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Mu Jiurong and Mrs. Mu didn’t leak a word to the children about Xu Qingli, especially Mu Yixuan. Xu Qingli had taken care of Mu Yixuan for many years, and Mu Yixuan still had a lot of affection for this nanny. If she knew that she was only the target of Xu Qingli’s use, she would definitely be sad.

Mu Yixi got the news from Feng Weiming. Mu Jiurong didn’t tell the children, but he had to explain it to Mu Jiuqing. Mu Jiuqing did not expect that Feng Weiming would really use his “feeling” to catch a fish that was hidden so deeply, and he attached great importance to Feng Weiming’s “feeling” ever since.

He didn’t say much about Xu Qingli’s filth, but simply told Feng Weiming: “Xu Qingli has been sent abroad. If you think someone or something is wrong in the future, call Dad immediately, you know?”

Feng Weiming was on the phone, he gave a soft “um”, and there was no second sentence. But Mu Jiuqing was already satisfied. This time, the two father and son had broken the ice[1].

From the moment he picked up Feng Weiming, Mu Jiuqing felt that this son should belong to him, and it was no exaggeration to say that he spoiled him. Although Feng Weiming acted a little old for his age and his reaction was a little intense, but father and son were always father and son, and Mu Jiuqing never thought that they would become strangers.

No, he knew he had to wait patiently and the opportunity would come.

Feng Weiming’s feelings for Mu Jiuqing loosened a little. Although he was not injured in this car accident, he was only one step away from danger. If he and Mu Jiuqing still didn’t reconcile before he died, he would definitely feel very sorry.

Mu Jiuqing was his father.

Feng Weiming, who missed his father, worked hard to clear up his mood and told Mu Yixi about Xu Qingli’s situation.

Mu Yixi happily threw himself on him: “Thank you, Mingming!” Without Feng Weiming’s help, things would definitely not have gone so smoothly!

Even if Xu Qingli was not killed, it would definitely be a good thing for the Mu family to be wary of her.

Feng Weiming: “It’s not my credit, it’s because of my father’s help.”

“You reconciled with the third uncle? It’s great!” Mu Yixi said, “You’ve been arguing for a long time.”

A rare blush appeared on Feng Weiming’s snow-white face. He said seriously, “I didn’t make trouble.”

Mu Yixi winked at him.

Feng Weiming clenched his fists and whispered, “Actually, the eldest aunt is my aunt, my biological mother’s sister…”

Mu Yixi was shocked and immediately pricked up his ears. He had always been curious about the reason for Mu Jiuqing and Feng Weiming’s falling out, but now Feng Weiming was finally willing to speak up?

Feng Weiming seemed to find a little hard to say: “My father, liked my biological mother, that’s why he adopted me…” Speaking of this, his expression suddenly became a little sad and lost, and a faint grievance flashed in his beautiful eyes.

He thought that Mu Jiuqing adopted him and loved him because he was him, but it wasn’t. He was adopted only because of his relationship with his biological mother.

Mu Jiuqing loved his biological mother, a married woman.

His adoptive father coveted his biological mother, so Feng Weiming, who was obsessed with cleanliness, found it completely unacceptable.

“Then your mother is now…” Mu Yixi held his hand and asked.

“Dead.” Feng Weiming said without emotion: “The car accident happened when I was three years old. I remember it all.” Originally, he didn’t remember anything, but when he heard Mu Jiuqing admit it himself that he liked his biological mother, he was stimulated and remembered everything. Perhaps his biological mother died too early, but Feng Weiming had a vague impression of her, and he remembered more scenes of Mu Jiuqing taking good care of him.

“I don’t dare to say anything else, but third uncle, he must really love you.” Mu Yixi took his shoulders and comforted him warmly.

“I know.” Feng Weiming moved his finger: “But how much of this love is because of my mother?” And how much was because of him?

Feng Weiming was still on the cusp of this issue.

“It’s all because of you?” Mu Yixi smiled and said, “You are so pretty and cute, who wouldn’t like you?”

Feng Weiming glared at him immediately.

What was pretty and cute? Humph.

“What I said is true.” Mu Yixi said solemnly: “Why do you think so much? If you want others to really like you, you should also really like the other person. There is no love for no reason. If you want to get it, you must first pay for it.”

Feng Weiming was stunned for a moment, and subconsciously said, “Is it like this for you?” Mrs. Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were kind to him, so he also showed his heart to them, sincerely.

Mu Yixi smiled: “It turns out that you know me so well!”

“Be serious.” Feng Weiming couldn’t help but glare at him again.

“Yeah, Feng Xiaoming.” Mu Yixi pinched his cheek: “Like I’ve been nice to you, when will you be nice to me?”

Feng Weiming patted his hand and said: ” Don’t be so bad, I’ll, I’ll…”

Mu Yixi looked at him eagerly.

Feng Weiming continued reluctantly: “…I’ll be nice to you, Yixi.”

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[1] Do or say something to relieve tension or get conversation going in a strained situation or when strangers meet.

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