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After the two brothers of the Mu family left the old house, Mu Qirong, who had been silent, said: “What does Grandpa think about Xiao Lu?”

“What do you mean?” Mu Qihua looked at Mu Qirong with a smile, “If Xiao Lu is just our cousin’s assistant or friend, then grandpa would definitely appreciate him, but he is with our cousin…” Not to mention that grandpa was not so receptive to new things, even after he first learned about it, he had contradictory emotions. He admired Lu Chengyu’s talents, and also hated how his younger brother got entangled with a man.

Among the second generations of wealthy families he knew, there were also a few playful children who were raising men, but nobody took it seriously, but his cousin who always behaved in an appropriate manner, he just didn’t make a move, and shocked the country as soon as he made a move. He came out in front of the people of the whole country. He was still beating people for Lu Chengyu at the airport and said something like that.

He hadn’t ever really liked anyone, he didn’t understand Yan Mu’s mood when he was at the airport, but the matter was over, he respected Yan Mu’s choice and treated Lu Chengyu as his own family. Although, the people of the Mu family seemed to be reasonable in everything they do, in fact they all had shortcomings in their bones.

He knew that there was a story behind Lu Chengyu, but,he did not expect that the people behind him were getting bolder, and even dared to calculate against their Mu family. Thinking of this, he smiled with a little coldness on his face, and said to Mu Qirong who was next to him: “Qirong, do you think the person behind this thinks that the people of our Mu family are also eager for Lu Chengyu to have an accident? “

The matter between Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu would have upset many, if it was placed in ordinary families. The people behind the accident may also feel that the Mu family also didn’t want to see Lu Chengyu. Even, if they dealt with Lu Chengyu, the Mu family would only watch with cold eyes. It was a pity that these people thought in the wrong direction. Although, Mu Qihua was uncertain, he still had Lu Chengyu in his eyes. Now, someone attacked Lu Chengyu on the plane. If he didn’t do anything, he would be acting out of character.

“On that flight, there were more than a dozen people with suspicious identities.” Mu Qirong took out his mobile phone and checked the messages that others had sent him. “What I am more puzzled about is that those who conspired with Lu Chengyu, didn’t they find that Lu Chengyu hadn’t boarded the plane? “

“This can be regarded as little Lu’s fate, countless coincidences saved his life,” Mu Qihua sat in the car, looking at the changing scenery outside the car window, “I heard that Lu Chengyu’s car to the airport was originally arranged. But, not long before leaving, because of the kindness of Director Qin, he took the assistant’s car and left. Later, the car had a problem halfway, and they transferred to a taxi. Who knew that the taxi also broke down halfway? You also know how much traffic there is, unless, it is an official search for a car, otherwise it is not credible to track it secretly, and it is not as if it is a movie.”

Mu Qirong still felt that something was wrong. If the other party wanted to track Lu Chengyu, why did they not think of installing a tracker. Maybe…, Lu Chengyu had been on guard in secret?

Mu Qihua seemed to guess what he was thinking, and he chuckled, “I heard that the illegitimate son of the Yan family did not please Xiao Lu. You think that a person with such a high level of vigilance is so easy to be calculated by others.”

Mu Qirong opened his mouth and recalled the first time he met Lu Chengyu. At that time, he asked Yan Mu to attend a reception held by his mother. Lu Chengyu’s words and deeds easily made people feel good, even when making coffee, he remembered to add ice cubes to the piping hot coffee. At that time, Lu Chengyu had just been an assistant and was able to perform the details so well, which showed that he was a very meticulous person.

Lu Chengyu, who was talked about by the two brothers of the Mu family, had now returned home. This time he returned to the small villa where he and Yan Mu lived. They did not go home for nearly a month. The roses in the garden outside were already blooming brilliantly, but he could not see them because it was too dark. He could see how beautiful the flowers bloomed by the light.

After Zhang Zeyun sent the two to home, seeing that it was late, and knowing that there must be a lot to say between the two, so, he only sat in the living room for a while and left.

As soon as Zhang Zeyun left, the atmosphere between Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu changed. He stretched out his hand to caress the wrinkle between Yan Mu’s eyebrows, but Yan Mu grabbed his hand.

After experiencing life and death and a short-term parting, the feelings between the two suddenly broke out under this action. The so-called affection filled with deep desire, that is, it was natural for the love to be in full bloom. [Please brainstorm the above, I can only write up to this point.】

After the tossing, the two went to the bathroom to take a shower, which again accidentally lit the fire, so they went at again. When Lu Chengyu lay on the bed, it was past three in the morning. He suddenly did not feel sleepy. He took the tablet from the bedside and logged into his Weibo, and he saw that there were more than 100,000 reposts and comments on it. All the messages were from netizens who cared about him and reposted stuff such as wishing him and Yan Mu happiness.

“Looking at these comments, they wish us happiness,” Lu Chengyu moved the tablet in Yan Mu’s direction, and patted his arm to let him come and take a look.

Yan Mu stretched his head over, glanced at it twice, and said, “So, we can’t let everyone down.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and continued to scan Weibo. With this scan, he saw that the second most popular Weibo was “Huading”. “The president shed tears at the airport for his lover”, the headline was about the flight crash. He glanced at Yan Mu next to him, and then clicked on the Weibo with tears in his eyes.

