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Ji Muye made his debut at the age of 12, whether he played the role of the protagonist at the low point or the male protagonist at the peak, there had never been such a case of misremembering the lines, forgetting the lines or even adapting the lines. Such an embarrassing first time was dedicated to Jiang Zheng.

His pupils shrank fiercely at first, then his eyebrows wrinkled, and then his cheeks suddenly became hot, and his earlobes also joined in the fun. His head buzzed as if thousands of bees were hovering around his ears.

His first thought turned out to be: Fortunately, Jiang Ran is gone. The second thought was: Jiang Zheng shouldn’t think that he took advantage of the acting opportunity to take advantage of her. The third thought was: how about jumping off the cliff from here and letting the tumbling water of the Dadu River cover his shame.

Jiang Zheng felt that Ji Muye was at a loss and felt sad and anxious.

It must be because of her brother!

Brother Ji Muye couldn’t get off the stage at the wine table last night. She returned to the hotel and talked to her brother earnestly, making him face up to having a star-chasing sister. In addition to her mother and brother, the person that this star chaser particularly cared about was Ji Muye.

Her elder brother expressed understanding and respect on the spot, but a staff member came to tell her early the next morning that her elder brother and Ji Muye had a good conversation in the corridor early in the morning. She didn’t hear what they said, but their expressions were not very good, and the atmosphere was very strange.

She hurriedly called her brother, who said that they had just said hello and good morning.

But looking at Ji Muye’s expression now, she was afraid that this was not the case at all.

Han Yi lingered as if he didn’t intend to walk to Jing Meini’s side.

Jing Meini glanced at him with a vigilant look, “Why?”

“What’s going on with your brother. It was okay to laugh at him before, but now he’s even saying the lines wrong.”

Jing Meini smiled slightly, “Your little sister has her own luminous body, and some people can’t resist it.”

Han Yi shrugged, but her words made him feel at ease.

When Jing Meini heard Ji Muye say “I’m willing”, she spewed a mouthful of soda on the spot. Was this what Ji Muye meant when he swore that he would defend his title of Master Ji? Too embarrassing.

He was really obsessed.

“With the help of the drama “Dongnu Country”, there should be a lot of people looking for your brother to film, right?”

Jing Meini thought, although Ji Muye always fell short in front of Jiang Zheng, she was Ji Muye’s agent, and she should get his prestige back.

She smiled slightly, “Business secrets cannot be disclosed.”

Han Yi clicked his tongue. Some people just didn’t know how to repay kindness. If there was no Zhengzheng as the heroine in this play, he believed that no one else could have had such a strong sense of CP with Ji Muye.

Jing Meini stretched out her hand to straighten Han Yi’s shirt collar, and said sweetly, “Mr. Han has time to care about others, so think about yourself, you don’t seem to have found Her Majesty the Queen who can hold you up!” After speaking, she walked away handsomely with her hands in her trouser pockets.

Han Yi: “!!!” You are single, and your whole family is single.

Han Yi, who was hit by 10,000 points of damage, slowed down for a while before turning around. Then he saw Jiang Zheng raise her hand and tell director Xing Weimin that she wanted to take a break.

She was always so kind. When encountering Ji Muye’s issue, she still took the initiative to say that it was her problem.

They took a break and then resumed shooting.

Her Majesty the Queen said with soft eyebrows and a look in her eyes that only Cui Ling could see in the whole world: “Cui Ling, would you like to walk with me on the banks of the river, wandering the flower forest in our leisure time, and getting drunk with flower candles in the long night?”

She called herself me, not me[1]. Moreover, this was the second time she had confided her feelings to him, but she said it after Chen Gang came.

Cui Ling was not ignorant of love. His whole heart seemed to have been placed on a frying pan, it was both being fried as well as roasted, it felt both dead and alive, but the sound of his heartbeat could not be found.

He knelt down slowly, kowtowed and bowed, “This commoner doesn’t deserve it!”

Tang Qinlan didn’t know what she had to do to make him willing.

