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The pink rabbit mecha stepped on the discarded gray-green mecha, leaving a majestic back for everyone. This scene seemed to press the pause button, just like Mr. Rabbit in a dark fairy tale standing upright, leaving a deep impression on all the adults present impression.

The evaluation was over and the winner had been decided.

Professor Li, as a judge sent by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Federal Military Academy, was so excited that his beard was trembling: “Perfect, the cooperation between man and mecha is perfect!”

The mecha builder judge had tears in his eyes, “I didn’t expect this at all. This tester can perform so well, this is completely the ideal level…”

All mecha makers hoped to meet mecha masters who could fully display the power of their mechas, only in this way would their painstaking designs not be buried.

“It’s so exciting! Textbook fight! Performance beyond expectations! Before I saw the evaluation, I gave ‘Jun Tongchen’ a nine, but now I want to give it a ten!” “What’s the name of this evaluator?” “Is his surname Xie? Is he a professional weapon tester?” Some judges wanted Xie Ruheng’s contact information.

“Actually Lieutenant General Mo’s reaction speed was already very fast. The scene of dodging the three ultimate moves at the beginning is enough to be cut into the classic dodging collection, but compared with Xie Ruheng who has a neural link, it still seems slow. The battlefield was changing rapidly, and his speed was similar to the top alpha. It is especially important in the duel. I thought that the design of the neural link was superfluous, but it turned out that I was wrong. 10! This mecha has a low entry threshold and a high ceiling, and it is truly suitable for popularizing the mecha to the whole people!”

The judges were serious when commenting and scoring, but the barrage did not need to consider any mecha or performance, they were so excited that they blew their brains:

[The real fierce A should use the rabbit mecha to win the first place! From today on, the Rabbit Mecha is the standard configuration of Mammoth A!]

[Rabbit Iron Fist is so handsome! Thank god awesome!!!]

[No, no, no, no, is there anyone who doesn’t know that pink is a fierce color?]

[Is this the new fierce A trend? Love it, love it]

[Will Mo Zhong have a psychological shadow on the rabbit from now on?]

Lieutenant General Mo was in a trance, his mind was full of huge rabbit heads, ferocious steel teeth and wild rabbit fists, and he even felt the fear of carrots when he was hit by his head.

Why did he think that the appearance of the rabbit was not scary?!

Lieutenant General Mo crawled out of the cockpit in disgrace, looked at the huge pink rabbit mecha behind Xie Ruheng with lingering fear, and said to Xie Ruheng: “You are very strong, and the mecha is also very strong. I am convinced that the future world belongs to you young people.”

This was a very good young man, with excellent fighting intuition and physical fitness, he already had the basic qualities of a general, Lieutenant General Mo was looking forward to the growth of this young alpha in front of him.

Xie Ruheng nodded and said: “Thank You.”

Compared with the excited people around him, he was so calm that he was almost indifferent, because in the countless games he had experienced in the past, “Mouse” was always a mecha master hiding in the shadows, who left silently among the carnival.

But this was a brand-new world completely different from the underground arena, a chapter that had not yet been written.

Standing here, Xie Ruheng was as calm as he was in the underground arena six years ago. He stood calmly in this brilliant new world and accompanied Tang Bai in the interview.

Tang Bai’s sound generator was installed on the rabbit mech. The interview screen showed a group of judges looking up at the giant rabbit. Professor Li couldn’t hold back his excitement and said: “I haven’t seen any design that caught my eye. But your design made me see aura. I like your unconstrained imagination, your boldness, and your talent! Your work in the preliminary round proved one thing to me, that is, I was right to qualify you for the preliminary round!”

“Those who said you went through the back door have never seriously studied your works and understand your attitude, ‘Jun Tongchen’, you are really good!” Bai Zhi also couldn’t calm down for a long time, “I don’t have the right to rate this time, because many netizens questioned my ratings, I am not afraid of doubts. The most indispensable thing I had along the way is doubts, but I hope you will not be affected by doubts. I believe that if you go all the way, you will definitely become a young group. One of the best mecha masters in the world.”

