MGSGW Ch. 143

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At this moment, a white shadow suddenly appeared, rushing towards Yun Ting’s throat like lightning.



Lin Mumu was still slow to react.

Poor Baozi, whose neck was pinched by Yun Ting, seemed to have passed out.

Just now, Xiao Baozi heard his master whining in pain, thinking that someone had bullied his master, he was about to deliver a fatal blow to that man—by biting off Yun Ting’s neck.

Then, after being picked up by that man who held his vital region, Xiao Baozi could only pretend to be dead and gain sympathy from Lin Mumu.

“Why are you so heartless!” Lin Mumu quickly took Baozi and hugged it in her arms, carefully comforting him.

“This thing is not simple.” Yun Ting stared at the little milk dog in Lin Mumu’s arms: “Be careful of raising tigers.”

“No! Baozi is the most amazing and loyal dog. You choose, you can bring him together to stay with us, or I will take it and go wandering together.” Lin Mumu had no bottom line when playing tricks.

“Nonsense!” Yun Ting said with a fierce face, “You are my wife, you don’t live in my house, where else do you live?”


“Eat more if you like it.”


Lin Mumu laughed so hard: “Yun Ting, so you have such a sense of humour, why didn’t I realize it before.”

Lin Mumu said Baozi as in the puppy in her arms, but Yun Ting intentionally misinterpreted it as the little dog in his arms eating buns.

Baozi knew that Yun Ting had forgiven him, and he had also tasted Yun Ting’s power, so he obediently lay down beside Lin Mumu’s legs to reduce his presence.

While the two were talking, they had arrived at the police station.

Well, now, such a group of people were brought to the North City Sub-bureau, it was quite a bustling event.

The reporters were not fuel-efficient lamps either. The so-called law could not convict the crowd. They relied on the number of people and wanted to make trouble.

“It turns out that there are shady people in the police station.”

“Believe it or not, I will let you appear in the newspaper tomorrow.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Yun Ting appeared with his arms around Lin Mumu: “Just because of your vain attempt to dig up information about the relatives of the country’s senior military officials and leak information about the military, I can detain you for the rest of your life. Originally, I didn’t need to explain to you, and even if I were detaining you, you couldn’t write anything, but the matter still needs to be explained clearly. Xiao Du, show them.”

“Yes!” Xiao Du broadcast a long list of information, basically bank card transactions.

“You took the benefits and tried to violently expose my wife’s information through public opinion. Is it not an exaggeration to charge you with treason?”

They really took the money!

Fortunately, Yun Ting had this information, and now all the reporters were speechless.

“We didn’t know she was your wife.”

“Yes, we were just covering ordinary entertainment news, how did we break the law?”

“Miss Lili paid us for the sake of making her take better pictures, we didn’t intend to reveal military intelligence information.”

“Really?” Yun Ting certainly knew that they didn’t have the guts to do so, but he didn’t mind making a big fuss since they messed with his wife.

“And you, Ms. Lili, let me tell you. I’m afraid your motives were not pure. Who ordered you? Was it Xing Xi?”

This man was more powerful than Young Master Xing, no wonder Lin Mumu always dismissed Young Master Xing.

But she didn’t dare to reveal Young Master Xing now.

“No? According to the information we have, you are a celebrity on the surface, and your other identity is the mistress of Xing Xi of Xing’s real estate. Isn’t that right?”

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