She wanted to say that if you don’t want me, I will send your brother to the dungeon. But she knew that this man’s bones were extremely hard, and she was afraid that he would be pushed further away from her.

“Whether you are worthy or not, it has nothing to do with others, and it has nothing to do with you,” Tang Qinlan sighed, “After half a month, my husband will be selected, you should be ready.”

When the pear blossoms fell this year, Her Majesty announced to the country and the eight affiliated tribes to send noble men to the national capital of Kangyanchuan to participate in the selection of the queen’s husband.

It had been at least 20 years since the last selection. This was a national event, and as soon as the edict was announced, it immediately caused widespread discussion in the streets and alleys.

The leaders of Qiang tribes such as Ruoshui Kingdom, Xidong Kingdom, and Qingyuan Kingdom looked at their strapping sons, and thought that they were bound to win the title of Her Majesty the Queen’s husband. The leader of the neighboring country, the largest of the Eight Kingdoms, had a bunch of daughters, but he didn’t have a single son, and he could see that he would not get the slightest benefit in this selection of the king’s husband.

The Eight Kingdoms of the Western Mountains were scattered among the high mountains and valleys, and the road was difficult to walk. With only half a month, the princes who participated in the election had to speed, as they tried to rush to Kangyanchuan before the selection.

The good folks made a scoring table for the multiple dimensions for the prince’s election. Needless to say, looks, talent, family background, physique, character, etc. needed to be evaluated. Her Majesty the Queen loved the new and hated the old. She favored a man surnamed Cui a while ago, but they heard that she lost interest in this man, so she left him somewhere in the royal city, and did not call him for many days.

Her Majesty was determined to accept a husband, and it was human nature to love the new and hate the old. So, this joke had become the most important item of gossip.

When this part of the plot was to be filmed, the studio had never been livelier than it was now.

The Dongnu Country plus eight affiliated countries, there were a total of nine election units for the king’s husband, and each election unit had proposed at least one husband candidate, and some had proposed as many as two or three. The crew didn’t want to find a group of actors to make up for it, so they simply played the big ticket, and invited seven or eight popular actors to make cameo appearances to enhance the overall husbands’ appearance in this trial for the queen’s husband, just like an ancient style of bachelor auction 101.

This was actually Jiang Zheng’s idea. In addition to making Ji Muye stand out in such a high-quality selection and adding a sense of amusement to the whole play, she also secretly wanted this many people to carry the sedan chair for Ji Muye.

It might be difficult to achieve if this was put on other stars. But Jiang Zheng had the ability to invite so many male artists in her name. There was no other reason. All the actors who had worked with her had become popular, and many people had turned around and embarked on the red flower road. They were all grateful to Jiang Zheng, the koi sister.

Whether they were grateful or wanted to take advantage of the popularity of “Dongnu Country”, they were just coming to make a cameo appearance, and it won’t take more than two days, so once the invitation was sent out, they did not refuse.

It was like walking the red carpet on the set, and many nanny cars drove over one after another.

The official blog posted a photo. In the photo, all kinds of handsome men, wearing robes and jade crowns, looking graceful, while standing under the pavilion, or standing among the flowers, or looking back and smiling, handsome, glamorous, cute, in different styles could be seen.

The official blogger asked meekly: Who do you think Her Majesty will pick to be her husband?

This Weibo post immediately caused frantic comments.

#I can do it all!

#Take all of them away. Not one left!

#Ahhh what kind of fairy plot is this, it turned out to be a picture from my indescribable dream.

#What! All these male stars have worked with Jiang Zheng. Could it be that Big Brother Jiang called them to cheer her on? It’s too facey.

#I have a conspiracy theory. From the very beginning, Jiang Zheng was unwilling to partner with Ji Muye as the hero and had to endure due to force majeure. There happened to be such a competitive plot now, so she brought in a bunch of male stars to imply her dissatisfaction with Ji Muye. In other words, Ji Muye is not worthy of being her husband at all?

#The blind guesses in front! Who else can make my Zhengzheng feel wronged? This guzheng can’t be recited.

