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Filming in the palace tower.

In the past, the common harem drama draft scene could be described as fighting between beauties, but here we needed to change one word: elegant person.

Everyone, let’s start shooting.

The leaders of the Eight Kingdoms sat below, and the princes of the Eight Kingdoms knelt in the center of the hall holding their breath.

Her Majesty the Queen had not yet come, and the leaders would taunt each other as soon as they meet.

The leader of Xi Dong country looked at the leader of the neighboring country next to him and said with a low laugh: “It’s rare that you have the time to come to the hall today.” The implication was that he didn’t have a son, so he must have just come to join in the fun.

The leader of the neighboring country calmly stretched out his finger and pointed to the front, “This king’s son is there.”

Everyone was surprised when they heard this. Everyone knew that the neighboring country was the most powerful and least fortunate of the Eight Kingdoms of Xishan. Could it be that this son jumped out of a crack in the stone?

Someone recognized that person as the one who was favored by the queen before and was abandoned. Could this person still be the prince of the neighboring country? Impossible! During this period, the strange and unwilling relationship was really hard to guess.

Knowing that the leader of Dongnu Country had stabilized her mind, he cupped his hands and said, “Does Her Majesty know?”

The leader of the neighboring country stroked his beard, “Do you think he can come in without Her Majesty’s approval?”

Everyone: “…”

Her Majesty the Queen had finally arrived.

The fragrant wind burst, and the sound of Yingluo ring pendant was shocking as she entered the hall. Everyone kneeled and bowed their heads and shouted long live, long live, long live.

Tang Qinlan sat upright behind the golden curtain, propping her chin lazily, “Let’s begin.” The golden beads were strung together and were shining brightly, but everyone in the shadows only smelled their fragrance, and they were already fascinated.

As the main tester, Cen Baoqian first asked the princes to recite a poem at will. Knowing that the Queen of Dongnu Country was beautiful, he used the sacred mountain as an analogy to praise Her Majesty the Queen’s merits. He used elegant words and accurate diction, which made people gasp in admiration.

The first poem set the tone, and what followed were words full of praise and flattery. They couldn’t go wrong with this kind of poetry, and Her Majesty liked to listen to it.

As a result, when the fourth person recited the same poem, cold words came from behind the golden curtain, “Boring!”

The man was so frightened that he knelt down on the spot, his head was sweating, and his mouth kept apologizing.

The next one was shivering nervously, unable to even speak a word. The atmosphere suddenly solidified.

Fortunately, the prince of Ruoshui Kingdom turned the tide and recited a beautiful and refined poem on the subject of pear blossoms, which was praised by Her Majesty with a “Good poem”.

It turned out that Her Majesty liked this kind of poetry, and the remaining princes began to follow the wind and began to sing praises to the beautiful rivers and mountains of the Dongnu Country with the theme of mountains, snow and rivers.

Finally, it was Cui Ling’s turn, the prince of the neighboring country. This man walked out of the column, kowtowed and bowed, “Your Majesty, I will not recite.”

His voice had just fell, and although those present did not dare to laugh at him in court, many people secretly scolded him for his ignorance.

The king of the neighboring country did not expect that Cui Ling would abstain directly, and his old face was instantly wrinkled, how could this be good?

Cui Ling can’t recite poetry, the reason Tang Qinlan could naturally guess. How could he know these elegant things?

Just when everyone thought that Her Majesty the Queen would drive Cui Ling out, the maid Cen Baoqian came out and asked Her Majesty to choose four princes to participate in the next round of martial arts. They just ignored Cui Ling’s failure.

The election of the queen’s husband 20 years ago was the model for today. Poetry proved his talent, Her Majesty sat behind the golden curtain to see his appearance, voice and posture, and then she could choose the one she liked. The first emperor had fallen in love with Tang Qinlan’s father, Su Mingchen, at first sight in the main hall, and she had only had him for 20 years.

This time there was even a martial arts test. Most of the princes present had their dresses embroidered, and they danced beautifully but they did not have much strength. Sure enough, as soon as he played, Cui Ling made them unable to get up in minutes.

In the end, Her Majesty took pity on everyone, and reluctantly picked the names of five people, and handed them over to the mountain for selection by the great wizard. Among them, Cui Ling’s name was naturally there.

Seeing this, everyone probably understood that even though they had worked so hard to come to Kang Yanchuan, maybe they were just passers-by, and the eyes looking at the king of the neighboring country became sharper and more complicated.

