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There were many people in the public jury who were fans of a certain player, most of them liked Yan Qing, and they each brought aids, but no one was like him, acting so flamboyantly and for granted.

The two girls were stunned by him and wanted to remind everyone at the venue not to bring too large light signs, but when they came into contact with the man’s sharp gaze, they held back their words.

It was obvious at a glance that he was not someone they could handle.

No wonder from the beginning, they kept hearing someone in the team whispering excitedly. It turned out that there were such an immortal character appearing.

The girls were eager to strike up a conversation, but the boys’ faces were generally not very good. Some of them also wore Yan Qing’s hand banner, and they were all hiding, for fear that the contrast would be too tragic when the camera swept over them.

Suddenly, they felt that they were not qualified to be a fairy’s male fan.

Huo Yunshen narrowed his eyes in the crowd, endured his emotions, and controlled himself not to temporarily stop the show again.

Before he came, he had done a lot of psychological construction and tried his best to accept Qingqing’s future work. She would have many stage appearances and would be chased by more and more people. When he owned her, whoever looked at her a few more times was still like a great enemy, as he was afraid that she would be taken away. If her attention was a little distracted or she was a little intimate with others, it was torture for him.

He was always afraid, afraid that Qingqing would leave, that he would not get Qingqing’s attention, that she would no longer belong to him.

So far, all his fears had come true.

Now so many people around him were blatantly coveting her and thinking of her, the violence in his chest was looming, and the only thing that could be done to solve it was to be more prominent than them.

Huo Yunshen’s dark eyelashes were lowered, the corners of his lips pursed, and he held the light sign tightly.

When he would go in later, he would hang this in the most conspicuous place so that Qingqing could see it at a glance. It didn’t matter if she recognized him or not. As long as there was this, she would know that she was supported and would be less nervous.

In the rest area of the players in the backstage, Yan Qing led the team to find an empty locker room and put on the costumes.

She changed it the last, and everybody was stunned as soon as she came out.

Ouyang gave a thumbs-up: “Qing Bao has soared in place.”

She found a long coat and wrapped it around Yan Qing, raised her eyebrows and said, “Hide first, don’t let others see it, and when we come on stage, we will shock the whole crowd.”

This time, the process was different from the past. The seats at the recording site in front of the stage were reserved for instructors and the public jury, creating the effect of a small concert, while the contestants stayed in the special preparation area in the background and shot in real time. According to the ranking order determined in the original nine captain games, they would perform on stage in order.

At the end of each performance, the public jury would vote for each contestant on the spot, but the results would be kept secret for the time being.

In addition, the main feature of the completed second episode of the program would be launched today, and the online voting channel for the contestants would be opened. According to the personal performance in the second episode, they would be judged by netizens.

When all the nine groups had completed their performances, the online voting channel would be closed simultaneously, then the tutors would announce the results given by the public jury, as well as the number of online votes per person.

Yan Qing put on the coat and walked with the team members to the contestant preparation area. Before entering the door, she heard one after another screaming inside.

“Did you see that just now? He’s so handsome!”

“Is he actually a male fan? The quality is so high? Could he be specially invited by the show team?”

“He doesn’t look like a fake, who would bring such a fake? Many supporters, the diehard fans are almost the same, and the camera does not say that they will shoot for a while, and we can’t see whose name is on his head.”

Yan Qing took a breath and stepped into the shooting range of the camera, and the preparation area was silent. Then several eyes fell on them.

In front of the camera, everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic, but the squinting from the corners of their eyes could not be concealed.

Someone said in a low voice, “Why are they all wearing coats? What about the costumes bought at their own expense? It shouldn’t be too shameful.”

Yan Qing ignored them, but gradually understood what they were talking about before.

There was a large high-definition screen in front of the preparation area, which was showing the setting-up of the stage. Just now, the photographer cut to a figure of a male fan, holding a giant banner and wearing a pink hat. Although his face was blocked, it could be judged only by the outline that he looked superb.

Too bad it was gone in the blink of an eye.

