CFCS Ch. 224.2: Road to Immortality (13)

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Bai Guang turned to look at him helplessly and signaled him not to mess around at this time with his eyes, although Lan Tongqi’s process of becoming a god was disgraceful, but he had indeed reached the state of the gods, and Bai Guang did not want Jing Yang to have the slightest possibility of being injured.

Although Jing Yang was not even a little reconciled, he still obediently put down his sword, then glared at Lan Tongqi with displeasure, and continued to be a bystander.

“Hmph, I have practiced in seclusion for so many years, and I already have the ability to resist the punishment of heaven. If you want to execute the punishment of heaven instead of the will of heaven, it is not certain who will die!” Lan Tongqi knew that he would inevitably have to talk to Bai Guang after seeing him today. He had already prepared for his fate, but he didn’t expect Bai Guang to come so soon.

Jing Yang was tired from staring, so he blinked to relax his eyes, and within that blink, Bai Guang and Lan Tongqi had turned into white and blue lights and flew out.

Jing Yang felt like running outside and looking up at the sky, but he couldn’t see anything except bursts of fire accompanied by thunder.

Jing Yang turned his head to look at Lan Daonian, thinking that since Bai Guang wouldn’t let him start a fight with Lan Tongqi, then it would be okay for him to kill Lan Daonian himself, right?

Just as he raised his sword to make a move, two people suddenly appeared and stopped him again.

Jing Yang recognized these two as Bai Guang’s apprentices and was wondering what they were doing stopping him, when two people suddenly appeared and started fighting with Lan Daonian.

Jing Yan anxiously wanted to stomp his feet. He and Bai Guang had practiced for a year, he had been thinking about becoming an immortal as soon as possible, and then personally avenging the original owner. In the end, he couldn’t do anything, and these people were all eliminated, so what was the point of him cultivating to become an immortal?

Lan Daonian was seriously injured and lay on the ground, but the people who stopped Jing Yang still didn’t let him approach. Suddenly, a person quickly landed from the sky, stepped beside Lan Daonian, and killed him.

Jing Yang was completely speechless after seeing that the person who killed Lan Daonian was Lan Tongqi, and that Lan Tongqi was also dead. Had these people considered his existence?

Bai Guang in ray form landed on the ground, and then he returned to human form.

Jing Yang put away the sword, looked at Bai Guang feeling dissatisfied and said, “Can’t you let me take revenge? I couldn’t even solve a single person, what’s the point of my cultivation? You actually lied to me and you… A whole year.”

Bai Guang didn’t have any expression on his face, but he looked at Jing Yang with doting eyes, then he touched his head with his hand and said, “Who can’t be solved by you alone? I have already made them bring Xiao Ling here, and you can kill him to take revenge.”

Just as Bai Guang finished speaking, a disciple from Zhu Yang Island dragged Xiao Ling over.

Jing Yang looked at Xiao Ling who was covered with black bruises, seemed half dead and unable to resist, not only couldn’t he be happy, but also felt quite speechless. Not to mention that he couldn’t let Xiao Ling die now, even if he could kill Xiao Ling immediately, he could just walk over and stab him to end his life, was it considered as revenging himself? Bai Guang was just perfunctorily treating him like a child.

“Take him back to Zhu Yang Island, we can’t let him die yet.” Jing Yang said.

“Why?” Bai Guang was a little puzzled. Lan Manzi, Lan Daonian, Lan Tongqi and Xiao Liangqi, the damned people were all dead, so what was the use of keeping Xiao Ling?

“Because….” Based on his experience of previous lives, Jing Yang had already noticed that once he had avenged himself and all the damned people were dead, then he would leave this world soon. He didn’t know where he would go after leaving this world, and he still had some doubts and wanted to ask Shang Wang, so he wanted Shang Wang to appear again. After having his doubts answered, he would decide whether to kill Xiao Ling.

“Anyway, he can’t die now. If he dies, I will leave this world.” Jing Yang said.

“What do you mean?” Bai Guang asked with a frown.

“I’ll tell you in detail after we go back. Let’s deal with the matter here first and then go back to Zhu Yang Island. Anyway, we must not let Xiao Ling die immediately.” Jing Yang thought that this place was not suitable to explain the situation to Bai Guang, all the damned people were dead now, only Xiao Ling was left. He must be kept alive so that he could continue to stay in this world.

“Let’s go.” Bai Guang took Jing Yang’s hand and walked out.

“Where are we going?” Jing Yang asked suspiciously.

“Go back to Zhu Yang Island.”

“Now?” Jing Yang looked back at Xiao Ling who was still lying on the ground, “But…”

“Don’t worry, if you don’t let him die, he won’t die.” Bai Guang now only wanted to find out what Jing Yang meant when he said that he would leave this world.

Because of Bai Guang’s presence, they didn’t need to take a boat to return to Zhu Yang Island this time, as Bai Guang just brought the snow wolf out, so they sat on the snow wolf and flew back, which was much faster than taking a boat.

Jing Yang sat obliquely on Snow Wolf’s broad back, leaning against Bai Guang’s arms to hold his waist. Although he hadn’t left Zhu Yang Island for a long time, he had really missed him a little.

“Didn’t you say that if the real Lan Tongqi really tried his best to fight you, you would both suffer? I saw Lan Tongqi’s arrogant appearance, and he seemed to have been really confident that he could beat you. Why was he so easily beaten to death by you?” This was the question Jing Yang was most confused about now.

“I’ll tell you when we get back.” Bai Guang lowered his head and sucked on Jing Yang’s pink lips.

Jing Yang opened his mouth, accepted Bai Guang’s tongue in his mouth, and entangled it with his tongue. When he was dazed by the kiss, he felt Bai Guang’s hand pressing and kneading between his legs, and he immediately resisted in a panic, “Don’t, don’t here…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it to the end, just helping you release it.” Bai Guang said as he unbuttoned Jing Yang’s pants and put his hand in.

Jing Yang crossed his legs, bit his lips and buried his face in Bai Guang’s chest. After Bai Guang’s hands started to move, he took a deep breath and tried hard not to make a sound.

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