TCYEC Ch. 70

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Hong Zhehao hated to drink ginger soup. The spicy taste was too unbearable. He saw Yu Siyang drink the ginger soup bravely, so he turned his back to the assistant with facial paralysis and exchanged the bowl in his hand for Yu Siyang’s, holding his empty bowl and pretended to have finished drinking, and smiled and said: “Yu Siyang drink more, your health is poor, so it is easy to catch a cold.”

Yu Siyang looked at him speechlessly for a long time and refused to drink any more. The second his bowl was over, he reached out to change his empty bowl back.

Hong Zhehao held the empty bowl without letting go, and tried his best to change the subject, “Yu Siyang, I found that I have not seen you for a few days, and your acting skills have improved.”


Hong Zhehao nodded vigorously, and said: “Just now, your slender and timid-looking appearance was very vivid.”

Yu Siyang smiled shyly.

Before he filmed the scene just now, he suddenly thought of the man who beat his wife a few days ago when he went out with Uncle Nong, the kind of little man who forced himself to be very powerful, Dongfang Zhe was similar to that in this scene. So, he carefully recalled the man’s manners and behaviours, and applied what he learned.

“Let me tell you, I was arranged by the devil agent to study with a professor from the film academy,” Hong Zhehao glanced at the position of the paralyzed assistant, approaching Yu Siyang, and whispered: “The professor is terrible and very fierce.”

Yu Siyang also whispered: “But look, you learn good results ah, you acted very well,”


Yu Siyang nodded: “You vomited blood very well.”

Hong Zhehao: “…” Is this really complimenting me?

But looking at Yu Siyang, his expression was very serious, not as if he was joking.

Did he vomit blood really well?

Hong Zhehao was still struggling with the question of “vomiting blood well, is the acting good or not?”

Yu Siyang stood up and went to return Guan Yahua the bowl full of ginger soup in his hand. When he turned around, the corners of his mouth stretched. His lips were pursed, obviously holding back a smile.

“Why didn’t you drink it?”

Guan Yahua took the ginger soup that Yu Siyang sent back and looked at him disapprovingly. He was shivering with the cold, but he didn’t drink some ginger soup to quench the cold. He really had a cold, and he himself felt uncomfortable.

“My own has been drunk,” Yu Siyang couldn’t help laughing, coughing, and said, “This is Hong Zhehao’s. He doesn’t like it. So, he let me send it back for him.”

Hong Zhehao’s assistant was just a few steps away. He came to communicate with Jin Ce on the itinerary, just when he heard what Yu Siyang said, he turned his head blankly to look at Hong Zhehao, who was still tangled, and said “sorry” to Director Jin, and walked to Guan Yahua and asked her to serve another bowl of hot ginger soup, and then brought the ginger soup to Hong Zhehao.

“…” Hong Zhehao looked at it bitterly, took the soup reluctantly, and closed his eyes and rank the soup in one gulp under the silent monitoring of the assistant.

He had to drink it, otherwise the assistant with a paralyzed face will definitely give a report to the devil agent.

Yu Siyang found that he had accidentally cheated Hong Zhehao, and looked around awkwardly, pretending that he was looking at the scenery.

Although there were a lot of warm plasters pasted in the costumes, and every day he drank ginger soup very obediently to drive away the cold, but Yu Siyang’s physical foundation was really bad, and his role was always being blown by a blower. After a few days of cold wind blowing down, he fell ill without suspense, and his fever reached 38 degrees. Tang Hang immediately sent him to the hospital to get an infusion.

The former owner who occupied this body probably didn’t exercise very much. He was so weak that he became ill after a few days of cold wind. Then he thought of how he would go to winter swimming with his master during the big winter. Even after the swim, there was nothing wrong with him.

“Achee–” Yu Siyang shrank in a chair in the hospital’s infusion room, sneezing while recalling his heroic posture, his nose was rubbed red.

Tang Hang immediately took a piece of tissue paper to him and asked, “What do you want to eat at noon? I’ll buy it for you.”

“Dongpo braised pork[1].” Yu Siyang said with a deep nasal voice.

“…” Tang Hang was speechless for a long time before slowly saying, “You are sick. It is not good to eat such heavy-tasting things. As the saying goes, fish makes fire and meat makes phlegm. When you get better, let’s eat it then.”