Ouyang folded her hands against her chest: “Qing Bao, do you have a male fan?”

Yan Qing smiled: “How is that possible.” The show had only aired for one episode, even if it was because of her identity as Kapok, she was only a faceless person before. She was just an Internet celebrity singer, how could it be worth the effort of others, and that too a boy, having a light banner and wearing a head band of her name.

There were several players who had already debuted before, and they had a large fan base, so he should be a fan of theirs.

Yan Qing clenched her hands quietly, holding back her apprehension.

For the first time on stage, no matter how well prepared she was, she was still feeling uneasy as she arrived at the scene, and she seemed to be floating in mid-air.

The recording started soon, and the first group took the lead. The captain of this group made two sarcastic comments against Yan Qing. She was bound to win the S position. Before going out, she turned around in front of the camera and gave Yan Qing a bright look.

The players in the preparation area immediately booed.

Yan Qing smiled at her, her lips were cherry red, and her eyes were like crescent moons, which made people fall in love at a glance.

There were some innate advantages she had that couldn’t be compared.

The rhythm of the program recording was tight, and Yan Qing’s attention was easily attracted. She also expected the director to scan the picture of the male fan, and wondered who was so popular.

Nearly two hours later, only the last group remained left to perform.

The stage scene was playing on the big screen. The words “Flying Birds” had been typed out in advance, and the staff came over to signal that the Yan Qing and the others to come on stage.

Yan Qing was surrounded by the sight of the whole audience.

She stood up neatly and took off her jacket giving everyone full view of her costume.

The girls couldn’t help gasping for breath and couldn’t take their eyes off of them.

Yan Qing led her team down the steps from the bottom row, her loose black long hair spread over her thin porcelain and white shoulders, and the thin dress strap was hung with white feathers, which fit her beautiful butterfly bone like two tender wings.

She seemed to be supported by a flawless feather in the center, her skirt swayed as she walked, and with her wings, she looked as if she were about to fly.

She didn’t even need to speak to sing, she had already integrated herself into the song, and gave “Flying Birds” its title in a beautiful way.

The songs she wrote, the songs she sang, and now she was part of the songs herself.

“…It’s so good-looking.”

“That’s it…I don’t know what the performance will be like. After all, there are so many people in a group, and half of them are off-duty.”

On the stage, the lights dimmed.

Huo Yunshen’s twisted eyebrows finally unfolded. He took off his earplugs, stood up in the surging crowd, replaced a new set of batteries for the giant light sign hanging on the railing, turned it on again, and flashed it in the audience.

The content of the board was a sentence that he wrote in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner after he took the time to seriously study the fan circle culture.

He went to the Internet to learn the star chasing support methods.

To him, it used to be something to be scorned, but now it was a textbook.

Huo Yunshen didn’t take off his hat, afraid that Qingqing would reject him as a high-profile person, but he was very subtle, and adjusted the pink hat on his head to the maximum brightness, so that it sparkled.

He hung five more banners in a string, and raised them like a curtain above his head.

Yan Qing stood at the entrance of the stage, her heart was beating wildly and her palms were cold.

When the countdown was over, she led the whole group to the stage.

The lights and the tidal wave of human voices rolled over the sky, which was an environment and challenge completely unfamiliar to her.

Yan Qing’s chest shook, her footsteps paused slightly, and her nervousness in front of the audience rose again.

She felt helpless at this moment.

Yan Qing took a deep breath and tried her best to adjust, she must not lose.

She suppressed her emotions, and when she was about to order herself to go out, her eyes suddenly caught a pink light.

In the dark crowd, it was particularly conspicuous and ostentatious.

Yan Qing was stunned, staring at the large light sign that was separated by a distance and still incomparably clear: “Qing Bao, I am here.”

Her hand holding the microphone trembled.

The light sign went up, and the man’s upper body was blocked by the raised banner, only the dazzling hat on his head was exposed, and her name was written on it.

His waist was narrow, his arms were slender and strong, his hands were cold white, and his hat was dark.

Yan Qing’s eyes suddenly became wet.

