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He was so interested that the reporter who asked the question almost laughed out loud on the spot. Well, today’s headlines were here, and they would definitely go on the hot search!

The reporters wanted to ask a few more questions. But Kang Xue had already stood up, and his actions announced that the interview was over.

Several reporters had written down the words just now, so they were satisfied and didn’t bother him much. The two parties said goodbye politely, and the interview came to an end.

As soon as they went out, the reporters started scrambling to write manuscripts. Within ten minutes of the interview, as expected, the hot search on Weibo was refreshed to: #SNOW, I’m really interested#

For this reason, netizens turned up another huge wave.

[I just knew it!! Manual lottery is impossible to rely on luck!! It is impossible to rely on luck in this life, and SNOW also ended up with an open box operation!!!]

[Aaaaaaaah Xiaoxue what are you thinking!! You can’t have this interest!!!]

[What kind of magic does the mysterious man have…]

[Okay, I’m convinced, isn’t it the Evolution Seed Harvester, I’ll give you the name!! You just let Xiaoxue go!]

[So, you took the initiative to invite people to dinner!!! Xuexue, you are crazy!!! Do you really want to face the base!!]

[I have a hunch that SNOW is on a path of no return.]

[Mysterious man, start a class, please, I will pay for the class and learn something before I die of old age!!!]

These comments had nothing to do with Kang Xue, so he didn’t pay any attention to the trend on Weibo, and as soon as the interview got over, he packed up and was ready to go.

Seeing that he was in a good mood, his close teammates couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, you really want to go out on a date. How did you make an appointment? Go to dinner? Then watch a movie?”

What was his real relationship with Xing Luo? To avoid explaining, he acquiesced to the word ‘date’ in the mouth of his teammates, and replied, “We won’t eat, we aren’t watching movies.”

The teammate smiled and said: “You’re still keeping it a secret, I saw it yesterday. You chose a lot of restaurants, and now you are trying to fool me. It’s not kind… OK, OK, I won’t ask, you are busy.”

Kang Xue smiled and didn’t speak anymore, then he packed up and went out, but he didn’t drive or take a taxi, but waited for someone at the intersection.

After more than ten minutes, a young man holding a bouquet of flowers walked up to him and asked carefully, “Hello, these are the flowers ordered by Mr. Kang?”

Kang Xue said, “It’s me.”

Men of the age similar to the young man who had sent the flowers all played games, and when he saw Kang Xue, he recognized him immediately, and said in a very excited tone: “Please sign for it.”

Kang Xue said, “I won’t sign. Please help me send it to another address, and I will give you extra money.”

The young man kindly said: “Then you can just write another address. Why do you…”

Kang Xue walked and interrupted: “There is another thing, please help me send it there, is it convenient.”

The young man was stunned. He hurriedly said: “Convenient, what do you want me to send?”

Kang Xue talked politely and nodded, took out his phone, found Kang Xing Luo’s Weibo, and privately messaged: ——There is a gift that will be delivered to your store in 20 minutes, hope you take it.

After sending it, he raised his head, smiled and replied, “Me.”

The young man was stunned, “What?”

Kang Xue calmly repeated: “Send me there.”


The restaurants and temporary stores he had chosen since last night seemed to be carefully calculated, but in fact, they were all a smokescreen.

He knew that Kang Lai Yin was cunning, so he expected that the cunning Kang Lai Yin must have prepared for all kinds of things at this moment, and maybe he had already covered all the restaurants nearby.

This was within his means.

Reverse thinking, the more time given to Xing Luo, the more flawed the plan would be.

He told Xing Luo that there would be a gift sent to the store, and according to Xing Luo’s character, he would rush to receive it immediately.

Taking this opportunity to appear in the store and reunite with Xing Luo was the one plan that would really catch Kang Lai Yin by surprise.

After a little effort, the flower-sending youth came out from the end of the street with a bunch of flowers in his left hand and a pink pet bag in his right.

If you looked closely, you could see that the young man’s entire right arm was shaking slightly.

Who would have thought! He was carrying SNOW! The famous SNOW!


Kang Xue arrived at the ‘Cat World’ very smoothly. The store was empty at the moment, and there were no customers. The flower delivery youth put the pet bag on the table and left nervously under Kang Xue’s signal.

After the flower-delivery youth left, Kang Xue carefully opened the zipper of the pet bag with his cat’s paw and stuck his head out of the bag.

The air in the store came into his nose, and the whole space was filled with the aroma of food.

The familiar smell, filling into his chest made the cat feel extra comfortable.

Kang Xue walked around, looking at the decoration of the store, he sighed silently in his heart.

It was Xing Luo, everything here was what Xing Luo liked in his mind. His wish to open a store had finally come true. Seeing Xing Luo’s results, Kang Xue was a little moved.

Suddenly, there was a slight noise in the kitchen, and Kang Xue walked hurriedly and retracted into the pet bag. Because of his anxiety, the zipper could not be fully drawn, leaving a short gap.

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