TCYEC Ch. 22

The scene of Fei Qin killing Wu Fang was filmed again and again all morning. Peng Zhigao was grudgingly satisfied, and finally he waved his hand to send out for the box of lunch.

At about one o’clock in the afternoon, the hungry crew had their lunch. They squatted on the side of the road with their packed lunches, watching Yu Siyang with fiery eyes.

Yu Siyang: “…”

Peng Zhigao’s assistant Zheng Qiu took out several insulation boxes from nowhere, and said triumphantly: “Haha, Yangyang’s lunch box is with me.”

Everyone was silent for a second and immediately abandoned Yu Siyang, and clamored around Zheng Qiu.

“What kind of dish is today?”

“Are there mushrooms stuffed with meat[1]? Yang Yang promised me to make mushrooms stuffed with meat yesterday.”

“Go…you still want to order. I like roasted chicken drumsticks[2].”

“Are there any snacks today? The crystal chrysanthemum cake the day before yesterday was delicious.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Lin Qing was holding the box lunch, her face tangled, “Since I have been with this crew, I have gained three pounds in less than half a month, this crew fits its name too much.”

“Why do you say that?” Lin Qing’s assistant gnawed pig’s feet without looking up, but still asked very cooperatively.

“Poisonous Delicacy! Ah!” Lin Qing was grieved, “Yu Siyang brings delicious food every day. Isn’t it poisonous? I guess when the film finishes shooting, I will have at least five extra pounds of fat.”

Lin Qing’s assistant chewing pig’s feet nodded in agreement, she has already gained five pounds.

“Since you are afraid of getting fat, don’t eat it.”

Peng Zhigao snorted coldly when he heard Lin Qing’s words.

He is the one who makes Yu Siyang cook and bring to the crew every day. Yu Siyang is a scourge, so what is he? Did he need to help for him to be abused?!

Since she is so entangled, don’t eat, he can eat more.


“No.” Lin Qing picked up the chopsticks with firm eyes, “I’ll lose weight when I’m finished filming.”

She took a bite of the pig’s feet, which melted in the mouth as soon as it was squeezed. The scent of the rich sauce and sesame seeds fused together, and after swallowing, the scent came back up again, rushing straight into the mouth and nose, so that the breath and words lingered with the smell of sauce.

Lin Qing’s eyes narrowed slightly—so satisfied.

Peng Zhigao ate a piece of sweet and sour potato rolls[3] and thought, fortunately, he is a director. It doesn’t matter if he gets fatter.

“Tomorrow the crew will release the first set of makeup photos, you both remember to forward them on Weibo.”

Lin Qing and Yu Siyang both nodded.

“Especially Xiao Yu,” Peng Zhigao emphatically named, “The crew has already started to promote, you have to cooperate more.”

Yu Siyang solemnly said: “I know.”

“You know a ghost.” Peng Zhigao snorted. With a sound, “Your Weibo is all about food, you think I don’t know.”

Yu Siyang smirked awkwardly.

His Weibo was originally taken care of by Luo Peng, and he posted several photos of food he cooked, which gathered a bunch of foodies under his Weibo, yelling for him to feed them, he thought it was very interesting, so he had taken his account and password to play by himself .

The posted content is all about his cooking, or some cooking tips.

If he is free, he will discuss some cooking ideas with his fans on Weibo.

Today’s sweet and sour potato rolls were inspired by a fan.

“You are an actor and not a chef. You post your cooking on Weibo every day. It’s going against the sky[4].”

Yu Siyang: “…”

“Director Peng is right.” Lin Qing nodded sagely.

Every time she read Yu Siyang’s Weibo, she started feeling hungry.

The most hateful thing is that in the past few days, Yu Siyang posts poison late at night every day, and sends out all kinds of snacks that make people drool at first look. Seeing that she feels starved to death, so she eats supper helplessly.

While crying too many tears.

