IHSB Ch. 6: Childish Grandpa and Dad

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The old man glanced at his son and daughter-in-law with a smug look, but he didn’t realize that he was showing off inadvertently, with the words “Nuan Nuan’s favourite is this old man.”

Dad Gu refused to admit defeat. “Dad will take you to go shopping after Nuan Nuan has eaten.”

The child nodded softly and smiled with curved eyebrows. Even if her skin was a bit dark, it still couldn’t hide her delicate and beautiful facial features, and she looked even better when she smiled.

The little girl said softly, “Thank you, Dad.”

The corner of Dad Gu’s mouth rose, and he looked at the old man with a calm look.

Old Master Gu “…”

This unfilial son!

Mother Gu looked at the two of them with a bit of confusion. When did the two most dignified people in the family become so naive.

“Mom, where’s my brother?”

Nuan Nuan was holding a delicate xiaolongbao in her mouth, and with one bite, she bit the white and fat xiaolongbao into having a crescent-shaped gap.

This xiaolongbao was really delicious, Nuan Nuan bit down and her eyes lit up, they were clear, translucent and full of water, as if there were stars twinkling.

The little girl ate with a happy look on her face, and her cheeks were swollen, so even though she was thin, she couldn’t hide her cuteness.

Watching her eat, Old Man Gu instantly felt that his appetite had increased.

“Don’t worry about him, your brother is definitely still sleeping now, that guy won’t get up until ten o’clock.”

Nuan Nuan snorted cutely, and her little tongue licked her lips then she stuffed the rest of the bun into her mouth. Her cheeks were stretched even more, like a little hamster that was stealing food, which made people want to pinch the soft cheeks.

Nuan Nuan originally wanted to restrain herself. When she went to eat in the village, she didn’t dare to eat too much for fear of being rejected. She only came here today. She habitually wanted to restrain herself when she was eating.

But this breakfast was really delicious, and she had already eaten five exquisite xiaolongbaos, a small bowl of seafood porridge and a few dumplings, but she was young and soon her stomach was full. She put down her chopsticks with a stiff expression, and secretly glanced at the other people on the table with some guilty conscience.

She could not eat too much, would she be disliked…

Nuan Nuan’s small face showed a tangled look, and the two fingers under the dining table were twisted together.

“Is Nuan Nuan full?”

Mother Gu asked with concern when she saw her stop, “Can you eat more? Eat as much as you can, but don’t push yourself too hard, or you’ll get a stomach ache.”

The other two on the table also looked at her with concern.

Seeing that they didn’t despise her, Nuan Nuan finally let go of her uneasy heart. She sat obediently on the chair with a shy and sweet smile.

“Well, I’m full.”

Old Man Gu wiped his mouth slowly, and said to Nuan Nuan with a kind smile.

“When I saw Nuan Nuan eating today, I even ate an extra bowl of porridge.”

The housekeeper also smiled and said, “It seems that after Miss Nuan Nuan came back, sir, your health will definitely get better and better. This is the blessing brought by Miss Nuan Nuan.”

The old man had not had a good appetite recently, and he was eating much less than before, and everyone was secretly worried, so they were very happy to see him eat more today. Nuan Nuan laughed happily, and persuaded in a soft voice, “Grandpa, you should eat more too.”

The old man stroked his palm and laughed, “Okay… From now on, Grandpa and Nuan Nuan, the two of us will eat together. Eat more.”

Nuan Nuan nodded, of course she was happy.

“Let’s go, grandpa will take you to find your pets, and that way, we will also digest food.”

Dad Gu stood up, unwilling to be left behind.

Old Man Gu glanced at him and took Nuan Nuan’s little hand, “It’s time for you to go to work in the company.”

Dad Gu walked over and held Nuan Nuan’s other little hand, “No hurry, it’s not time yet, besides I am the boss, who dares to say anything even if I am late? Of course, it is more important to accompany ‘my daughter’ than to go to work.”

Dad Gu deliberately bit the word ‘my daughter’ very hard.

The old man Gu snorted coldly. He used to think that his eldest son was stable and polite, but now he did not seem so!

“What’s wrong with her being your daughter? Is she not my granddaughter?!” The father and son started to fight each other as soon as they disagreed. This scene was really rare, and it had never happened before, since they never fought with each other.

The housekeeper and Mother Gu were speechless, how could they become more naive as they got older.

Nuan Nuan looked at them, and took the initiative to clench their fingers softly.

“Dad, grandpa, let’s walk together.”

The little one stood in the middle, not taking up any place at all.

“Okay, for your sake, grandpa won’t care about your naive father.”

The old man was cheerful, walking in good spirits, and he didn’t feel old at all.

Dad Gu almost couldn’t hold back and rolled his eyes. Who the hell was naive?

The two took Nuan Nuan to find Rhubarb and Briquettes first. The two were placed in a wooden house in the garden. The wooden house was as big as the house where Nuan Nuan lived in the village, and it looked good.

“This was originally a store room. After all the things in it are vacated, it will be specially made into a pet room for them. Pets from other people’s homes all have it.”

A cat and a dog happily wagged their tails and ran towards Nuan Nuan.

Rhubarb’s tail was almost like a fan. When it was about to approach Nuan Nuan, a dexterous and slender shadow fell from the sky, stepped on Rhubarb’s head and jumped with strength, and then fell into Nuan Nuan’s arms with a light and perfect movement.

As for Rhubarb, he was trampled and staggered to the ground.

“Wang Wang Wang!!!”

Rhubarb gritted his teeth and barked at the black cat in Nuan Nuan’s arms, looking mad!

And the black cat in Nuan Nuan’s arms squatted, licked its paws quite gracefully, and squinted at Rhubarb on the ground arrogantly and contemptuously.

Good guy, this was incredible, Rhubarb jumped up and tried to bite the Briquettes, but was Briquettes so easy to bully? It took only two seconds for him to raise its paw, and the cat’s fist was so fast that there was an afterimage, and he even slapped Rhubarb’s face with a plate, which was extremely fierce.

Grandpa Gu and Dad Gu were particularly worried that Nuan Nuan would be injured, but the fact was that they thought too much. Although the two fought, they always cared about Nuan Nuan and didn’t hurt her at all.

Even when Nuan Nuan tried to stop them, the two stopped tacitly, but they still looked at each other unpleasantly.

“Don’t fight!”

Nuan Nuan put Briquettes beside Rhubarb, with her hands on her hips, looking puffed up, and both of them sat obediently with big eyes.

Nuan Nuan was like a little adult, her little fingers poked on the two furry foreheads to start the education mode.

“How many times have I told you that Rhubarb and Briquettes are a family, and family can’t bully each other and can’t fight. What if you get hurt? The disobedient Rhubarb and Briquettes are not good children, bad boys need to be spanked!”

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