#Don’t make noise okay? Seeing so many beautiful men in the same frame at one time, what’s not to be satisfied with?

Fans of each family even had the opportunity to make a cameo appearance when they saw their own cooking. A crowd of onlookers who seemed to be standing under the embroidered building jumped and spun excitedly.

#Choose him! Choose him! Choose my brother.

#Aahahahah although he is destined to be eliminated, but in my heart, brother, you will always be my husband.

#The front is too shameless haha, Mingren don’t speak secretly, I also want my brother to be my husband.

#Such a good drama brother and can only make a cameo? What a pity!

#I can be zhengzheng, I can be my brother, I can’t be Ji Muye. So please, brother, will you spread the scandal with Zhengzheng? Let me have a good time!

The male stars changed their clothes and came out one after another. Xing Weimin couldn’t help but be amazed when he saw this scene. No other show had had such high-quality and large-scale cameos. He really was enjoying Jiang Zheng’s blessing.

Teacher Yu Juan was excited and sighed. If it weren’t for the approval of the TV chief Ju, she really wanted to open a harem for Her Majesty the Queen and send all these beautiful men in.

These male stars, including Ji Muye, were competitors of the same age group. They were usually tearing up each other for resources and grabbing endorsements, never ambiguous about their feelings. But today they had come here for a common purpose. Of course, they had to maintain a friendly expression, as if they were on vacation. So, everyone had a happy smile on their faces.

As soon as Jiang Zheng came over, they immediately walked over to greet her.

According to Han Yi, these actors who had worked with her were just like show boyfriends. They would basically go their separate ways after the show. Occasionally, they were photographed having a meal and a coffee together, and then they were made up by the paparazzi as a scandal to make some noise. Today, Jiang Zheng took a step and invited everyone over. The paparazzi were confused, and they probably felt that their brains were not enough to understand this plot.

Ji Muye sat in the chair, quietly reciting his lines undisturbed, with a posture of reforming himself and working hard, trying to defend his Master Ji reputation. Jing Meini crossed her left leg over her right leg for a while, and then changed it again, no matter how she thought about it, she felt that the scene in front of her was too weird. What was Jiang Zheng thinking about?

One of the male artists who just came to make a cameo was named Qin Zhe. He and Ji Muye had played opponents in a play. The two had a good personal relationship and he was regarded as one of the few friends Ji Muye had in the circle.

After Qin Zhe greeted Jiang Zheng, he ran to Ji Muye in a frenzy, and just as he walked up to him, he immediately bowed and saluted, “I have seen Your Royal Highness.”

Ji Muye raised his eyes silently, “Be at ease. “

Qin Zhe: “…” This guy had gotten too into character.

He sat down beside Ji Muye, “I’ll give you a dime. In fact, the drama “Dongnu Country” asked me to try it out, but its people said that I was just too sunny, which was not suitable for the role.”

Ji Muye was cold. His face pinched his thin arm, “Do you want your face?”

Qin Zhe: “…”

He touched his nose and whispered: “You really caught Sister Zheng’s eyes. She evaluated you as ”Ever-changing Lao Ji’. Soft is soft, rigid is rigid. You can change into whatever the plot requires.”

Ji Muye ground his back molars, “Lao Ji? I’m only 28!”

Qin Zhe blinked. The point was not this! It was more difficult to get a compliment from Boss Jiang than to ascend to the sky. What’s more, Ji Muye also received an exclusive compliment: “Ever-changing Lao Ji”.

Ji Muye thought about it, “You lied about this, right?” How could Jiang Zheng say such things to people casually. Even though he had been on the crew with her for so long, the two of them hardly discussed any gossip except for acting.

Qin Zhe had a mysterious look on his face, as if he had his own secret access channel. He won’t lie to him anyway.

Ji Muye pursed his lips and said nothing.

“It’s all here,” Qin Zhe said solemnly, “or I’ll make trouble for the two of you before leaving.”

Ji Muye gave him a contemptuous look, “Go away.


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[1] That is she did not use the royal me rather than the normal me.

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