YXBG Ch. 58: Exotic Scenery

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The Zurich railway station was directly opposite the Hofstraße. It used to be just an old city wall, but now it had become one of the shopping streets comparable to Fifth Avenue. As soon as Yin Xiaomei got out of the station, she exclaimed with joy, “I smell luxury goods!”

Sun Sha just smiled indifferently with an expression that regarded money as dung.

The filming team that followed couldn’t help exchanging glances. They naturally understood the image that Sun Sha wanted to convey, but if she kept being “indifferent” all the way, even if it was safe, it would cause all her shots to be unremarkable. It would also leave a dull impression.

Even Gao Yu, who seemed to be very restrained and had a thin sense of presence, made a big move on the train today!

And Yu Ziqi seemed to be really interested in Yin Zhefei, so she surrounded him like an attentive butterfly and took the initiative to chat with him, while working hard to create a two-person segment. Even if Yin Zhefei was dull, it could be seen that she not only wanted to pair up with Yin Zhefei but was actually serious about developing a relationship.

It was not so unacceptable to form a CP, because it was not a real relationship. Even if there were fans who wanted to be CP fans, they were mostly self-promoting. But if the relationship was confirmed on the show, whether it was because of profit or because they really liked each other, it was intended for long-term development. Many couples who had developed relationships in the show before, were still in a good relationship now that the show was over.

It was just that Yin Xiaomei broke into a cold sweat for his “love” when she saw Yin Zhefei who didn’t even bother to talk to Yu Ziqi.

After arranging the check-in in the afternoon, everyone went to the street to take pictures for three hours before returning indoors, but Yin Xiaomei, the energetic monkey, felt that it was not enough, and excitedly proposed: “Did you see the bar in the center downstairs? Let’s go have a drink!”

Sun Sha finally came out and said, “I don’t think it is necessary. I went to the supermarket to buy something yesterday. The things here are quite expensive. Let’s just save 1,000 Swiss francs.”

“Sister Sun, this is not right. Come out and play. Although money is a limitation, you should enjoy it when you should! Otherwise, it will be boring!” Yin Xiaomei didn’t see Sun Sha’s expression change when she heard the word “Sister Sun” but then she waved: “I’m going to have a drink, who will come with me!”

Everyone was so tired that they were about to collapse in the afternoon, so how could they respond? It was said that Yu Ziqi wore high heels the whole time and had five or six crystal clear blisters on her feet, and now it was impossible for her to move even an inch.

So, when Yin Xiaomei raised her arms, only Yin Zhefei and Gao Yu responded enthusiastically.

“It’s great!” She didn’t feel that there were not too many people, and it was not lively at all, “Come on, let’s go!”

The photographer and others hurriedly followed them after seeing this.

Entschuldigung, EinBieristwievielbitter[1]?” Yin Xiaomei asked the bartender in German.

Even Yin Zhefei was a little surprised: “You actually learned German?”

“And, what’s so strange about it? How about it, are you impressed by me!” She smiled and said, “What do you two drink, it is no more than 20 Swiss francs? I’ll invite you~”

Gao Yu looked at the astronomical drink list, shook his head with a wry smile, did not shy away from saying that he did not understand it, and trusted Yin Xiaomei: “Like a tadpole, I can’t understand this, you help me choose one. Let’s go!”

“Okay, no problem, Yin Zhefei, how about you?”

“Mojito…” Yin Zhefei didn’t have much interest in drinking, but just wanted to accompany her.

The three sat at the table outside the bar, basking in the sun and chatting lazily. Foreigners who passed by rarely saw such a beautiful Asian girl, and they all looked sideways.

It was strange to say that, perhaps because of her mixed blood, when Yin Xiaomei was in China, she stood out because of her big eyes and a high nose bridge, and looked like an exotic girl, but when she really went abroad, her soft facial features made her look like a delicate oriental doll.

And the photographer naturally did not hesitate to take pictures of this super-high attraction rate. He had also photographed many stars, but he had a very strong premonition that this mixed-race girl would become popular again this time – everyone liked her. She was an excellent person, but she wasn’t too perfect, but the shortcomings she showed during the shoot could be said to be a bit cute. This was definitely a tool for attracting fans!

When he had time, he had to turn over her movies and new TV series and watch them again!

After drinking a few glasses of wine, Yin Xiaomei clamored for cheese fondue again, and the three of them went to the cheese fondue restaurant in the old city. After drinking and eating, Yin Zhefei felt sleepy and weak, but Yin Xiaomei bluntly said that she had eaten too much and wanted to go to Lake Zurich to digest food.

Yin Zhefei felt that he would really only reach the lake with tenacious perseverance.

And Yin Xiaomei looked at the small shops in the old city for a while, and browsed the shops for a while, making the process lengthier and tormenting.

Finally, the three of them walked to the lake. Gao Yu was fascinated by the scenery in front of him, “up and down, the sky is full of blue sky”. He seemed to wish he could draw them immediately. His amber eyes reflected the lake light, which was very clear and moving. The photographer excitedly adjusted several angles to take some close-ups for the three of them, only to feel that the scenery was picturesque, and the three of them were also picturesque. Fortunately, it was his turn to change the shift, otherwise he would not have been able to see such a beautiful scenery!

When Yin Xiaomei saw Gao Yu’s expression, a fragment flashed through her mind, but when she thought about it again, she had forgotten it.

She really felt that Gao Yu was very familiar, and even the name was so familiar.

