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Under the camera, Cheng Yangbin quickly restrained his grievances. He believed that he would definitely gain the upper hand in the free operation mode, because the opponent’s gimmick was the neural link, and the neural link had high requirements on the operation of the mecha master. That “Jun Tongchen”, where could he find a mecha genius?

And he invited a judge from the military department to evaluate the free combat mode. The judge was a lieutenant general, experienced in many battles, had a strong sense of combat, and could perfectly play the advantages of his mecha.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yangbin showed a charming smile to the camera again, sometimes he leaned on the mech to casually pose, and sometimes lifted his hair that was blown by the wind, exuding male hormones like money.

The fans in the barrage screamed woo and hit Cheng Yangbin first on the public screen.

When Cheng Yangbin was feeling happy, the comments’ style of painting suddenly changed.

[Ah, ah, Xie Ruheng, you are so handsome! I’m insane Xie Ruheng so handsome!!!]

[Why did Xie Ruheng appear here?]

[Who is this alpha? He is so handsome!]

[I’m dead with this superb figure! This alpha is too fucking sexy in a mecha combat uniform!]

Xie Ruheng, who came out of the backstage, was just in the same frame as Cheng Yangbin, and turned Cheng Yangbin, who was originally handsome, into nothing.

Cheng Yangbin specially put on nude makeup today. This makeup took an hour by a professional makeup artist, and his clothing and accessories were also carefully matched, in order to match the “good looks” label set by others.

But when he stood beside Xie Ruheng, compared with Xie Ruheng’s matte cool white skin, Cheng Yangbin’s slightly oily face suddenly became greasy.

Under Cheng Yangbin’s crazy marketing during this period, he had attracted a wave of unscrupulous Yanfans, who boasted that he was beautiful in the age of prosperity and could build mechas every day. At this moment, these Yanfans… were all frantically asking about Xie Ruheng’s identity!

Xie Ruheng said to the camera with a cold expression: “I am the tester of the free combat mode of the ‘Jun Tongchen’ mecha.”

Barrage: “Ah, hello, male god, your voice is so nice, your face is so beautiful, my child has already flown out, male god, I love you!!!”

The former male god Cheng Yangbin’s face was extremely ugly, and he forced a smile to Xie Ruheng: “Let’s not talk nonsense, let’s start the evaluation directly.”

Xie Ruheng glanced at him indifferently, nodded, turned around and left without saying a word of politeness.

The barrage: “Ah, Xie Ruheng, it’s so cool!”

Cheng Yangbin: “…”

A live ball followed Xie Ruheng to the inside of the cockpit, and the barrage watched Xie Ruheng start the cute mecha with ease. Wearing a pink rabbit helmet, he tilted his head back as if he was warming up. With the tactical backward movement, his sexy Adam’s apple stood out, and his straight nose had a precipitous sense of a cliff.

Before the barrage had time to take a screenshot to appreciate the beauty of the prosperous age, Xie Ruheng raised his head and put the pink rabbit helmet on his head with a blank expression.

Barrage: “??????”

Because Xie Ruheng was too calm while wearing the helmet, the frightened barrage was particularly sick:

[Am I dazzled? Why does my male god have two rabbit ears? Still pink?]

[Xie Ruheng what are you doing? I won’t allow you to ruin your image like this!!!]

[Is this designer a devil???]

Xie Ruheng closed his eyes and felt the familiar tingling sensation in his scalp, as if a small electric current was flowing through his brain.

He moved his wrist, and the huge pink rabbit twisted its paws synchronously. He changed his standing posture, and the pink rabbit mech moved in small steps. He opened his eyes, and the laser of the Rabbit Gaze glowed with inorganic red light.

“The evaluation begins!”

Lieutenant General Mo had just heard the announcement that the evaluation had started, when he saw two dead sea laser beams attacking him pre-emptively!

Why did you use the ultimate move so quickly?!

Lieutenant General Mo was slightly taken aback, but his excellent reflexes and rich combat experience allowed him to react quickly and dodge the two laser beams perfectly.

Just when he thought that Xie Ruheng was going to avoid or come up to test, the pink rabbit in front of him released the Rabbit Rampage and ran away without hesitation!

The surface of the Rabbit Mecha was covered with electromagnetic nets, and countless electromagnetic light waves rushed in, enveloping the gray-green mech in an instant, followed by the thunderous rabbit iron fist. Unfortunately, the gray-green mecha was only paralyzed by the electromagnetic net for a moment. After the three seconds of paralysis ended, Rabbit Fist did not touch the gray-green mech at all.

This was the shortcoming of the ultimate move of the mecha, especially the shortcoming of the ultimate move designed by Tang Bai: it was too nanny-level service, and the position and range of the ultimate moves were set by the combat system of the mech. Jumping out of the original attack range, the ultimate move will be empty.

[What the hell did you do? Did this mecha master give up? As soon as he came up, he released all his killer moves?!]

[Just to have a good start?]

[Only one of the three ultimate moves hurt Lieutenant General Mo. I don’t know whether to praise Lieutenant General Mo for his awesomeness or to curse Xie Ruheng for being an idiot.]

