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In the presence of everyone, the big black wolf covered his head with his paws, and said aggrievedly, “But you’re hiding something from me again! Keeping a secret…”

Hearing this, Qiao Xi said ferociously, “I, I just received a love letter!”

The big black wolf immediately wanted to stand up, but the little chick shook, and seeing that he was about to fall, the big black wolf immediately got down again, letting the little chicken keep standing proudly above his head, and complained: “You received a love letter! You kept it from me!”

“Because I rejected, and I didn’t even accept it! If you don’t believe me, ask—”

The little white pig paused. When the big black wolf was suppressed, he stopped to look around in amazement at the picture of “the big prince of the wolf family being abused”. Hearing this, he shook his head wildly, not daring to share the firepower!

So Qiao Xi paused, straightened his neck and said, “Anyway, I didn’t take it! I didn’t even read it!”

“But you received a love letter!” the big black wolf yelled, “Wow, woo, woo!”, very angry.

“Then I, then what can I do if I’m so cute!” Qiao Xi yelled, smashing the jar, and slapped the big black wolf on the head with his wings!

The big black wolf trembled, but he didn’t know how to refute, and felt aggrieved in an instant!

He just said it! He just said that Qiao Xiaoxi is so cute, it’s impossible not to be liked! Hateful!


However, no matter how wronged Jing Yan was, the farce of the night finally ended under Qiao Xi’s violent suppression.

The big black wolf hung down his ears and didn’t dare to make a sound, but only looked at his little chicken with resentful eyes.

While the onlookers were amazed…

Such a big black wolf!

Such a small chicken!

The big black wolf was crushed to death by the little chicken… The contrast in this CP was too great!!

For a moment, some girls’ eyes glowed green.

When the welcome party officially started, the little white pig was overwhelmed by the fright of being chased, so he just said hello to the wolf who was staring at him, and then got on the speeding car driven by his bodyguard, as if fleeing.

The queen, who had watched the whole farce from the second floor, gritted her teeth and turned back to enter the theater with a gloomy face.

After the little chicken had taught the big bad wolf a lesson, the little leopard and the little black wolf breathed a sigh of relief, and a group of small animals slowly moved to the theater.

While walking, the big black wolf leaned into his brother’s ear, trying to inquire: “Who sent the love letter? Is it that one from the Lu family? Did he send it?”

Then he was poked by a sharp chicken beak.

The big black wolf silently shut up, took a slow step, and retreated to Xiaoxi’s side.

And Xiaoxi looked at him and said: “I told you that I rejected it! I don’t know who gave it to me, and I don’t intend to ask, so don’t inquire anymore! If you inquire again, you are not allowed to kiss or hug!”

Jing Yan: “… …”

Woo, I feel wronged.

Seeing this, Qiao Xi felt a little guilty, and finally, taking advantage of the dim light, he leaned over and gently poked the big black wolf’s mouth with his little chicken’s beak, and said in a low voice, “I knew you would do this so I didn’t tell you, eating what jealousy, I only like you!”

Jing Yan: “!”

He still had some resentment, but after hearing Qiao Xi’s words, his heart became sweet again.

The big tail behind him flicked quietly, and he complained: “Say it again.”

Qiao Xi: “I only like you!”

The big tail behind him flicked twice, still Jing Yan said awkwardly: “Not enough.”

Qiao Xi turned around, rolled his eyes and said, “I just like you! Husband!”

Jing Yan must have opened his eyes wide and looked stunned.

Qiao Xiaoxi…what did he call him?!

Qiao Xi felt shy, but he leaned closer to Jing Yan’s ear and said again: “…husband!”

Then he flinched back with a “sigh”, feeling a little awkward.

And Jing Yan stared blankly at Qiao Xi for two seconds… The big tail behind him had turned into flicking mode.

Husband! Husband!!!

Qiao Xiaoxi actually called him husband!!!


For the sake of these two words, getting a love letter was not important anymore!!! Nothing mattered anymore!!!

He was Qiao Xiaoxi’s husband!! He!!!!

Regarding the wolf and the chicken falling behind and what kind of whispers they whispered which caused flowers to float on the top of the big black wolf’s head again, no one knew.

Chris tried to ask for advice, but neither Qiao Xi nor Jing Yan would reveal this kind of love talk between the young couple!

So Chris didn’t know, and felt a little regretful, but in the end he still admired Qiao Xi.

…The chicken is very skilled!

——He will have to think about it later, hehe!

The whole party did not have any contact with the Wolf Queen sitting in the front row.

When he learned that Jing Yan was coming, the principal wanted to give them some seats in the front row, but Jing Yan refused. The Queen who was supposed to give a speech did not come to the stage, and he did not urge her as he could feel the low air pressure just by looking at her back.

Recalling the figure on the second floor that they had spotted before, Jiao Yue and A Xue looked at each other.

It was unexpected for them to get acquainted with Lu Yin and Ruan Yue in such a way and at such a speed… probably the Queen also did not expect it.

And the opportunity to get to know each other…was because of Qiao Xi.

In the dim light, the big black wolf squatted on the chair, and the little chicken stayed obediently between his two front legs.

Glancing at the two of them, Jiao Yue and A Xue smiled.

After this night, Qiao Xi’s campus life underwent some changes.

…His boyfriend was exposed!

The picture of him violently suppressing his boyfriend was also seen by his classmates!

After that, when the wolves surrounded him, they all looked at him with amazed eyes, and the topic changed from “so cute” and “how can you be so small” to “Qiao Xi, you are so amazing”, “Qiao Xi, you are my big brother.” “Qiao Xi, is your boyfriend okay, is his injury healed?”…

——He’s not hurt, okay!

After going back that day, Jing Yan yelled “husband” twice to coax him, and even leaned in front of him to let him take pictures!

And Lu Yin…he also started to come to the university in animal form!

When he appeared in the classroom as a little white pig on the first day, he really stunned his group of classmates for a while.

There were murmurs of discussion in the classroom, and all eyes were gathered on him, but Lu Yin bit the bullet and went to stand beside Qiao Xi when Qiao Xi waved his wings at him.

The wolf at the side asked cautiously: “Qiao Xi, this is…”

Qiao Xi looked at Lu Yin, who took a deep breath, raised his head and said, “I, I am Lu Yin…”

The wolves looked at each other.

… Who is Lu Yin?

Lu Yin: “…”

No, although he was absent on the night of the first self-introduction meeting in the class before the school officially started, but Qiao Xi was also not present, did he actually have such a low sense of presence in the class?!

Qiao Xi laughed!

It seemed that Lu Yin still had a long way to go!

But according to what he said, he confessed to his parents thoroughly, his parents were very sad because of his worries, his embarrassment, and his timidity.

——However, there was no sign of disappointment or reprimand.

Lu Yin felt ashamed, and finally the family of three hugged and howled for two full hours before recovering.

When Qiao Xi heard this, he kept smiling and thought to himself… The Lu family was also an interesting family.

In the end, the man was still handled by the Lu family’s parents, but this time, Lu Yin chose to stay and study, and strive to become a qualified heir of the Lu family.

…So the man who once cheated Lu Yin for money and eventually overturned his car became a very good teaching case for the Lu family.

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