He must be thinking that since he was blocked, she wouldn’t recognize who he was…

Huo Yunshen didn’t hear Qingqing’s opening, so he couldn’t help but put down his hand, and the eyes under the brim of his hat collided with Yan Qing’s eyes in the crowd of shouts.

The bird locked in the cage like a treasure, wanted to spread its wings in front of him.

Yan Qing had a bit of moisture hanging between her long eyelashes.

The male fan who made the backstage players scream, the male fan she thought belonged to someone else, turned out to be hers.

When she said, “can’t wait to go home to see you”, he came to the scene and used the stupidest and most direct way to illuminate her strange future for her.

Yan Qing’s heart was beating after having been left hanging for a few days, and she was extremely stable. With that someone sitting in the crowd, all those tensions were swept away. She smiled at the camera, with bright spots of light overflowing from the end of her eyes. She said loudly: “I am Yan Qing, and I will lead all the members of the ninth group to perform “Flying Birds”.”

Yan Qing’s name had been on three hot searches tonight.

In the show, the whole process of her being framed by Yun Ling was revealed for the first time, and some people in the know spoke out, admitting that Yun Ling’s team had prepared a draft in advance, and they wanted to promote Yun Ling by saying that she looked like her but they were slapped hard.

Not to mention Yun Ling’s filthy behaviour, but her appearance was only three-points similar to Yan Qing’s, so comparing them seemed like an insult to Yan Qing.

Next was a highlight shot at the end of the show. Yan Qing was wearing cute private clothes, kneeling on the cot and praying sincerely to the photos of her when she was a girl. The program team added a huge font: “Want to see the next show earlier? Me too.”

This picture and #Iloveme# quickly became popular, and various expression packs emerged one after another, and by the way, all the plastic surgery black materials were cleared away. When she was a teenager, she was already so beautiful.

Finally, there was a candid picture of the recording scene.

Yan Qing stood in the middle of the stage, and the warm white light was cast from above, making her whole figure appear translucent, and the layered feathers were set off by the light so that she did not look like a real person.

The results of the knockout performances were also wildly spread by major marketing accounts. Yan Qing took the lead by a big advantage, sitting firmly in S ranking, and all the staff stayed in their seats. The ranks were promoted, and no one was left behind.

The combination that was originally least favoured received the best evaluation, but the process was kept strictly confidential, which created enough momentum for the broadcast of next week’s program.

Miss Yan in the S position was a real celebrity on the Internet this night.

Yan Qing was surrounded, and her ears were full of screams that could not be dissipated.

She couldn’t stop looking back to find the pink light, but it was hidden by the chaotic crowd and she couldn’t see it.

Yan Qing’s heart couldn’t stabilize at all, and she didn’t care about grades or anything. She just wanted to meet Mr. Huo, but she was dizzy and couldn’t figure out what she wanted to say.

It was very simple, she just wanted to see him…

“Yanyan, why are you so distracted, are you too excited? Let’s go, the celebration party is about to start over there!”

Yan Qing always felt that Mr. Huo was nearby, but she didn’t dare to be too blatant and looked around cautiously. When she passed the corridor of the dressing room, a shadow flickered in her corner.

Her breathing accelerated slightly, and she said to Ouyang, “You go first, my eyes are a little uncomfortable, please deal with it.” When the team members left, the surroundings became quiet, Yan Qing hurriedly turned around to look for it, but there was nothing and no one, therefore she thought she might have imagined Mr. Huo. She shook off the little disappointment in her heart and headed down to the hall towards the celebration banquet.

At the door of a lounge not far away, He Xiangjin stared at the warm cup in his hand, looked at Yan Qing who was getting closer, tightened his fingers, and walked towards her.

Yan Qing was leaning against the wall, walking very slowly, but she was caught off guard when her wrist was pulled with a little force, and she was pulled behind a tall screen.

Yan Qing raised her head in a panic and her gaze met with Huo Yunshen’s hot pupils.

A screen covered them.

He grabbed her hand, covered her breath, and said to her in a slightly hoarse voice, “Qing Bao, I am here.”

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