MGSGW Ch. 222

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Fang Tianyong glanced over casually, and didn’t bother to offend him by reminding him indiscriminately, but just waited there quietly, and took a Buddha plate in his hand to play with.

“Brother Fang, this is the Buddhist plate you bought yesterday, let me get started. Brother Fang, you don’t even know that your golden crystal with fire eyes is already famous on the ground of our Panqiao. In the future, if you buy things, I think people will raise the price.”

“Oh, will I let them see it casually?”

“That’s right, Brother Fang is not an ordinary person. Brother Fang, your Buddha plate was used by an eminent monk who preached in the Tang Dynasty? This thing is worth a lot of money.”

“Okay, give it back to me.” Fang Tianyong’s eyes flashed a glint of complacency, Fang Tianyong not only had a golden eye, but he was also good at misleading the people.

If Zhou Qiang was fooled by this thing, he could get past it casually. But Zhou Qiang brought Lin Mumu over this time, so he had to do more.

This little girl Lin Mumu was very evil, which was why Fang Tianyong persevered in sending roses to Lin Mumu to buy her favour. He was still very interested in knowing the secrets of this mysterious girl.

If he could use it for himself, of course it would be for the best.

With the “little monster” Lin Mumu here, it would have usually taken them 20 minutes to get to Panqiao by bicycle, but it only took them 16 minutes!

“You freak, this sister gave up her life to accompany the gentleman, and you still want to exhaust me to death, you have to ride so fast? Do you think we are race car drivers?” An Xiaoqin was out of breath, panting and complaining about the trees.

“You can’t reach the goal of exercise if you ride slowly. You see that you are now expelling some toxins from your body. Do you feel that your skin is more rosy? If you don’t believe me, ask Liu Yuanyuan, she never lies.”

“It’s more ruddy.” Liu Yuanyuan was speechless: “But isn’t she tired?”

“…” An Xiaoqin, who had just gotten excited, immediately had the urge to lie in place and not want to get up.

Fortunately, there were so many people coming and going around, she couldn’t afford to lose that much face.

“It’s really useful. If you don’t believe me, go back and ask my senior brother. Oh, you can also ask Zhou Qiang. He is now the master apprentice of Abbot Jueming, and he is as famous as my senior brother.” Lin Mumu smoothly dumped the blame on Zhou Qiang.

Under Chen Fangya’s coercion, Zhou Qiang could only talk about some Buddhist views on health cultivation. Anyway, everything was changing, and life lied in exercise.

“Brother, these beauties. I know Panqiao well, so I’ll show you the way.” Listening to their talking and laughing, Fang Tianyong didn’t feel embarrassed at all, and just greeted them casually, as if blending into their group.

“Keep an eye on your bags. There are a lot of pickpockets here, who just steal from rookies like you who don’t seem to have much experience.”

The distance between them seemed close, it seemed that even the previous unhappiness had disappeared.

If it wasn’t for Fang Tianyong’s way of sending roses every day being too aggressive, maybe Chen Fangya and the others would have forgiven him.

“Student Lin, you are a person with a good eye and ability, you should come to Panqiao more often. The things here are really bought for tens of dollars and change hands for tens of thousands.”

“Well, most of them are all like them, buying a piece of worthless garbage for tens of dollars.” Lin Mumu responded frankly.

After Fang Tianyong was bullied, he didn’t put it on his face at all, and still had a smile on his face.

“You go do business first, it’s not safe to put such a valuable thing on your body.” Chen Fangya reminded, she was afraid that Fang Tianyong would drag Zhou Qiang to return the things when Lin Mumu was away.

In case something happened, this guy would probably blame Zhou Qiang.

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