However, the level of the Great Wizard was not something that could be manipulated casually. There was no other reason, the Dongnu Kingdom believed in witches, and the Great Wizard had a very high status in the country, second only to Her Majesty the Queen. For the selection of the queen’s husband, a major event related to the foundation of the country, it had to be decided by the great wizard.

The great wizard wore a white wool felt hat on his head, black linen clothes, and had a huge silver nameplate hung on his chest, as he walked slowly towards the crowd. His gaze swept over these precious people, and finally fell on Cui Ling.

Cui Ling quietly looked straight ahead.

Tang Qinlan got up and greeted the great wizard in person. The great wizard nodded slightly towards her and walked straight to the outside of the hall. Her Majesty the Queen followed closely, and others followed, and then they knelt on the ground. The five selected in the first round knelt at the front.

Outside the eaves of the porch, the sky was clear, and there seemed to be the sound of birds chirping in their ears.

The great wizard took out a handful of wheat grains from his pocket and handed it to the five people, who would pick it up on their own. Some people chose 1 grain, some chose 2, and Cui Ling choses 10 grains. The great wizard raised his hands high, and everyone saw the number of grains the five had picked.

The leader of the neighboring country was half-dead with anger. This idiot picked the hardest one.

The others probably thought the same thing as him, and they were all gloating.

Seeing this scene, Cen Baoqian immediately glanced at Her Majesty. Tang Qinlan just frowned slightly but didn’t say much.

Next, the great wizard closed his eyes, played the sheepskin drum in his hand, and said in his mouth: “Go to the sacred mountain, there is my spirit. Go to the sacred mountain and use my blood…”

His voice gradually changed from words to a sonorous sound and finally to a roar. Suddenly, a strong wind blew up on the flat ground and spun wildly around the palace tower, followed by a group of large and small birds rushing over, passing over the heads of everyone and swirling out.

While they were still in shock, the great wizard spat blood on the ground, as he tightly held a white-feathered bird in his hand.

The crowd knelt down and kowtowed.

Tang Qinlan quietly looked at the big wizard’s hand.

Cen Baoqian hurriedly had someone help the big wizard to sit down. The great wizard cut open the belly of the bird with a sharp blade and found several pieces of wheat in the internal organs.

When everyone looked at it, there were actually ten grains.

Everyone was shocked! How could that be? Usually, great wizards used the bird divination method when encountering wars or famines, fortune-telling and bad luck. The birds caught with witchcraft had at most six or seven wheat grains in their stomachs. Why was it exactly the number that Cui Ling selected today?

Cui Ling was stunned, as if he didn’t know what happened? He didn’t even know the purpose of picking grains before the Great Wizard did it! He saw that everyone else chose 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. So, he grabbed 10 directly.

Was this really the will of the mountain?

Tang Qinlan laughed lightly, and she sounded so determined that everyone’s hearts were shaking. She walked slowly to Cui Ling and helped him up herself.

Cui Ling bit his lip hard, clenching the grains of wheat in his hand. He always thought that it was an accident that he saved Tang Qinlan, that it was an accident that he was trapped in the palace, and that he was liked by her was also an accident, but now he was also in a trance and confused.

Cen Baoqian hurriedly knelt down and shouted, “Congratulations to Her Royal Highness Queen, Her Royal Highness Her Royal Highness.”

The others saw that the deed was done, and even if they were perplexed, they did not dare to make trouble in the hall, and they all knelt down and shouted long live.

Tang Qinlan leaned into Cui Ling’s ear and said with a low laugh, “You dare to defy my will, do you dare to defy the will of the mountain? My husband?”

Xing Weimin nodded very satisfied and hurriedly called cut. This plot was completed in one go, and no one lost their state.

Jiang Zheng’s sentence “My husband” as usual blew Ji Muye’s heart into pieces, but this time he stabilized himself, and when he heard the director’s call, he raised his head steadily and followed Jiang Zheng calmly.

Today, he temporarily kept the title of “Master Ji”! Um!

After the filming of this scene, the handsome spare tires who had come for the cameo had to leave in their cars.

Qin Zhe didn’t give up before leaving, he ran over and asked Ji Muye, “Brother, are you sure that in the script you read, Sister Zheng only has you as her husband? No male concubine or something?”

Ji Muye squeezed through his teeth as he said, “No. Her Majesty is very specific.”

Qin Zhe touched his chin, “Oh. That’s such a pity.”

Ji Muye gave him an angry look, “Go away!”

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