“Your mecha design concept is the best I have ever seen. I saw many comments on the Internet jokingly calling this mech a fierce A mecha. No need to jokingly call it. The real strong can not only defeat the strong, but also care for the weak.”

Bai Zhi said: “No matter what the result of the competition is, I want to find you to customize a mecha.”

Lieutenant General Mo then said: “I also want to come to you to customize a mecha.”

Many judges were sincerely praising Tang Bai’s design, and some judges even advised him to protect his talent and not to be conceited, but moderate pride was allowed because he deserved it. Some judges said that they wanted to exchange ideas with him privately, saying they admired his designs, and some judges praised his rabbit shape for liking more the more they saw it…

The pink rabbit mecha controlled by remote was embarrassed enough to cover its face with its paws.

[Shame on you for acting cute! You are a bunny who can smash the enemy with one punch! Don’t act like a baby!]

[Damn it, I survived the fierce A trend, and my heart was actually moved when this rabbit covered my face]

Tang Bai sat on the sofa at home, under the doting gaze of Grandpa Tang, Tang Bai said seriously: “Thank you to the judges! And for the comments and everyone’s support, I saw a bullet screen asking me why I made a pink rabbit mecha, in fact, I had this idea when I was a child.”

Xie Ruheng stood at the feet of the rabbit mecha, and he listened quietly to the rabbit speak.

The voice processed by the voice changer was not as soft and sweet as Tang Bai’s original voice, with a hint of mechanical electronic sound, but he could tell that it was Tang Bai speaking.

He remembered Tang Bai’s unique tone of speech, when to pause, how to deal with light and heavy accents, and the always slightly rising tone.

“I hope to create mechas that can also be operated by omegas. Mecha weapons are made by talented people, but there should be no gender distinction in the operation of mechas. It can be as popular as a suspension vehicle. People of any gender are qualified to drive mechas. What really prevents omega from touching mechas is social prejudice and discrimination, I hope the birth of rabbit mechas can bring about some changes and give omega more opportunities.”

Tang Bai’s speaking style was very clear, he had always disliked making rounds, so he said what he wanted to say, straightforward and neat.

Xie Ruheng listened attentively to Tang Bai talk about his “hope”, and when Tang Bai said that he would like to thank Xie Ruheng, the tester this time, his thin lips turned up with joy.

“Also, the judges and teachers praised me too much. My mecha manufacturing is self-taught, and there are many irregularities. I hope I can go to school to take mecha classes one day. Thank you.”

The Pink Rabbit Mecha seriously bowed down to everyone.

It was great to be able to participate in the competition that he loved, and it was great to get everyone’s support and recognition.

[Amazing, you can learn this level by self-study]

[Although, will there really be an omega to buy this mecha?]

[In front, Your Excellency Bai Zhi personally said that he wants to find Jun Tongchen to customize a mecha, and my little sisters and I also want to buy this mecha. After we buy it, we will drive this mecha next time we go out and see which alpha dares to harass us]

[Buy it, even if I don’t know how to drive it, I can still buy it and take pictures at home. This mech is really cute, and it can change color, so you don’t have to worry about the pink turning black]

Looking at it bowing, one of the judges stood up and said: “Congratulations to the ‘Jun Tongchen’ contestant, because of your outstanding performance in this evaluation, we decided to let you directly qualify for promotion, skipping the rematch and entering the final.”

Hearing this result, Bai Zhi smiled.

He had evidence that Cheng Yangbin bribed a judge. If he had lost the test, he would publish the evidence and make Cheng Yangbin disqualified from the competition.

But unless necessary, he would not release this evidence easily. The Cheng family had a certain voice in the parliament. If the Cheng family was offended, it would be very difficult for him to promote the next proposal.

Now that “Jun Tongchen” won, he didn’t have to implement Plan B.

Bai Zhi took the lead in applauding, and the other judges and staff also stood up and applauded.

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