isn’t that a fashion leader? She actually voted for No. 11’s work, so I will vote for No. 11 too.”

“Look, it’s a big star! He actually voted for No. 11! I’m going to do it too!”

“God, the great god I like also went to No. 11.”

For a time, Gina’s singing voice was drowned out.

Many people rushed over excitedly, wanting to get the signed autographs of the big stars they admired.

More people who originally wanted to vote for Gina saw that so many people were voting for No. 11, and they began to waver.

Li Shengxia’s pomp was amazing!

All the people voting for her were first-line stars and famous designers!

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