PPM Ch. 73: It’s good to watch a good show~

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Li Shengxia felt inexplicably depressed.

At the same time, Gina continued to sing affectionately: “Thank you for the glory you gave me, this young woman used to be so ordinary, and it was you who made me achieve the peak of my dream.”

Gina’s singing voice was very sweet, less seductive, it had more of a trace of purity, as if describing her own stardom journey, and as if she was grateful to everyone who had supported her.

At this moment, this kind of music drove the atmosphere among the audience, making the clothes she wore have an indescribable unique beauty…

Many people couldn’t help but be moved by the singing.

“Gina sings so well, I’m your fan, I vote for you.”

“Gina, your voice is so addicting, I vote for you.”

“Gina, Gina, Gina…”

For a while, everyone voted for Gina, but Li Shengxia’s side became deserted. Most of the audience who were finally moved by Li Shengxia’s creativity were attracted by Gina’s singing.

Li Shengxia knew that it was despicable for Gina to canvass votes by virtue of her being a star, but she could do nothing about it. In a trance, she understood where Gina’s confidence came from in the lounge just now.

Seeing that Gina’s votes were rising wildly, and it had overwhelmed the votes she had finally accumulated, and was still rising at an extremely fast rate, she had no choice and became flustered for a while.

Did I just lose?

If I lose, I have to leave the design world, right?

Her dream boat had not yet set sailed, and yet it would be ended like this?!

Not because her designs weren’t good enough, not because she failed to bring out the beauty of the dress. It was because she lost to a popular star who sang a sensational canvassing song!

How would this make her able to leave the stage of her dream convincingly?

As the gap in the number of votes widened, Li Shengxia’s face gradually paled. She stood on the stage calmly, feeling like a brave fool.

Gina’s singing voice was so beautiful, but it messed up her mood.

She was so stupid, she thought that as long as she had strength, she would be recognized, but she didn’t know that there were many things that were unexpected.

She could only watch the people who plagiarized her own work, put her hard-work in the name of others, win the competition, win her first place, but couldn’t say a word.

At this moment, Li Shengxia didn’t know that there was a person watching her every move in a place she couldn’t see, and even her simple movements could be seen clearly. That person was Mo Nianchen, who was having a cold war with her.

His delicate facial features seemed to reveal a stunning beauty, a sculptural perfect outline, which was unforgettable at a glance.

He sat quietly, but the air around him seemed to be frozen, cold and icy. Everyone wanted to look at him more, but no one dared to look at him.

Because he was so beautiful, one couldn’t help but want to take another look. But it was so cold that it was scary to look at him and they felt that they would freeze.

He sat casually in the corner, but his eyes were always paying attention to the red figure on the stage.

That figure was so familiar that it could no longer be more familiar.

It was the figure he had been dreaming about, the figure he had been waiting for five years.

It was the person who made him feel the joy of recovering from mistakes and the heartache of being unable to love.

She was the only woman in the world who always went against him.

That, even if he knew she hated him, he still wanted to imprison her.

That, the only woman he cared about.

He couldn’t let her go in the end, so he came here. He told everyone not to help her, and then saw how she was alone and forgotten on the stage at the moment.

She was obviously a dazzling white swan, but no one saw her beauty, and no one stood beside her.

Even if she cast a helpless look at him, he would turn the situation around for her without any hesitation.

However, she didn’t.

She disdained his help, she thought that she could reach the other side of her dream by relying on her own strength.

He really didn’t know, where did she get her confidence from, she had such stupid naivete since she was a child! It made him want to tear it apart, but he couldn’t help wanting to protect it to the end.

Mo Nianchen looked at Li Shengxia’s appearance on the stage and could not help clenching his hands. When she was nervous, she instinctively grabbed her clothes, and at this moment, she kept doing this all the time.

It seemed that she also had a so-called fear, and was also afraid of losing, right?

He wanted to protect her, wanted to protect her desperately, but his inner self-esteem reminded him of the fact that they were quarrelling!

This damn woman got into someone else’s car, lost the ring he gave, and even lied to him! Moreover, she didn’t come to apologize, and she was smart enough to go to the hotel and not go home!

Why should he help her?

He should be happy to see her make a fool of herself!

Seeing how miserable she was now, he should feel happy, and send her two words by the way: Deserve it!

He pretended to be calm and sat there, his pupils never leaving her figure, he had been looking at her figure, and seeing her expression of being left out now, he felt even more unhappy than if it was him being left out!

Well said, good mood! It’s good to see a good show!?

He really didn’t understand why he came here, didn’t he just come to see her become a joke? But why was his heart so disturbed at this moment!?

Oh, there must be too many people here, so the carbon dioxide concentration was too high, and the temperature was too high, which was affecting his mood and making him so impatient.

Since she refused to apologize, he should let her have a good feeling of being left out.

Something that originally belonged to her was taken away from her, but she was speechless and could only run away. She must have never tasted such bitterness, right?

But damn it, how could he see her aggrieved, as if she was about to cry, but still pretending to be calm? This foolish woman!

He really wanted to turn around and walk away, but his legs seemed to be filled with lead. She was showing that pitiful expression, how could he pretend to be indifferent!

But soon, another voice kept echoing in his heart: No! Mo Nianchen, are you crazy? The person in the wrong is her, and she should be taught a lesson. Why can’t you see her being wronged? Are you asking too much? Just asking her to apologize for her behaviour is nothing she can’t do, why should you help her? You wake up!

At this moment, Ouyang, who was sitting behind Mo Nianchen, yawned. It would be fine if he was pulled out by Mo Nianchen like this. This guy didn’t speak a word, and his expression was terrifying and gloomy. Cheng Zheng lowered his voice and asked Ouyang beside him: “Ouyang, you say, do we help Li Shengxia?”

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