“Yu Siyang, can we make a decision, don’t post late-night snacks on Weibo in the future.” Lin Qing said sadly: “Your sister, I ate late-night snacks secretly, and was caught by my agent. She shouted at me until I was half-dead.

“Okay.” Yu Siyang nodded helplessly.

Weibo is quite fun. Seeing so many people discussing with him how to cook, Yu Siyang couldn’t help but want to show off his skills.

In the past, he did not have tens of thousands of people sharing their food experience with him.

As a chef, he has to be in the entertainment circle and he is not even allowed to post on Weibo.

It is lonely as snow.

“Poisonous Delicacy” because the schedule had been advanced, the announcement had to be advanced, the first set of makeup photos originally scheduled to be released next month, also got advanced to be released at the end of this month.

The film’s official microblog was the first to release the makeup photo with the theme of “delicious”.

In the makeup photo, the male and female protagonists and supporting male and female actors are holding a plate of exquisite delicacies, showing a combination of beauty and delicacy, which immediately aroused everyone’s appetite.

The main lead Han Shantian was a criminal policeman with sharp eyes containing awe-inspiring justice. The food in his hand did not seem to impress him at all.

The heroine Song Zhao was an elite woman, capable and intellectual, with a bright smile looking at the food in her hands.

Fei Qin, the supporting actor, was the company president. He is handsome and wealthy. He has delicious food in his hand, but his eyes are cast elsewhere. There is a hint of predatory intent in his tenderness.

Supporting actress Wu Fang is also a criminal police officer. She looks sweet, but her gaze on the food is doubtful.

Four people, four different styles, also faintly express the character of the characters in the film.

As soon as the makeup photo was released, it immediately ranked first in the hot search. Ji Man and Hong Zhehao have many fans, and there are many discussions about makeup photo on social media.

Ji Man and Hong Zhehao’s fans were howling in the micro-blogs of their idols with “ah ah ah ah ah …… …… really want to eat eat… I don’t know if I want to eat the hands holding the food, or the food.

The discussion on the official microblog was: “Dao Peng has also fallen, and started filming with small fresh meats and flower vases.”

Only under Yu Siyang’s Weibo, the style of comments was very strange-

“Yang Yang has changed, for him to send such weird things.”

“He didn’t send out late night snacks last night, and he posted this kind of photos today, Xiaoyu’s Weibo must be hijacked by aliens.”

“Don’t be afraid Yangyang, we will feed the aliens with cola chicken wings[5] and save your Weibo.”

“Feed with steamed sea bass[6] [picture]”

“Fu Fei Braised Pork[7] [Picture]”

“Vu Fei Shrimp [Picture]”

A large group of foodies posted almost all of the eight major Chinese cuisines under his Weibo, and made all the movie fans that were curious about Yu Siyang from official Weibo hungry.

——No, they have to eat hot strips and be full before they can continue to use Weibo.

While waiting for the show, a bored Lin Qing took out her phone to scan Weibo, and she was speechless when she saw comments under Yu Siyang’s Weibo.

Taking a peek at Peng Zhigao, who was staring at the monitor, Lin Qing estimated that if Director Peng read Yu Siyang’s Weibo, he would vomit blood.

Finally, after feeding the eight major cuisines, Yu Siyang’s Weibo comment finally had a different content-“Does anybody else think that on the makeup photo, the plate of fried codfish with fresh lemon[8] looks delicious!”

“The eyes of the one upstairs are like scanners, and you can even tell what kind of dishes are displayed in the picture.”

“This kind of display should have been bought from G. Garden. The taste is average. If I make it, it would be more delicious.”

“Wow, I am surprised by the local tyrants.”

Lin Qing curled her lips, and looked at the four makeup photos. Everyone had the same dish. How could Yu Siyang’s hands be delicious, and hers also …Well, she didn’t eat it at all. By the time she went to take the makeup photo, the dish of props was already rotten.

“Sister Qing, what are you looking at?”