When the post opened, Yan Mu’s eyes were red, and Lu Chengyu’s dazed photo came into Lu Chengyu’s eyes, and he was stunned at the first glance. He never thought that Yan Mu would be so embarrassed, he never even thought that Yan Mu would have a moment of tears. But looking at this photo, he suddenly realized that no matter what Yan Mu’s identity or personality was, he was his weakness.

He suddenly raised his head to look at Yan Mu. Seeing that his eyes were dodging, he obviously didn’t expect that Lu Chengyu would see this kind of photo, so he was a little embarrassed for a while.

“Mwah,” Lu Chengyu embraced his neck and kissed him hard on his lips without saying anything, but it seemed more powerful than any language.

After a long while, Yan Mu saw Lu Chengyu still seeing related Weibo posts, and then he said, “We will take a day off tomorrow, and then we will go to the day after for work.”

“OK, I just have some things to do,” he glanced at the tablet, sae the news about the flight crash on the screen, after sighing, he closed the news page, “Tomorrow you will stay with me.”

“Okay, go to sleep,” Yan Mu touched Lu Chengyu’s neck, not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, his index finger touched a place with a hickey.

Lu Chengyu glanced at him with a faint smile, put the tablet on the bedside table, “Go to sleep.”

Yan Mu calmly kicked the quilt on his side to the ground, and then got into the quilt that Lu Chengyu was covering himself with. Then he stretched out his hand and patted the quilt covering the two of them, “Good night.” Taking advantage of the situation, he kissed Lu Chengyu’s face with a serious face.

He was playing a rogue with an expressionless face, is that also a rogue, okay?

It was not that Lu Chengyu hadn’t noticed Yan Mu’s small movements, but thinking of Yan Mu’s shock today, his heart softened, no matter if Yan Mu squeezed into his quilt, he closed his eyes and fell asleep in a short time.

Yan Mu slowly opened his eyes, looked at the person sleeping next to him, and closed his eyes again after a long while.

Lu Chengyu woke up after ten o’clock in the morning, and Yan Mu, who was already awake, was lying beside him. After the two of them had washed together, they stood in front of the mirror and looked at the hickey on each other’s necks. Lu Chengyu smiled. “Fortunately, it’s winter, otherwise, these must be seen by others.”

Yan Mu remained silent, but Lu Chengyu handed him a black and white scarf after changing clothes for going out.

After Lu Chengyu took it and put it around his neck, he saw Yan Mu holding a scarf of the same color around his neck. He smiled and watched Yan Mu’s small movements, reaching out and handing him a pair of gloves.

After they got dressed and went out, they rushed to the airport. After learning about the compensation from the flight company, Lu Chengyu decided to compensate each family affected by the crash with another 200,000 cash. He did not go to see the family members, but discussed the decision with the relevant staff. As he expected, more than a dozen people on this flight were bachelors who had never returned home for many years or had no father or mother.

These people were almost all unemployed, and there were even a few who have had a criminal record. Lu Chengyu understood in his heart that perhaps these people were the ones who had been arranged to deal with him a long time ago. No matter what purpose these people had, Lu Chengyu didn’t show any expression on his face. After transferring the compensation amount to the relevant staff, he left the airport.

He did not go to see the families of the victims because he was worried that those people would become more emotional after seeing him. After all, he was also on this flight, but because of good luck, he escaped the catastrophe. Such great luck fell in the eyes of these family members, and it would simply be a blow. He didn’t want to rub salt on their wounds, he might as well deal with this kind of thing in a low-key manner.

The families of the victims had already been notified of the amount of compensation. Who knew that they heard the news that afternoon that a well-wisher had donated 200,000 yuan to each family member? There were a total of hundreds of passengers on the plane. The money was spent, but it was 50 or 60 million. Who was so big-hearted?

After the reporters heard the news, they all sharpened their heads to inquire about the latest news. Who knew that even the families of the victims did not know who the donor was. So, these people began to inquire from the relevant departments and even made various inferences, and finally came to the conclusion that the most likely person to donate was Lu Chengyu, who was lucky enough to not board this flight.

With the exposure of Lu Chengyu’s investment in “Flying Birds”, everyone knew that Lu Chengyu was a wealthy man with nine-figure assets. But, no matter, how rich people were, they also loved money, but he took out fifty to sityx million at once, which really shocked a bunch of people.

Some people said that he spent money to buy peace of mind because he escaped by chance; others said that he was grateful to God, so, he sympathized with the families of the victims. Some people also said that he was hyping up, but as soon as this kind of remarks came out, countless people sneered and asked those who said it was too much to spend 50 or 60 million to make hype, and these kinds of remarks quickly disappeared.

From the outside, Lu Chengyu didn’t care at all. For him, he just wanted to offer more financial help for the family members who had lost their loved ones, nothing more.

He was not the Virgin Mary, but agreed with the sentence, that if you are poor, you should be good to yourself, and if you are rich, you should benefit the world. What’s more, if something happened to him this time, no amount of money would be spent, and it would make Yan Mu sad. What was better than being alive?

He glanced at Yan Mu who was sitting next to him and smiled.

What could be better than living with someone you love?

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