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Xia Ying’s brother posted a short video on Weibo.

The young man in the video had a frail and pale face. He was thin but sat upright. From his appearance, it could be seen that he and Xia Ying were five points similar. In fact, Pei Jin felt that Xia Ying’s brother and Xia Ying both had the wrong gender.

Maybe because of his weak body, he looked weak, and his facial contours were more feminine, while Xia Ying was full of heroic spirit.

Xia Ying’s brother Xia Dong spoke earnestly to the camera, with a face full of guilt, “…I have been in poor health since I was a child, and the doctor said that I may not live to be twenty years old. After I finished elementary school, I kept dropping out of school to stay at home because of my health. I’ve been away from campus for a long time, it feels like a past life. After this year, I’ll be twenty… And it’s always been my dream to go to a boys’ high school. My sister Xia Ying is a girl but because of me, she pretended to be a boy and sneaked into the boys’ school. She wanted to realize this dream for me.”

After a pause, Xia Dong continued, “I’m not saying this to win your sympathy, I just wanted to tell you the truth. My sister is very good, she’s also very good to me, I hope you can be more tolerant and understanding of her, and understand what she was doing this time, thank you and I bow to you.”

After speaking, Xia Dong stood up and gave a ninety-degree bow towards the camera.

Once the video was released, the netizens were divided into two camps, each with their own ideas and opinions, and the Internet was in chaos because of this incident.

Netizens in one camp felt that Xia Ying should be excused for doing so. She took the initiative to realize his dream for her brother. What a noble brother-sister friendship. Moreover, when Xia Ying’s brother apologized, he was very sincere. He looked weak and sympathetic.

Netizens in the other camp still felt that Xia Ying’s approach was not desirable. If everyone was like her, who raised the banner of family members, ignored the rules, and did whatever they wanted, wouldn’t the world be in chaos? Once the rules were made, people needed to abide by them. If the rules could not restrain people, it would become empty talk. The reason why society could develop steadily was because of the constraints of laws and rules. Xia Dong mentioned in the video that he did not say this to win sympathy, but he essentially wanted to win the sympathy of netizens, so as to make netizens forgive Xia Ying. This approach was simply to be a wrong-doer and still set up an archway. After all, the brother and sister Xia Ying and Xia Dong were both selfish people who didn’t think about others. How could they make other boys in the boy’s high schools suffer? The last sentence concluded that this pair of brother and sister were not worthy of sympathy at all.

Pei Jin naturally also paid attention to Xia Ying’s affairs. In this life, without her, the cannon fodder supporting female lead, all the firepower was concentrated on Xia Ying.

In this life, Xia Ying was obviously not as lucky as in the book. Without contrast, there was no harm, but what if there was no reference?

The classmates around Xia Ying were not all on her side this time. Some boys felt that their sex was offended, and many boys organized groups to scold under Xia Dong’s Weibo. Xia Dong was so disturbed that he had to turn off the comment function.

The male protagonist Ji Chengjue also spoke out for Xia Ying, but to little effect. This time, the incident was too big, and it was directly posted on the Internet. Too many netizens followed, and the incident was going badly for a while.

In the afternoon, Yu Yuan suddenly said angrily, “Ji Chengjue, and that Zhang Chen too!”

Pei Jin gave her a strange look, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Yuan’s face was deformed. “He posted a Weibo and pulled you into the water too.”

Ji Chengjue V: Why are netizens scolding Xia Ying? Do you know that she is not the only one who entered the boys’ high school as a girl? Before there was Pei Jin, do you remember? She is also a girl! Not only do I have evidence here, but there are also witnesses to prove it. @Zhang Chen.”

After Pei Jin saw this Weibo, her heart jumped fiercely.

The fire of war, as expected, was led to her by them.

In order to let Xia Ying get out of this matter as soon as possible, the male protagonist did everything possible.

But it had to be said that this method was indeed the most effective. And within a minute, a lot of firepower came to Pei Jin.