“Although I have a cold, I want to eat it. It shows that I lack Dongpo braised pork in my body. And anything I lack should be made up, right?” Yu Siyang said frankly.

“Nobody will lack Dongpo braised pork in their body.”

Saying these words, Xue Chengxiu walked into the infusion room eagerly, handed the thermos in his hand to Tang Hang, and sat down beside Yu Siyang. He raised his hand and probed his forehead.

“Mr. Xue!” Yu Siyang was pleasantly surprised.

When people are sick, their emotions are more fragile than usual, and were happy to see familiar people visiting them.

“Is it uncomfortable?” Xue Chengxiu helped his child straighten out the down jacket wrapped around him. The fever had not gone away, and his forehead was still a little hot. “I brought chicken soup, so drink a little.”

“Not so uncomfortable… “Yu Siyang hadn’t finished speaking, he turned his head and sneezed, rubbed his nose with a tissue. He originally wanted to make a strong and mighty appearance, but when he saw Mr. Xue’s worried eyes, he suddenly felt wronged. He nodded pitifully, “Uncomfortable.”

Xue Chengxiu helped him wrap the down jacket tighter, touched his head, and coaxed the child to comfort him: “It won’t be uncomfortable after the infusion.”

Yu Siyang took the opportunity to make a request: “I want to eat Dongpo braised pork.”

“No.” Xue Chengxiu simply dismissed the request, took the chicken soup from Tang Hang, tried the temperature, and scooped a spoonful of it to his child’s mouth.

Yu Siyang reluctantly opened his mouth and took a sip of chicken soup, still muttering in his mouth: “Eat some Dongpo braised pork, maybe immediately I will be resurrected on the spot.”

Tang Hang’s mouth twitched. At the low table, he quickly put the millet porridge and a few vegetarian dishes with the porridge in the thermos and put them next to the boss, so that the boss could use it at any time.

He himself quickly removed himself from the infusion room. One reason was that he didn’t want to stay inside and be forced to eat dog food. The other was that he was so influenced by Yu Siyang that he also wanted to eat Dongpo braised pork now.

It may be a bit difficult to eat Dongpo braised pork, but braised pork must be sold in a small restaurant outside the hospital.

After Yu Siyang was fed chicken soup, he was fed millet porridge, which was very light food. Suddenly, he became more obsessed with Dongpo braised pork.

“Did Tang Hang call you?” Yu Siyang swallowed the millet porridge, a little bit speechless.

He woke up in the morning groggy and was taken to the hospital by Tang Hang. At noon, Mr. Xue showed up in the hospital with chicken soup and millet porridge, which obviously showed that Tang Hang informed him.

Xue Chengxiu nodded and asked, “How did you catch a cold?”

Tang Hang only said that he had a cold, and his fever reached 38 degrees. He didn’t say why he caught the cold.

“Accidentally.” Yu Siyang smiled, shaking his head and didn’t want to eat millet porridge anymore.

The porridge was so light, even the side dishes were almost tasteless, not delicious at all, he still wanted to eat Dongpo braised pork.

Seeing that he didn’t want to eat anymore, Xue Chengxiu reluctantly put away the remaining chicken soup and porridge and took the apples he brought to wash.

The hospital that Yu Siyang came to was the closest to the location of their crew. The hospital had only five floors. It was not too big and there were not many patients. The nurse woke up because of the ringing of the bell. Seeing that the ring was from the infusion room, she hurriedly walked there.

There was only one patient in the infusion room-Yu Siyang. When he came, he wore a down jacket hood on his head because he was afraid of the cold. The hat was a bit big, covering half of his face. The nurse didn’t look at it and could not know what he looked like.

He just drank the porridge and chicken soup. The warm porridge and soup warmed his stomach. He didn’t seem to feel that cold, so he pulled the hood off and ate the apple from Mr. Xue’s hand.

“This bottle is almost finished,” Xue Chengxiu said when the nurse came in, “Excuse me, please change it.”

“Okay, wait a minute.” The nurse took a cotton swab and dipped it with iodine and put the medicine in another bottle. The cork of the bottle was wiped, and the piercer was pulled out of the original bottle and inserted into the new bottle.

The nurse took the bottle that had been infused off the shelf, and threw the cotton swab into the trash can, and inadvertently looked at the infusion patient who was eating an apple, and then her body was shocked.

