YXBG Ch. 57.2: New Journey P. 2

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Geneva was really not big, and the whole group finished shopping in one day. In addition, the weather was not good, so they went to the train station early the next day and transferred to Zurich. On the train, Xiao Jin sneaked over to look for Yin Xiaomei.

“What’s the matter, Xiao Jin, what’s the news in China?” she asked in a low voice.

“There’s no bad news, it’s all good, and you are the one who will be on the scenes this year!” Xiao Jin said happily like a thief, “It’s Sister Bai who asked me to tell you, now the TV drama is gaining momentum, and everyone in the country treats you and Lai Wangming as the official match. She said that if you want to fall in love, she will not stop you, but let you stretch out the first five episodes of the show on your side and drag it out till later.”

“Then she can put her heart down. I have no one I like, if she thinks someone is good, and the other party also asks for a CP, I can also consider it.” Yin Xiaomei said with her head tilted.

“That’s good, but your French is really good, it’s a super good point of promotion! When they go back and edit it, I’ll keep an eye on them and make them keep this piece intact.”

“Okay, thank you.!”

“Okay, I’m too happy!” Xiao Jin’s words came from the bottom of her heart. For them assistants, there was nothing better than being with an artist who was on the rise. This would also help her future personal development a lot.

Yin Zhefei sat across from her. Because of the jet lag, his hat covered his face and he seemed to be sleeping.

However, Yin Xiaomei felt that from the time she had agreed to form a CP, she was being staring at coldly.

It shouldn’t be Yin Zhefei, she didn’t believe that his eyes could penetrate the hat so strongly.

At this time, she found Gao Yu, who was sitting diagonally opposite, looking at her with a smile.

“Hey, you’re in good spirits! I think they all fell asleep.” Yin Xiaomei greeted him with a smile. This was the first time she interacted with Gao Yu after the several people had come to Switzerland. The cameraman, who was as sleepy as the others, hurriedly set up the camera and aimed at them.

“Well, I don’t sleep much.” His happy mood grew upward like a seedling emerging from the ground, and Gao Yu’s tone was full of deep indulgence, “You are also very active.”

Like Sun Sha, everyone had begun to realize that Gao Yu didn’t talk much, but his personality seemed to be very easy-going. If it weren’t for his height and Yin Zhefei’s abruptness, he would be a person who could easily be ignored.

“I don’t know why, but I always feel that you feel familiar to me.” Yin Xiaomei supported her head and thought, “I didn’t say this to strike up a conversation, but have we met somewhere?”

“Maybe…” Gao Yu tore a page from the notebook he was carrying with his slender fingers and handed it to her, “Do you like it?”

Yin Xiaomei took it, and it turned out to be a small sketch of hers. It was just a few strokes, messy and unstructured, but it accurately grasped every feature of her, vividly. The description of the eyes was particularly meticulous, making her look like the protagonist in the chaos, flashing a cold and moving light, and the virtual and the real complemented each other. Even if Yin Xiaomei didn’t know how to draw, she thought this was great. The cameraman was overjoyed and aimed his lens at the painting.

“Wow!” Yin Xiaomei said with a smile, “You’re amazing! It’s amazing! Can I keep it?” She vaguely remembered that Yin Zhefei could also draw, but now that drawing skill was used in various papers on the picture.

When all the guests got out of the car and went to play, the film crew had trouble with the materials.

The director’s assistant Dian: “Director Xie, what can I do? This time the combination is a bit strange. Except for Yin Zhefei, the three male guests are obviously all into Fiona.”

Xie Jinheng, known as Director Xie, was in his early forties and was an experienced variety show director, this show was planned and made popular by him. He looked at the filming clip and frowned: “Didn’t that Li Peifang not show anything? The show has just started, and it’s too early to draw conclusions.”

“What I was about to tell you was that Li Peifang was the first to mention wanting to be a CP with Fiona, they said that they both went to school in the UK, they had a lot in common, so they could create a lot of topics together.”

“Well…” Director Xie had a headache, “Isn’t there Yin Zhefei? Yu Ziqi likes him very much, why don’t we set up a CP for them?”

“But Yin Zhefei declared in advance that he does not want to form CP with anyone…”

This was not the same as the original expectation. Yin Zhefei joined later and claimed to be there to look after his younger sister, so the original plan of the film crew was- Fiona and He Jiayang – the popular queen and the president, Sun Sha and Gao Yu – beautiful writer and internationally renowned painter, Yu Ziqi and Li Peifang – first-line flower and son of one of the richest men in China. As for Yin Zhefei, what he had asked for was pure play, so he would only appear to increase his popularity.

Such a combination, no matter how you looked at it, was a good match and could generate many interesting points.

Now it was good, He Jiayang liked Yin Xiaomei as expected, but why did Gao Yu and Li Peifang also defect? Especially Gao Yu, it was said that he was a painter, and a classical beauty like Sun Sha should fit his aesthetic very well!

Even if there was no love component, just traveling together could have a lot of highlights, but after all, the ratings would not be as high as with matching.

Director Xie frowned and said, “Let’s observe it again today. If not, then I can only talk to Yin Zhefei and see if he could cooperate with Yu Ziqi. After all, this is a variety show, and it’s not real.”

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