MTaFB Ch. 42.1

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Probably because the other person’s eyes were too obvious, Lu Chengyu felt that the smile on his face was almost stretched tight, he moved a little to the side, just two steps and found that Yan Lao Er’s eyes were still following him, so he had to say, “Mr. Yan, why are you looking at me like this?”

“Young man, you have peach blossoms in your eyes and spring-like eyebrows. It makes you look as if you are not a male or female, this looks a bit too inviting,” the second uncle Yan put his hands behind him, a little disgusted:” I heard that a man with these looks is unreliable.”

Even though Lu Chengyu, who thought he had done a good job on the surface, couldn’t help but purse his mouth after hearing this, he didn’t even have a girlfriend. Where did the peach blossom come from? He looked at Yan Mu suspiciously and found that the other party’s face that had not changed for thousands of years was a little helpless, and he obviously didn’t believe this kind of argument. He had to smile and say: “I’m so sorry, my parents gave me this look.”

Old second Yan raised his eyebrows: “Your parents are very good; you don’t look like them.”

Lu Chengyu felt suspicious. How did Second Uncle Yan know the looks of his parents, but thinking that the incident about him and Liang Deyou was so big some time ago, Lu Chengyu understood that Yan Lao Er may have investigated him after this incident, “Probably I have gathered my parent’s strengths?”

Yan Lao Er: “…”

“Second Uncle,” Yan Mu motioned to Lu Chengyu to enter the office, closing the office by the way, “You don’t need to make things obvious.”

Yan Lao Er said with a smile: “You’re such a big person, I care about what you do with these things.” He sat down on the sofa, folding his legs and said, “This is not your assistant, how can you have a cup? Don’t you have brewed coffee?” 

Yan Mu took a glass of water from the drinking fountain and put it in front of him and said with a straight face: “Old people should drink more boiled water, which is good for your health.”

Obviously, this cheap disposable paper cup couldn’t please Yan Lao Er. He glanced at the paper cup and stretched out his hand. None of the people were going to get the cup. Yan Lao Er glanced at the tidy office of the president with a cold eye, “Although I don’t care about Huading, I have 10.6% of the shares in my hand, and I have the right to make decisions.”

Yan Mu didn’t seem to hear the meaning inside and was silent.

“Before your father died, he held 48% of the shares, but you only have 38% in your hands.” Yan Lao Er lit a cigarette and smoked slowly, “You know Why?”

Yan Mu glanced at Yan Lao Er, his expression remained the same as before, as if the other party’s words had no effect on him from beginning to end.

“You don’t look like our Yan family at all,” Yan Lao Er smiled indifferently. “People say that most of our Yan family members are smiling tigers. How come you are born like this. So boring?”

Standing in the corner, Lu Chengyu touched his nose and thought. Probably Boss Yan left this genetic gene to Song Junyan, and Yan Mu may be more like the Mu family. He thought of the Mu family who came to him last time. They seemed to be of the low-speaking and rigorous type. Together with Yan Mu, they looked like very close relatives.

Yan Lao Er did not care about himself, and he flicked the ash and said: “Your dad held the other 10% of the shares, 6% is given to me and the third, and the remaining 4%. I gave it to that woman and her son. If your mother hadn’t worked hard to accumulate 10% of Huading’s shares during her lifetime, then it would not necessarily be you who was sitting here today.” Until now, he felt that if the eldest brother and sister-in-law were close enough, than Huading’s development would definitely have been more than it is now. Sister-in-law, it is indeed a pity for you to marry my elder brother.

“Second Uncle, you also said, my mother, left me 10% of the shares,” Yan Mu mentioned the past, without frowning, “Father is willing to give shares to other people, it is his business. But second uncle should know that 52% of Huading’s shares are in my hands, and I am the most indispensable shareholder.” If it is clearly a domineering side, once it is said, it is like telling a fact. Maybe not so domineering, because the tone was more helpless than domineering.

“Yes, you didn’t learn our Yan family’s smiley tiger tricks, but when it comes to ruthlessness, the Yan family’s people are not as good as you,” Yan Lao Er took another cigarette. “At the beginning of the Huading civil strife, I thought it was also your intention. Then, take this opportunity to drive away some people and buy back 4% of the stocks from the stock market. You are taking the Yan industry adventure, you know?”

Yan Mu raised his eyebrows, “So what? “

“Yeah, so what? Without the Yan family, you still have the Mu family backing you up,” Yan Lao Er sneered, “You are more like the Mu family, but it’s a pity that people are not as good as the sky. Someone is in your hands who is buying Huading’s stocks at an ultra-low price, if not, I am afraid that you will make Huading mess up for a little longer.”

Lu Chengyu trembled and looked up at Yan Mu. He is the one who bought Huading’s bulk shares at a super low price?

No wonder the stock price of a company as big as Huading will drop to the lowest in the stock market, even cheaper than a bank with the notoriously lowest stock price in the stock market. It turns out that there are still these twists and turns.

However, they said these internal fighting secrets in front of him like this, it was really not good at all, he didn’t want to listen to them at all, okay?

The eyes of Yan Mu and Yan Lao Er met in the air. After a long staring match, Yan Mu suddenly stood up, opened the window behind him, and said expressionlessly: “I refuse to smoke second-hand smoke.”

Lu Chengyu’s mouth smirked several times. Only barely suppressing his urge to laugh, he looked at the cigarette between Yan Lao Er’s index finger sympathetically, and the other party was obviously in an awkward position whether to diffuse the cigarette or not. Finally, he saw this slowly pinch out the cigarette in the ashtray.

Feeling that he could no longer listen to these conversations, Lu Chengyu thought for a while and was about to go out to make coffee for a while before coming back. As a result, he was stopped by Yan Lao Er before his hand touched the doorknob.

