PPM Ch. 75: You’re Shameless!!!

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Li Shengxia’s ballot box was full.

Gina’s popularity had skyrocketed when she started singing, and then she was completely ignored.

She had to say that Gina was the most shocked of all the people present. She never imagined that Li Shengxia actually found so many celebrities to vote for her, and completely destroyed the popularity she had finally accumulated.

Until the end of the voting time, such a situation could not be controlled…

The host had never seen such a situation before, ‘Ten Miles of Red Makeup’ had reversed the situation countless times in one night… And the final turn over was really amazing . He couldn’t help but want to applaud.

“Now let’s announce today’s champion work!”

“Everyone has seen the number of votes on the field, today’s champion work is…”

“It’s ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’!” The applause broke out non-stop.

“Everyone must be curious about who has designed such a great work, attracted the attention of so many stars and designers, and got their affirmation!”

“She, who is she?”

“We have the eleventh work below. The designer of the show come out–“

“It’s designer is…”

“Li Shengxia!” There was a sudden silence in the field… After that, it was as if the pot had exploded.

“What? Li Shengxia? Who is it?”

“Have you never heard of her?”

“Oh my God, this is a newcomer designer.”

“A newcomer actually designed such a great dress? And let so many famous people vote for her!? Who the hell is she?”

“Where is she?”

“Yeah, why hasn’t she come out yet!”

After the host called Li Shengxia’s name, she didn’t come out for a long time, so she shouted again: “It must be that everyone’s applause is not warm enough, let us welcome the designer of our No. 11 work with the warmest applause, Li Shengxia on stage!”

No one? Still no one? what happened?

Li Shengxia cleared his throat and whispered, “I am Li Shengxia, the designer.”

The host was shocked, “What? You are the designer!”

The voice of the microphone spread far away.

This was the first time he had heard of a designer taking the stage as a model.

The host continued to say to the audience: “This model is actually the designer of this work – Miss Li Shengxia!”

“No wonder how this dress suits you, so you made it for yourself -“

Li Shengxia smiled and held the microphone, glanced at Gina, and said, “No, the model I originally wanted to hire was Miss Gina, but unfortunately, she chose someone else.”

Gina’s face became even uglier, she would rather not be at second place! In this way, she would not have to stand here to set off Li Shengxia’s existence!

Also, she looked so much like a replica!

“Ah, there is actually such a thing, but looking at it this way, Miss Gina and Miss Li look quite similar, everyone say it is not!?”

The audience echoed like waves: “Yes—”

After Gina heard that warm shout, her hands clenched tighter and tighter, only to feel that her whole body was shaky.

Li Shengxia’s eyes seemed to say: How is it possible? Does it feel good to be someone else’s copy? When you give up being yourself, you have to accept the feeling that you have become a shadow!

Li Shengxia won a lot of prizes…

Gina walked off the stage, wishing she could just tear off her clothes!

This was a mark of shame. She wore the same clothes as Li Shengxia and had a face similar to her. As a result, she would always be the first, and she would always be a foil!

When she saw Li Shengxia also come into the lounge, she couldn’t help but get angry at her: “Li Shengxia! You did it on purpose!”

Li Shengxia saw her mad at her and said to Gina lightly: “You have to admit defeat, now you quit the entertainment circle.”

When Gina heard this, she gritted her teeth even more: “You clearly cheated—”

She didn’t believe that relying on her ability, she could attract so many celebrities to vote for her! The Prince must be helping her behind the scenes! She couldn’t hold her breath.

Li Shengxia also seemed to be able to feel the final twist, maybe someone was helping her secretly, but she didn’t hate this kind of help, on the contrary, she was very grateful to him.

Because of him, she had such a chance to make a comeback! People were not able to use despicable means to take away the ‘name’ that originally belonged to her.

That piece of work should be called “Ten Mile Red-Makeup”, not some red thread.

The owner of that piece was Li Shengxia, not Jian Dan!

And now she could stand in front of Gina so arrogantly and declare that she had successfully defended her reputation without being humble or arrogant.

She looked at Gina and said lightly, “Isn’t it you who cheated first?”

Gina was furious!

Li Shengxia continued: “I have given you a lot of opportunities, and you chose this path yourself.”

Gina laughed angrily: “I will not retreat, how can you force me to retreat?”

“Miss Gina herself is so shameless, how can others make you defeat? But your future stardom road will not be so smooth.”

Gina’s face became even more ugly after hearing this, what if she didn’t retreat? If Li Shengxia didn’t take action, the crown prince will force her into a corner, right?

She was so stupid! Why did she do this stupid thing? Moreover, this bet was made by herself, if she went back on her word like this, it was indeed her own face that would be lost.

She couldn’t have made things worse today! Otherwise, it would be better than it is now! Gina thought of this, didn’t say anything, and left the rest room with her things without stopping for a moment.

Even if she didn’t leave the entertainment industry, today’s events would make her a joke in the entertainment industry.

A dignified star, dressed in the same clothes as an unknown person, even tried her best to sing to attract the audience to vote, but she failed miserably! How tragic must she be to encounter such a thing?

“And you, designer Jian.” Li Shengxia looked at Jian Dan, who said nothing, and said, “If I remember correctly, you said that if you lose, even if you die, you won’t come back again.”

Do you think I’ll lose to a rookie like you? If I lose, even if I die, I won’t come back! Likewise, if you lose, you should never come back!

It’s not that I don’t respect this profession, it’s that I respect it too much, that’s why I can’t stand this sacred profession getting dirty in front of me!

Jian Dan now thought that this sentence was so ironic! It was like a hot slap in the face, which slapped her face off!

Jian Dan’s face was pale because she found that she had lost completely not only in design, but also in morals.

At this moment, other designers entered the rest room and couldn’t help being indignant when they heard Li Shengxia speak to Jian Dan like this.

“Li Shengxia, do you have to be so aggressive? Sister Dan is a world-class designer. Even though you won an award in such a small exhibition, there is nothing to be proud of. Why do you want Sister Dan to quit the design world?”

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