Zheng Qiu sat down beside Lin Qing, politely not looking at the other party’s cell phone.

Lin Qing stretched her mobile phone to Zheng Qiu’s eyes and jokingly said: “Look at my Chinese cuisine.”

Zheng Qiu glanced intently at the interface of Yu Siyang’s Weibo comments, and coughed awkwardly.

She just “fed” one too.

“The back wave of the Yangtze River pushed the front wave, and the front wave died on the beach[9].” Lin Qing held his chin in her hand, fixedly looking at Yu Siyang, who was acting domineering in front of the camera.

When she debuted, she didn’t have the popularity and resources of Yu Siyang, and even her acting skills could not match Yu Siyang.

Lin Qing often hears people in the circle say “God appreciates food”. In this circle, “God appreciates food” is the best person and genius, just like Zhan Heng, talented and hardworking. He is the person who truly enshrines gods.

They came from such an arrogant class, but they are very talented. They are just “Grandpa Master’s Appreciation of Food”. The apex is very small. Most people aren’t able to reach it.

At that time she didn’t understand or accept it.

Over the past few years, she gradually understood the meaning of this sentence.

Until she saw Yu Siyang, she suddenly understood how important talent is.

Zheng Qiu chuckled, “Does Sister Qing think our Yangyang is very handsome.” She was looking so intently.

Lin Qing rolled her eyes, and the little bit of sentiment that had just been brewing was lost by Zheng Qiu.

She really ruined the atmosphere.

“What is so handsome about him, he is only eighteen years old.”

Zheng Qiu holding her face, and said like a fan girl: “I like his flourishing beauty, but I don’t want to treat him like that, age is not a problem for me.”

“What you like is his cooking skills.” Lin Qing said.

“Oh, what nonsense.” Zheng Qiu pushed Lin Qing a bit, smiling slightly.

Lin Qing rolled her eyes again, didn’t bother to pay attention to her, and then swiped on Weibo, and then saw that there was an additional topic on the hot topic list with #Yusiyangfeedingcast#.

She clicked in and took a look, as expected!

It was Yu Siyang’s horrible group of food fans who made this topic popular, and brought many passersby in. The foodies among the passersby were accidentally fanned. As a result, Yu Siyang’s team of food fans became more and more popular.

“Why didn’t I know that our country has so many foodies.” Lin Qing muttered to herself.

Zheng Qiu smiled and said, “What’s weird about this, aren’t we big foodies?”

Wei Xiaofeng also had such doubts.

The day before Yu Siyang and Luo Peng reported about the makeup photo, Luo Peng came to the company to communicate with the PR department, to cooperate with “Poisonous Delicacy”.

“Poisonous Delicacy” is a big IP. The director, male and female lead actors are well-known. The PR Department was also willing to take this opportunity to promote the artist of its own company, so it was very cooperative with the promotion.

But after a while, the group leader of the PR department felt that the trend on the Internet was a bit wrong.

Their newcomer had suddenly become an Internet celebrity as a foodie!

The manager of the PR department approached Wei Xiaofeng to talk about the situation, and asked carefully: “President Wei, look, are we going to continue to promote the movie, or are we to coordinate with Yu Siyang’s fans…”

“What are you doing worrying about it?” Wei Xiaofeng frowned.

The manager of the PR department nodded frantically. Don’t worry too much about ready-made hot topics.

“No.” Wei Xiaofeng vocally denied.

If Yu Siyang was a foodie, it would be fine. But the problem is that Yu Siyang only likes to cook, unless he wants to try new dishes, he will find a lot of various ingredients to taste, but he is very restrained in eating.

Coupled with his gastrointestinal issues, it is easy for him to collapse after eating fried food.

“That…” The PR manager felt it was a pity.

“Let’s go with the flow.” Wei Xiaofeng rubbed his forehead, but his heart was so tired.

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[4] Peng Zhigao means that it is not what normal actors do.





[9] The new generation replaces the old.

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