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Before Chang Mei came back to her senses, Yin Ruoji appeared beside her as if he had suddenly emerged from the ground, and asked, “What’s the matter? Is this man harassing you?”

“Ruoji?” She said holding her chest, “You…why are you here…”

Meng Ke was stunned for a moment, but when he looked into Yin Ruoji’s eagle-like eyes, his knees softened for no reason, and he hurriedly said: “I…I’m not harassing her, I’m Xiaomei’s biological father, and she’s gone abroad, so I thought, let’s meet first… um… my in-laws…”

“In-laws?” Chang Mei was at a loss and said to Yin Ruoji, “You know what’s the matter?”

Yin Ruoji shook his head and said to Meng Ke indifferently, “In that case, let’s find a place to talk.” After saying that, he circled his arms around Chang Mei and walked out.

Meng Ke, on the other hand, was still looking at Chang Mei’s back in amazement. She looked a bit like Jane, but she was different from Jane. She was more like Xiaomei and her appearance was more classical and moving. He had also watched Chang Mei’s movies back then, but he didn’t expect that after so many years, she was still so beautiful, it was like she had eaten preservatives.

In the box of the tearoom on the first floor of the Skyline Group, Meng Ke proved his identity again and again, and Yin Ruoji’s expression softened a little.

Meng Ke had never seen such a scene before, and after responding to the questioning, a layer of sweat on his vest could be seen under Yin Ruoji’s gaze, it was as if thorn-like needles were piercing his back.

“Mr. Meng, your identity is basically confirmed. What do you mean by being in-laws?” Yin Ruoji stared at the man in front of him and asked coldly.

Chang Mei was a soft-hearted person, but he was not, so on the first day he adopted Xiao Mei, he had already sent someone to find out where the little guy came from. In the paedophile’s information Zhang Chenxi brought him, there was another section, which contained Xiaomei’s life experience. So, Chang Mei might not know the cause and effect of that incident, but Yin Ruoji couldn’t be clearer about it-the man in front of him, who seemed to be polite and had a decent job, was actually an out-and-out ignorant scum.

“That’s it,” Meng Ke swallowed nervously, and briefly recounted his previous conversation with Xiaomei and Zhefei. “But I didn’t expect that they would go abroad now. I have paid the deposit for the house. If I don’t buy it, I will have to pay the liquidated damages.” He smiled and rubbed his hands, then he said, “Can you please be accommodating first, give me a part payment, not much, 3 million is enough…”

Chang Mei was completely shocked, and said to Yin Ruoji, “Did I hear right, Xiaomei and Zhefei want to… get married?” Why didn’t she catch wind of this at all, and looking at their previous interactions, it wasn’t like that at all! Could it be that Zhefei went to Switzerland with Xiaomei just to find a chance to spend time with her?

She was completely unprepared!

Yin Ruoji said to her gently: “She is your daughter, you should know better than me.”

Chang Mei rubbed her temples, could it be it was her son’s unrequited love, a lively girl like Xiaomei probably wouldn’t like Zhefei, such a gloomy boy…

Yin Ruoji let her think on this matter, and he himself turned to Meng Ke: “Mr. Meng, I think you have made a mistake, Chang Mei and I have adopted Xiaomei, the formalities are complete, we are her adoptive parents, and she was taken over to the UK by her uncle, and now her guardians are Vincent and her maternal grandparents, no matter how you look at it, Xiaomei’s dowry won’t fall on you.”

“I am Xiaomei’s biological father, and of course I have the right to receive her dowry!” Meng Ke’s color changed, and his voice suddenly became sharp.

“Do you have the right or not, is it your decision?” Yin Ruoji sneered.

“Of course, I’m her biological father!”

“Is there any legal document to prove your relationship?”

“I have a photo to prove it!”

“Huh…” Yin Ruoji immediately laughed, “I don’t have time to teach you the law. Mr. Meng, I suggest you consult your lawyer first, and then be so confident.”

Meng Ke panicked, he naturally knew that he and Yin Xiaomei had no father-daughter relationship, and even if they were blood related, the law would not recognize them. However, he still had a bit of hope in his heart. After all, Xiaomei was a girl. Didn’t her mother often say that girls had long hair and short knowledge. She must not have any ideas. She must be looking forward to recognizing her ancestors and taking good care of her younger brother in order to honor herself. But he waited for a few days, and instead of receiving Yin Xiaomei’s call, he saw the news of her going abroad on TV.

But with his son, his house, and the huge liquidated damages… He couldn’t wait that long!

But when he came to see Yin Ruoji today, he vaguely understood that Yin Xiaomei didn’t plan to give him money from the very beginning.

Meng Ke hurriedly grabbed onto Yin Ruoji, who was about to get up and wanted to leave, and hurriedly said: “Mr. Yin, your family is rich, please, for the sake of me being Xiaomei’s biological father, give 300,000 to me first, you have so much money, the 300,000 is no different from 30 yuan to you!”

Yin Ruoji immediately pushed his hand away in disgust: “It is because you are Xiaomei’s biological father, so even if I have a penny, I won’t give it to you either!”

Meng Ke was stunned, and then said angrily: “You…you cold-blooded rich people, you have trampled on the blood and sweat of the common people to reach where you are today, and you refuse to give me even a mere 300,000 yuan. If you are like this, don’t think that I will marry my daughter into your house!” As he was talking, his feet were hanging in the air, and he was already picked up by security guards.

Yin Ruo protected Chang Mei and pulled her behind him, then gave him a warning look: “I am indeed a cold-blooded rich man, so don’t annoy me, otherwise, I have a thousand ways to keep you from talking.”

The words Meng Ke wanted to use to scold him suddenly choked in his throat, and he didn’t dare to speak out.

Yin Ruoji smiled secretly.

Times had changed, so naturally he would not do anything illegal, but in the eyes of people like Meng Ke, he probably thought that all rich people had the power to reach the sky and had countless killers on call…

But that’s fine, at least he would be afraid.

Meng Ke was thrown out of the gate of Skyline Group like a bag of garbage, but he was afraid of Yin Ruoji’s dangerous eyes, and even though he was full of unwillingness and anger, he could only walk away angrily.

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