The eight mechanical legs of the gray-green mecha were like flexible spiders. To counterattack, the electromagnetic cannon on the left arm of the machine was raised rapidly, and the hole was aimed at the pink rabbit mech not far away.

It was time to end this game of playing house with children. Sure enough, military school students lacked actual combat experience, and they would lose their feet in a hurry when they encountered a strong opponent.

The moment the launch button was pressed, the rabbit that Lieutenant General Mo was aiming at in the display screen rolled over and disappeared into the shooting range.

Barrage: “!!!” So fast!

Too fast.

Lieutenant General Mo’s heart sank, and he suddenly realized that he might have underestimated this opponent. No matter what the opponent’s psychological quality and combat thinking were, the unpredictable speed was enough to make him feel troublesome. He stared at the screen closely. There were eight split screens showing different directions, and as long as there was any hint of pink, he would instantly aim and bombard it.

Just at this moment, a white rabbit mecha suddenly appeared behind, and its big steel teeth gleaming with a dangerous aura aimed at the left arm of the mecha.

Xie Ruheng in the cockpit opened his mouth expressionlessly and took a mouthful of air.

Lieutenant General Mo, who had been paying attention to the pink color, didn’t react immediately. When he hurriedly turned around to use his shield against the steel teeth, the big white rabbit squatted down first, and then jumped from the gray-green mech’s head with its amazing jumping ability. After jumping over, it firmly fell behind the mecha again— an extremely swift rabbit fist crit, three times in a very short period of time was concentrated on the weakest point of the mecha arm for precise strikes, hammering down on the electromagnetic gun mounted on the mecha’s left arm!

It wasn’t until this moment that the barrage reacted:

[This rabbit can change color! The mecha that can change the shape of the trough is very useful in actual combat! Not to mention Lieutenant General Mo, I was also dumbfounded when the big white rabbit jumped out]

[Xie Ruheng awesome! This wave of raids not only moves fast, but also has a high hit rate! I just slowed down to double the speed and found that Xie Shen made three combos on the same position of the mechanical arm in less than half a second, me!]

[Lieutenant General Mo’s mecha was directly reduced by half of its attack power, and it was because Cheng Yangbin paid too much attention to output, which made the mecha’s defense a little weaker]

Cheng Yangbin clenched his fists, and despite his expression management, he almost lost control in an instant.

How could it be so fast?!

The advantage of his mecha was agility, high attack strength, and these advantages had become weak in front of the mecha driven by Xie Ruheng!

Before the shock in Cheng Yangbin’s heart subsided, he saw the gray-green mecha that had lost the electromagnetic gun calmly set up the laser cannon on the right arm of the machine, and fire light waves at the rabbit mecha.

The rabbit mech once again switched to an aggressive pink color, holding the robbed electromagnetic cannon like a carrot, and charging towards the gray-green mech fearlessly, every jump could just avoid the energy light waves passing by.

[My mother, this speed! I can’t see Xie Shen’s movement at all!]

[Although I know that the speed of the top alpha is very fast, but Xie Ruheng, it is so fast that it is not human!]

[Wooooow, look at the cockpit, thank God! So cute A]

Xie Ruheng in the cockpit swayed slightly with the violent bumps of the mecha, his eyes were firm, and he rushed towards the opponent without a trace of wavering, while the rabbit ears on the helmet kept shaking like a cute one.

When the distance between the rabbit mecha and the gray-green mecha was five meters away, the pink rabbit picked up the electromagnetic cannon, and fired three rounds directly, the dazzling electric light making people blinded.

Through the screen, everyone could feel the fierce battle in the dusty scene. The gray-green mecha was forced to suspend its attack because the shield and laser cannon were bound to the right arm of the machine.

Lieutenant General Mo erected his shield and quickly turned over to avoid it. His reaction speed was already very fast, but Xie Ruheng, who was faster than him, took advantage of this moment to rush to Lieutenant General Mo’s side.

The two mechas suddenly crossed each other, and the pink rabbit mecha violently struck the right arm of the gray-green mecha, so fast that the barrage at first thought that Xie Ruheng was using the ultimate move of “Rabbit Iron Fist”.

[Mechs are getting more and more popular! Beat people harder!]

[Rabbit is so cute, be careful to hit you with a punch]

[Damn me, I think this pink rabbit is a bit handsome]

[Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, I’m afraid my bunny will kill you]

But then the bullet screen suddenly realized a terrible fact——

[Wait, the cooldown time of the ultimate move is usually ten minutes. Xie Ruheng has already used the Rabbit Iron Fist at the beginning…]

This was not the built-in attack that came with the mech. The killer move with a 30-second cooldown of 15 minutes was Xie Ruheng’s own fighting technique!

This amazing mecha genius had broken through the limits of conventional mecha attack and speed attributes when using the free battle mode! Relying on his own physical fitness, he had reached attack 10 and agility 10!

The audience was silent, watching with shock as the pink rabbit mecha punched the gray-green mecha to the ground until the gray-green mecha could no longer stand up and fell apart on the spot.

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