“Master head!!!” The nurse girl looked shocked, rubbed her eyes vigorously, and checked that she was not hallucinating. The patient who was undergoing the infusion was the head of their family, and her whole body was in shock.

“Master head, are you sick? Is it serious? Is it uncomfortable?”

Yu Siyang shook his head quickly, “Beauty, you recognized the wrong person.”

“Impossible,” the nurse sister said solemnly: ” Master, you should be ashamed, we know each other.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

By the way, don’t these words generally refer to enemies or villains?!!

“My head, your face is so pale.” The nurse girl was distressed, “It’s so uncomfortable to sit for an infusion, or you can lie down, it will be more comfortable if you lie down.”

Tang Hang just came in after lunch and listened to the nurse sister, and then he said, “Didn’t you say that your hospital has no empty beds?”

“There are no available beds.” The nurse sister said, “But there are beds in the doctor’s lounge.”

This is simply impossible to refute.

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Tang Hang would have let Yu Siyang show his face if he knew that he could go to the doctor’s lounge. Seeing him sitting dizzy on the chair of the infusion room, he was really worried about him that he will faint and fall to the ground.

“No trouble, no trouble.” The nurse girl smiled, “It is my honour to be able to help the head.”

“That’s not good.” Yu Siyang looked at Mr. Xue, it was too troublesome. He only had a bottle of medicine left, and it wouldn’t take long before he can leave.

“Go and lie down, aren’t you dizzy.” Xue Chengxiu touched the messy hair on his head.

The nurse sister actively lifted the medicine bottle, “My head, it’s okay, there is no one in the doctor’s lounge.”

Tang Hang came to help lift Yu Siyang, who was dizzy with fever, but didn’t want him to come close, Yu Siyang suddenly complained: “You just ate braised pork.”

Tang Hang: “…”

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

Nurse sister: “…”

Can this be smelled? What kind of nose is this?

Yu Siyang was dissatisfied: “You didn’t let me eat, but you sneaked to eat it yourself, you are too much. And it’s not even authentic braised pork. There must be yellow wine when it is fried, and bay leaves should be added when it is stewed. The heat is absolutely wrong.”

Tang Hang almost knelt for him.

When he ate, he found that the braised pork was terribly unpalatable. The meat was as hard as a rock. But he thought that a bowl of braised pork which cost fifty-eight was so expensive and if he didn’t eat it, it would be a waste of money. He just barely ate just a few pieces. It didn’t go down well.

Even if Yu Siyang smelled that he ate the braised pork, it was believable, but he still smelled the braised pork was prepared without yellow wine and bay leaves. What a heaven-defying skill!

The nurse sister Xingyan could hardly admire her head of the family more.

“Master leader is so powerful, mighty and domineering. From today on, I will be the head fan of the leader.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Cough cough, his nose was too sharp, and they laughed at him.

Xue Chengxiu laughed and lifted up the embarrassed teenager, and said, “When the illness is cured, you can eat whatever you want. Now you have to get your illness treated obediently.”

The three of them sent the sick person to the doctor’s lounge to lie down. Xue Chengxiu stayed in the lounge to accompany Yu Siyang, Tang Hang went out after the nurse sister.

“Nurse.” Tang Hang called.

“What?” The nurse girl turned her head.

Tang Hang said with a serious expression, “Please don’t tell others about Siyang’s illness.”

The nurse nodded, “I know, please rest assured.”

“Thank you.” Tang Hang thanked.

“You want to thank me…” The nurse sister smiled, “Can you let me take a photo with the head of the group later, I promise, it will only be collected privately, and it will not be posted.” At most it would be shared with a good girlfriend to take a look making her envious, jealous and hateful.

Ahaha… it’s very interesting to think about it.

The nurse girl’s expression was a bit…well…wretched, Tang Hang really didn’t want to use this word to describe a pretty girl, but he really couldn’t think of other more appropriate adjectives.

“I will ask Siyang later,” Tang Hang’s mouth twitched, “He should agree.” The person was very soft-hearted, not too demanding, and rarely refused others.

“Thank you, you are such a good person.” The nurse girl sent out a good person card, and she was so excited.

She really couldn’t wait to show off, it’s so urgent.

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