Yin Zhefei was sitting on the bench by the lake and had almost fallen asleep sitting up. Yin Xiaomei looked at him with disgust, but she had to admit that even if he fell asleep with his mouth open, he was still good-looking. If there was a competition where one had to sleep with their mouth wide open and look handsome, he should be in the top three!

“Your brother really cares about you, he’s so sleepy, but he is still accompanying you to play.” Gao Yu said softly.

“Don’t be deceived by him,” Yin Xiaomei watched the two swans in the lake fighting fiercely, just like Yin Zhefei and her back then, “He is very bad, only by being worse than him could someone stop him.” Yin Xiaomei said, and pointed to herself with a smile, “For example, me.”

Gao Yu chuckled, and his slender fingers stroked his hair unnaturally: “But I think you are very good.”

“What a coincidence! “Yin Xiaomei solemnly held his hand and shook it up and down, “I feel the same way!”

Gao Yu laughed even more happily.

It was good, even though it’s been so many years, Xiaomei was still so cute and hadn’t changed at all…

It was cold in the autumn, Yin Xiaomei was afraid that Yin Zhefei would catch a cold, and while chatting, she took off her cashmere shawl and put it on him. Yin Zhefei dazedly opened his eyes and looked at her, but he couldn’t resist and fell asleep again.

“I heard that Mr. Gao is an internationally renowned painter?” Yin Xiaomei asked Gao Yu.

“Ah, it’s okay.”

“Then the painting you gave me will be very valuable!” Her eyes instantly turned into two dollar signs.

“Perhaps, but you have to endure it anyway, and only sell it after I die, then it will be more valuable.”

“Hahahaha!” Yin Xiaomei obviously didn’t expect Gao Yu to have such a cold and humorous side and felt more and more close to him.


Yin Xiaomei had a lot of fun playing in a foreign country, and she knew that her recent image was not bad, so she was very relieved.

However, Xiao Jin was still too simple in her description. “Love in That Age” was called a new TV legend. If Yin Xiaomei was only well-known among European and American movie fans before, then this TV series helped her completely opened up the local market. It had made her a household name overnight.

But Bai Lu dared not relax in the slightest. Female stars would have a chance to become famous overnight as long as their looks and abilities were in place, but if the rise was too fast, it would inevitably obstruct the eyes of others. In exchange for some public announcements; more marketing accounts with no bottom line would make up some alarmist and ugly news in order to catch eyeballs at such times. In short, the faster you ran, the less you couldn’t make a fool of yourself.

It was also at this time that the first issue of “World in Love” was also broadcast. It was said that the journey of the group in the first issue had just begun. What they watched was the process of the few people going from being unfamiliar to familiar, which was generally regarded as a flawless episode. But because Yin Xiaomei’s series was on the air, even the ratings of the first episode had soared.

Among them, [Fiona French] was almost at the top of the hot search. Lai Wangming and Cai Xiaokun also transferred the clips announced by the program team, and also used the title in the TV series to affectionately say: [My little koi is really amazing!]

[Little Koi, please accept the fat boy’s knee]

Fans joked under the “official match” Lai Wangming’s Weibo:

[Mr. Ming, there are too many handsome guys in this show, what would you do if your koi cheated on you? Manage her!

[The koi who cheated, isn’t that Starbucks!]

[Ming is very strong, buy Starbucks and let our little koi take salt]

In such a lively atmosphere, there were naturally discordant scoldings:

[Is it great to speak French? She went to school in England, so it’s normal for her to speak French.]

[Am I the only one who thinks that she is pretending to show off her French?

[Upstairs, you also come out and show-off in front of the ambassador, we will also applaud you.]

[Some people still speak English in a mess, but they start to think that it is normal for others to speak French]


At the same time, Yin Xiaomei’s persistent pursuit of beauty had also aroused extensive discussion among the girls, and everyone had been fighting for a while. All the girls were injected with chicken blood, and they generally began to pay attention to beauty and skin care.

As for the discussion of Ziqi, perhaps because she was always hanging around Yin Zhefei, most of it was related to him. Even if the program team did not deliberately guide the two to have any ambiguity, their CP——”Yuwan” still became popular.

“—They still spontaneously made many editing videos of “Yuwan CP”, claiming to have seen different sparks.

As for Sun Sha, as the film crew had thought, there was no splash at all. Her fans protested under the show, saying that there were too few shots for her.

In contrast, the male guests’ fans seemed to be much more peaceful because they were not from the entertainment industry themselves. Yin Zhefei did not have social networking sites such as Weibo, so Gao Yu was the one who had benefited the most. His tragic background, legendary drawing talent, and his striking appearance, fans had said that this was simply a character walking out of the comic, and then self-deprecatingly said: [Being a fan of Yu-shen is too hard, even if you want to buy a painting of the Great God, you can’t afford it].

For the program team, it was obvious that they did not expect such a large amount of discussion at the beginning of this episode. This was something they did not expect. Obviously, Yin Xiaomei’s driving force could not be covered.

Even Chang Mei, who no longer paid attention to the entertainment industry, when she out to buy food, could see either “Love in Those Times” or “World in Love” being replayed on the TV at roadside restaurants or food stalls. Her daughter was not around, but she seemed to be everywhere.

This child was obviously not her own flesh and blood, but the two of them were so similar.

At this moment, a man blocked her way: “Are you Ms. Chang Mei?”

Chang Mei raised her head in surprise and hesitated: “Uh? You are?”

The man smiled relievedly: “I am Xiao Mei’s biological father. Can you take a minute to talk?”

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[1] Sorry, how bitter is the beer?

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