Yu Yuan’s face turned pale. She wanted to read the comments on this Weibo, but the next second, she unexpectedly found that the Weibo had been deleted, and Ji Chengjue’s account had been blocked, and there was no content on the homepage. She knew that he’d been punished.

It only took a few minutes before the Weibo was released and then it was deleted. But in just a few minutes, Yu Yuan witnessed how an account was blocked, and how remarks against Pei Jin were deleted.

These few minutes, life was really full of ups and downs.

Yu Yuan glanced at Pei Jin, then entered Pei Jin’s name in the field.

Something unexpected happened.

She saw a sentence clearly displayed below, “According to relevant laws and regulations, this content will not be displayed.”

After seeing this sentence, Yu Yuan carefully swallowed and said, “Pei Jin, it’s amazing. “

Pei Jin was also surprised when she saw it. She had no idea how the content about her could be deleted so quickly.

Yu Yuan glanced back and said in a low voice, “Is it… Brother Xun?”

Pei Jin bit her lower lip. Apart from He Xun, there was really no one else to think about.

The next class happened to be a self-study class. After class, Pei Jin secretly sent He Xun a WeChat message from outside in the name of going to the toilet and asked him to come out.

He Xun came quickly.

At this point, the corridors of the teaching building were very quiet. Occasionally, the teacher’s passionate voices came from the classrooms, and sound of the students reading the text came from some classrooms, but the corner where Pei Jin stood was completely quiet.

Pei Jin put her hands in front of her and watched He Xun come towards her little by little.

He Xun blew a short whistle, with a little smile on his peach blossom eyes, “There is no one around, so it’s the best time to do something bad.”

Pei Jin was a little depressed today because of Ji Chengjue and Zhang Chen, but because of He Xun’s words, this depression disappeared.

She stomped her foot, “He Xun, be serious!”

He Xun scratched his nose, smiling a little bit badly, “I can’t be more serious now.” There was a camera in the teaching building, and under the camera, his being really serious couldn’t be corrected.

Pei Jin didn’t continue with the topic; however, she couldn’t help but ask, “Did you have Ji Chengjue’s Weibo deleted?”

He Xun hummed.

After the incident where Xu Yi posted about Pei Jin’s black history, Mr. He directly assigned the manager of the public relations department of an entertainment company under his name to He Xun and asked him to instruct the manager when he had something for him to do. The public relations department of the entertainment company was extremely professional and efficient, so this time when Ji Chengjue wanted to pull Pei Jin into the water, it was dealt with very quickly.

Pei Jin tapped the ground with her toes, and said softly, “Thank you.”

Since she entered into the book, she did not know how many times she had troubled He Xun. Without He Xun, perhaps her ending would not have been any better than the female supporting role in the book. This thank you, in fact, she wanted to tell He Xun a long time ago. Today, she finally got a chance to speak out.

When He Xun heard this thank you, he clicked his tongue irritably, “As a boyfriend, these are all my duties. I like you so much, so what is the need for a thank you?”

Pei Jin’s entire attention was actually concentrated on the sentence “I like you so much”. He Xun’s style of work had always been like this, straightforward and enthusiastic.

However, it was this simple and rude manner that directly hit people’s hearts, and why it was extraordinarily sincere and moving.

Pei Jin was a little stunned.

Seeing Pei Jin’s dull appearance, He Xun gritted his teeth and said, “Peipei, don’t you know how much I like you?”

Hearing this sentence, Pei Jin was even more stunned, and her white cheeks turned deep pink, like cherry blossoms in spring, with a bit of unaware shyness.

Although Pei Jin was a little stunned, other than that, her heart was surrounded by an extremely soft emotion. This emotion might have been heartache, might be nostalgia, or it might have been other beautiful things.

He Xun squeezed Pei Jin’s chin, looking straight at her with his deep and charming peach eyes, “Peipei, do I have to throw you on the bed and give you a hard fuck, so you know how much I like you, huh?”

Pei Jin blinked and then blinked again.

When she understood the sentence, her whole face blushed.

After her confession, He Xun was becoming more and more open to her, which almost made her unable to resist.

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