KHSW Ch. 279

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Hearing Ling Xi’s words, Xu Yizhi was taken aback for a moment, what she said was true, thinking this his complexion improved a little.

But he heard Ling Xi continue to say: “Also, after I go to the army camp, you must take care of yourself, don’t forget to eat and sleep like before.”

Xu Yizhi looked into Ling Xi’s eyes, and his heart skipped a beat. She would be gone for two months… Maybe it was time to show off his acting skills…

“You can go at ease, everything depends on me.” With Xu Yizhi’s words, Ling Xi really felt at ease.

On the way to the army camp, Ling Xi was still a little nervous. She used to watch their lives on TV, but now that she could experience it personally, she was both worried and a little excited.

Bing Yanyan, Yu Jiayin and Li Ming arrived at the assembly point one after another, each carrying a large suitcase, and the assistant behind them was carrying several large suitcases.

“Hello, I’m Bing Yanyan, an actor.” Bing Yanyan introduced herself to the two who arrived first.

“Sister Yanyan, hello, I’m Liming, and I’ve watched your film and television works before.” Liming just bowed slightly politely.

Yu Jiayin just nodded slightly, “Hello.”

Bing Yanyan felt that it was easier to get close to Liming, “Then tell me, which of my film and television works do you like the most?” There was a trace of expectation in Bing Yanyan’s eyes.

“I’ve only seen one, in which you played a supporting role.”

“…” This child was too ignorant.

The moment Ling Xi got off the car, Bing Yanyan shouted joyfully, “Ling Xi, over here, hurry up.”

Yu Jiayin and Liming also looked over.

Ling Xi was here too?

Ling Xi was wearing a khaki fashion coat, revealing a solid-color sweater collar, a pair of black leggings and high-heeled boots underneath, with her slightly curly long hair draped over her shoulders, looking full of charm.

“Ling Xi, why do you bring such a small amount of things?”

Seeing that Ling Xi only brought a small suitcase, Bing Yanyan was slightly surprised, how could she only bring such a small amount of things when she was going out?

When Ling Xi saw their luggage, she raised her eyebrows slightly, “Yanyan, think about which three things you must bring besides a change of clothes.”

“Which three things… If the army battalion only asks me to bring three things, then I will turn around and leave immediately.”

Ling Xi couldn’t help laughing at Bing Yanyan’s “proud words”, and she would know in a while.

“Sister Xi, I didn’t expect you to come too!” When Li Ming saw Ling Xi, his eyes became a little brighter.

In fact, he didn’t want to come because he had to let go of his idol burden to be on this kind of show, but when he heard from his agent that Ling Xi would also be on this reality show, he decided to participate.

Hearing this voice, Ling Xi knew it was Liming, so she said with a faint smile on her face, “Hi, long time no see!”

Yu Jiayin quietly set her eyes on Ling Xi, and when she looked over, she immediately looked away.

“Teacher Yu, long time no see.”

Ling Xi greeted politely, and Yu Jiayin still replied “Hello” indifferently.

Bing Yanyan leaned close to Ling Xi’s ear and whispered: “Ling Xi, do you think Yu Jiayin is not easy to get along with?”

Ling Xi reminded her in a low voice, “The show is already being recorded now.” Be careful not to let these whispering voices be included.

Bing Yanyan immediately stood up straight.

“By the way, didn’t Mortina say she couldn’t come to this show before? How could she be on the list?” Ling Xi asked suspiciously.

“Don’t mention it, she said to accompany me at first, and then I reported the list, but…then it changed again, and she was replaced with a singer, who is very popular, called…Shen Bingqian.”

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