IHSB Ch. 7: Nuan Nuan is already very satisfied

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The warm, glutinous and milky voice sounded sweet to the ears, and the few adults stood happily on the side, watching the little one teach the cat and dog a lesson like a little adult.

After the two were scolded until their ears were drooping, Nuan Nuan remembered that her father and grandfather were still there, so she suddenly blushed with shyness.

“Hahaha… Our Nuan Nuan is really amazing.”

Seeing Nuan Nuan’s shy appearance, Old Man Gu couldn’t help laughing.

Nuan Nuan hugged Briquettes and buried her whole face in its fur. Briquettes only took a shower yesterday, so his fur was smelling a little sweet.

“Isn’t Nuan Nuan going to play yet?”

Dad Gu asked teasingly.


The little girl raised her face with a crisp voice, walked to her father and grandfather with her short legs, put down Briquettes and continued to walk while holding their hands.

The cat and dog were originally very vigilant in this unfamiliar environment, but now that they had seen Nuan Nuan, they gradually let go of their vigilance and started wandering around here and there in order to mark the site.

Rhubarb ran around excitedly, wagging its tail and making cheery barking noises from time to time, while Briquettes was more reserved and quiet. He basically jumped lightly on the fence or on the tree a few times, all the while looking at Rhubarb with condescending eyes, looking rather contemptuous. Look at that stupid dog hopping around.

“Nuan Nuan, this is the garden. How about grandpa make a swing there for you?”

Nuan Nuan blinked, thinking that when the children in the village were playing in the forest, the one they liked most was the swing over the bayberry tree. There were a few thick vines which had grown together, they said that it was a swing, even though standing on it and hanging in the air looked a little dangerous but it was very fun.

At that time, she was busy picking up firewood for the chickens and ducks at home to eat, so she just glanced enviously from a distance and left.


Nuan Nuan nodded and responded softly, her clear eyes full of smiles.

Hearing her assent, the adults in the family were all happy, and excitedly took her hand and began to plan this and that in the garden, there a slide will be placed, a small wooden horse or a sand pit would be placed here, these were all the things that children liked, in fact there was a great meaning to transform this garden into a playground.

Nuan Nuan waved her hand quickly, “No, no, just a swing will do.”

Speaking of which, Nuan Nuan said to her father and grandfather, “But… can you?”

Dad Gu took a deep breath. He rubbed her warm and fluffy little head.

“Nuan Nuan doesn’t have to be so careful. You are our family’s baby. You can tell your parents or grandpa whatever you want. We will never dislike you for asking for anything.”

He actually knew the reason why Nuan Nuan was so cautious, but it was because of knowing this that he felt sad, this child should have grown up in their home in a carefree atmosphere.

Nuan Nuan raised her little face, her pair of little hands grabbed her father’s broad palm, her brows and eyes were the most beautiful little crescent moons in the world, and those clear and translucent eyes shone with dazzling stars.

“But Nuan Nuan already feels very satisfied.”

She said softly, her furry head rubbing against her father’s palm slightly.

“Nuan Nuan is already very happy. I have father, mother, grandpa, and brothers. I am very, very happy.”

This was something she never dared to think about before.

Mother Gu came over and touched her little head with red eyes. How could she be so nice.

“Okay, Nuan Nuan should also be happy in the future.”

Nuan Nuan nodded, her soft little mouth smiled, revealing white and neat little shellfish-like teeth, at this moment she looked like a little sunflower that could infect people’s hearts.

Old Man Gu looked at this scene and wiped his eyes secretly. As he got old, he became more and more sentimental.

It was so good, their lost Nuan Nuan was back, and the haze that had been on the family’s head for all these years had finally dissipated.

Before finding Nuan Nuan, although everyone still lived their lives as if they were no different from others, only they knew how much the loss of Nuan Nuan had hit their family, and it took three whole years to make up for it.

“Grandpa, let’s go play.”

At this time, the warm and soft voice brought back the old man from his thoughts. The little girl looked at him with a smile, as she walked in front while turning back to greet him to go with him.

“Hey… it’s here!”

The old man walked over suddenly, as if he was several years younger.

Exercising while digesting food could also make Nuan Nuan familiar with the environment at home. The most important thing was to promote Nuan Nuan and everyone’s feelings. This activity couldn’t be better.

It was a pity that there was a lazy one at home, and it was estimated that he would not get up until breakfast.

When they went back, there were people in the villa, and the first person to get out of the car was a man who looked very much like Dad Gu.

When he got out of the car, he hurriedly said, “Dad, I heard that Nuan Nuan has come back?”

Then his eyes fell on the skinny little girl next to Mr. Gu, and his eyes turned red when he saw her.

“Why are you so thin?”

A refreshing woman who followed closely behind also hurried over and touched her little face distressedly as she squatted in front of Nuan Nuan.

“When she was young, Nuan Nuan was very chubby. How could she be so thin?”

Nuan Nuan held her grandfather’s hand tightly, and looked at the two strangers curiously and timidly, but she didn’t feel scared.

She was very clear about people’s emotions. These two people really felt sorry for her, and they don’t have the slightest malice.

So, she didn’t move away.

“Don’t scare Nuan Nuan.”

Old Man Gu scolded, and then introduced them to Nuan Nuan, “Nuan Nuan, this is your uncle, and this is your little aunt.”

“Uncle, little auntie~”

Nuan Nuan softly called them, that soft, glutinous and milky voice made the uncle and aunt without any daughters feel extremely rare.

“Hey… Nuan Nuan is so good, this is a gift prepared by auntie for you.”

She took a safe lock and put it on Nuan Nuan’s neck.

“This is a safe lock, to bless Nuan Nuan so that you will be safe in the future. Your uncle and I hugged you when you were young, but unfortunately we don’t have a little girl like Nuan Nuan. At that time, your uncle and your grandfather robbed you from me. Your father still had to fight with your brothers, it would take a long time to give you a hug, and they were not willing to let go, you were such a small and soft mass, and now you have grown so big.”

When it came to Nuan Nuan, everyone endured it. They couldn’t stop thinking about her. There were quite a lot of boys in the Gu family. Mother Gu gave birth to three. The front was all boys. Her uncle also had two children. They were still all boys.

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