“Your name is Lu Chengyu, isn’t it?” Yan Lao Er squinted at Lu Cheng Yu who was standing by the door, then turned to Yan Mu and said, “You are so promising to find a fresh graduate student as an assistant. The third was trying to set you up last night. I called several shareholders overnight, saying that it was your style. If I hadn’t helped you suppress it, do you think it would be so quiet today?”

Lu Chengyu felt that Yan Lao Er was a little strange, saying that he admired Yan Mu, then he said something very mean. Speaking of his calculations, why did he deliberately reveal to Yan Mu what Yan Lao San was doing behind his back? Doesn’t this mean giving his opponent a cheap pick? And he looked at his eyes as if he was looking at a nasty ghost who had ruined his nephew.

When he first entered Huading, he didn’t see these strange places. Today’s environment is enough to make him aware of these things.

Yan Lao Er was too contradictory.

Hearing the other party criticizing him, Lu Chengyu smiled politely, as if Yan Lao Er was not talking about himself.

 “He has done his work well, so I will use him,” Yan Mu opened a folder and signed it. “Older age does not mean good workability. People’s brains will not grow with age, now will they become smart.” Yan Lao Er’s heart was a little bit choked by these words. Seeing his nephew who was telling the truth, he turned his head to look at Lu Chengyu, “Since you are Yan Mu’s assistant, why are you filming again?” “

Lu Chengyu smiled and said: “Mr. Yan, I’m just helping a friend, and I’m not ready to go filming.”

“I think Assistant Lu would be pretty good if he went to film,” Yan Lao Er said with a smile. After all, the appearance conditions are good.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and said: “The appearance was given by my parents, and the road was chosen by myself.” Mr. Yan looked up.

Seeing that he was not humble or arrogant, Yan Lao Er’s expression eased a little, remembering Lu Chengyu at the meeting. Then he asked: “Have you studied martial arts?”

“Does it count as a summer martial arts interest class in elementary and junior high school?” Lu Chengyu asked seriously.

He didn’t why Yan Lao Er felt that it was very difficult to talk to the two people in front of him. He didn’t whether he was the problem, or the other two people were the problem: “Since you are an assistant, you should do you job as an assistant. I believe in following professional ethics. Assistant Lu should understand these words as well.”

“Please don’t worry, Mr. Yan,” Lu Chengyu raised the corner of his mouth, showing a perfect smile, “I have understood these four words since I stepped into the gate of Huading.”

Yan Lao Er took a deep look at him and stood up and said, “In that case, I’m relieved.” He stood up and said to Yan Mu who was sitting at the desk, “I’m going back, so you can do it yourself.”

“Mr. Yan, old gentlemen should walk slowly,” Lu Chengyu sent him to the elevator, smiled as the elevator door closed, raised his eyebrows and thought, Yan’s house seemed not as simple as he thought.

“Mr. Yan,” in the parking lot, the bodyguard saw Yan Lao Er appear and hurriedly opened the car door for him. After Yan Lao Er sat down, he followed him in.

Looking at the back of the driver’s head, Yan second suddenly said: “Lu Hefeng’s son, he really doesn’t look like him.” The bodyguard hesitated after hearing this, and said, “Mr. Yan, what are you talking about, he is President Yan’s assistant?”

“No. Who is he still,” Yan Lao Er said, squinting, “His son is much more than he himself was.” The bodyguard knew that this matter involved some commercial secrets, so he didn’t dare to interject in the conversation anymore, and just decided to listen in silence.

“He who is hard-hearted is often unpleasant,” Yan Lao Er put a cigarette in his mouth, and the bodyguard lit the cigarette for him. He took a puff slowly, “I helped him in vain, who knows turning his head. He was killed by falling objects from a high altitude. So, this person is his legacy. Hell wants him to die and no one can save him.” The bodyguard reached out his hand to catch the ashes for him, so as not to let it splash on the tailored suit of Yan Lao Er: “Mr. Yan, if these things are known to Assistant Lu…”

“Lu Hefeng kept things so tightly hidden back then, just didn’t want his son to know,” Yan Er half squinted his eyes and looked at the scenery passing by the window, “what if that young man knows it, it depends on whether my good nephew is willing to bother to take care of it, otherwise it will end in an accidental death.” The bodyguard wanted to say that this assistant was not yet twenty-two years old, it would be a pity if he is inexplicably gone. Is fate a pity? But thinking of the dark things in the circle, he finally swallowed the words into his throat, carefully catching the soot falling from a piece of a cigarette butt.

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  1. Yan Lao Er going, “Hmmm, your face has *insert negative physical quality* heard that people who look like that have *insert negative personality trait*,” to Lu Chengyu was pretty hilarious, because Lu Chengyu judges people based on their faces pretty frequently. I’m 80% sure he internally commented on either Yan Lao Er or Yan Lao San’s face when they first showed up. He definitely thought some shit about Song Junyan’s face suggesting he wouldn’t be a good friend or something.

    Every time he does that I wonder if Lu Chengyu has something on his face that suggests he might be kind of shallow and judgy.

  2. Seems like Yan Lao Er knows Lu Chengyu’s parents… precisely his father. And it is highly likely that Chengyu’s father was also a part of business circle. No wonder LCY is talented in business. I knew it was sus the car accident of LCY’s parents, esp. that a company was also involved in that. I am guessing someone wanted to kill LCY’s father and just wanted to used the Liangs as a cover up to shift the blame from themselves. I am just wondering what is Yan Lao Er’s role here… maybe he is just a bystander who knows but the Yan family is involved in the ‘accident’ of LCY’s parents? The foreshadowing that the Yan family’s involvement to the accident is there.

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