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The report performance finally eliminated a few students with backgrounds like Xu Xiangming who came to mix here with recommendation letters, and the rest could be regarded as excellent seedlings selected by thousands of people.

The biggest upset, of course, was Jiang Yu’s vertical skydive, jumping directly from the top to the bottom.

Class F, the class with the largest number of people and the most diverse styles, was also the bottom of the entire chain in Esmera and the object of contempt.

In Esmera, students in class F basically had no human rights. Even students in classes like EDC could laugh at them at will.

But this was Jiang Yu’s own choice.

Qiu Li’s words before awakened her completely.

In the past, she was too competitive and felt that she was about to become the pinnacle when she debuted, as if she could become the second Bu Tanyan tomorrow…

She was too naive.

It was not time to fight talent yet.

Maybe Class F was her brand new starting point, reminding her to guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and that reaching the top step-by-step was the most practical way.

After that, Jiang Yu took off her makeup, changed into her daily clothes, and walked out of the dressing room with her bag.

On the one hand, Lin Miao and Mu Zixian feel sorry for Jiang Yu, but on the other hand, they were happy that everyone could continue to study together.

“In fact, Teacher Bai is a very proud person.”

Lin Miao said: “She shouldn’t argue with her. In front of so many people, she should just admit her mistake and continue to be her closed disciple. Isn’t it good?”

Mu Zixian also agreed: “Ms. Bai has so many resources. If she can follow her, she would have a limitless future. This will be great. It will be cheaper for Shen Aoqing.”

Shen Aoqing replaced Jiang Yu, and alongwith Wen Lun, the two became Bai Shuyi’s closed disciples. It could be said that if she could maintain this position, she would definitely be the number one female in Esmera’s productions in the future.

Jiang Yu said indifferently: “It’s okay, I am very happy to be able to dance with you, who said that I have to be the number one female.”

“Wow, is there any ballet dancer in this world who doesn’t want to be the number one female?”

Lin Miao didn’t believe Jiang Yu’s words: “Don’t comfort yourself, if you can play the Swan Queen, who will want to play the Four Little Swans.”

Jiang Yu smiled lightly.

In the past, she was not a swan queen and did not dance, but now, her mentality had changed a lot.

Didn’t Bu Tanyan at the beginning also start from Little Swan, stand out with her unique rendering power, and was slowly discovered by others?

Although Jiang Yu stayed in class F, it was absolutely impossible for her to get only F, she was convinced of this.

The three girls walked out of the backstage side door, not far from the colonnade, Jiang Yu saw Xie Yuan who had been waiting for a long time.

He was dressed very casually today, a dark hoodie, black pants and sneakers. He looked so young and energetic that if one didn’t look carefully, no one could really tell that he was the biggest boss of Beicheng the leading technology company.

“Jiang Yu, is that person your father?”


“Wow, you look a lot like your father.”


Lin Miao and Mu Zixian did not want to disturb the “father and daughter” talking, so they left first.

Jiang Yu looked at Xie Yuan. Although he had passed his forties, he was still quite handsome;

Jiang Yu didn’t think she looked like him at all, maybe Mu Zixian and Lin Miao had preconceived ideas that he was her father, so they said they looked alike.

She trotted over and asked curiously: “Why is Uncle Xie here today?”

“I am a shareholder of Esmera.”

Xie Yuan explained: “Today is the last day of training, so I came to have a look.”

Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes and said with a smile, “It seems that it is still a private visit.”

Jiang Yu had seen Xie Yuan’s travels before, and if Esmera’s management knew that he was coming, they would definitely go back and forth, how could it be so quiet.

Xie Yuan also said bluntly: “I was very curious about your performance. I came here to take a look. I thought you could at least get into Class A, but I didn’t think that you would choose Class F.”

“Stop making fun of me.” Jiang Yu said scratching her head, she said embarrassedly, “I didn’t perform well today.”

“I think you performed well.”

Xie Yuan also showed a rare smile: “In so many years, you are the first one who could beat Bai Shuyi. Esmera’s teachers don’t dare to slap her like this for a student who could not perform well.”

“Oh, don’t say it.”

Jiang Yu said depressedly: “If you say it again, I’m going to regret it. It’s true just now. I’m very impulsive, with passion…”

Xie Yuan said considerately: “If you don’t want to stay in class F, I can let you go to any class you want, and you can choose which teacher you want Esmera to teach.”

Jiang Yu looked at Xie Yuan slightly surprised: “Uncle Xie, you must be joking.”

“You think I’m joking?”

Jiang Yu didn’t know why Xie Yuan was so kind to her, so she didn’t dare to accept his love easily: “Forget it, Class F is pretty good, I need a chance to start over.”

Xie Yuan knew that he couldn’t interfere too much, this girl was stronger than Bu Tanyan, if he helped her with everything, it would only ruin her.

It would never be for her good.

Xie Yuan was no longer reluctant, as long as she didn’t regret her choice, and whenever she regretted, he would prepare her a way out.

“By the way, Mr. Xie, has your daughter been found?” Jiang Yu suddenly thought of this, and asked curiously, “Or is there a clue?”

“I found her.”

Xie Yuan said calmly, “But I dare not recognize her.”

Jiang Yu was puzzled: “Why?”

Xie Yuan looked at her deeply: “She has a very happy family, her mother loves her very much, and her life now…is also very good, she is hardworking, so I don’t know if I should disturb her peaceful life.”

Jiang Yu nodded thoughtfully: “In this situation…it’s really not easy to disturb.”

“Well, as long as I can see her often and protect her silently, I’m already very satisfied.”

“But you can also try to tell her slowly, if she knows that there is another biological father in this world, she will be happy.”

Xie Yuan stared at her affectionately: “Will she?”

“After all, Uncle Xie, you are such a good person.”

“Um… well?”


Jiang Yu laughed: “If you were my father, I would be very happy too.”

Xie Yuan’s heart jumped wildly, and he took a step closer to Jiang Yu. He wanted to say something, but at that time he heard a deep and cold voice behind him, “Jiang Yu.”

Xie Yuan turned around and saw a boy wearing a suit. The boy in black looked at her with cold eyes.

Xie Yuan remembered him. He had met him once in school, and Xie Yuan had a very bad impression of this young man.

“Ah, my boyfriend is here.”

Jiang Yu said politely to Xie Yuan: “Thank you uncle for coming to my performance today. If there is nothing else, I will go first.”

“Wait a minute.”

Xie Yuan stopped Jiang Yu, and looked at Qiu Li in the distance, he was very worried.

But it was inconvenient for him to intervene in his daughter’s love life after all.

Xie Yuan had investigated Qiu Li, and his background and experiences were really abnormal, which caused him to be very hostile towards him.

As a parent, who would want their daughter to be in contact with such a boy.

Xie Yuan thought of when he and A Tan fell in love, the Bu family almost opposed it with all their strength, trying to push him to the bottom and never be able to turn over.

It was easy for Xie Yuan to do such a thing to Qiu Li, but the more difficult thing was to stand on their child’s standpoint, understand and tolerate, and respect her choice.

Xie Yuan had experienced it, he didn’t want Jiang Yu to be sad.

“Be careful, if there’s anything wrong, call uncle immediately.”

“Well, don’t worry, Uncle Xie, everything’s fine.”

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she ran towards Qiu Li.

Xie Yuan looked at the backs of the two leaving, then took out his mobile phone, and called his assistant, “Tell me about the scholarship that you mentioned in the morning.”

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