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Yan Han had already thought of a solution in the meantime.

He unbuttoned the cufflinks of his school uniform jacket and the shirt underneath one by one, revealing his arms still wrapped in gauze. “Can you give me a certificate? Just say that my arm is injured and cannot be exposed to water.”

After a few days of training, the scar on his arm had healed, but he couldn’t do strenuous exercise yet, and he couldn’t take classes like swimming.

“Han Han! You are so smart!” Li Hongqing excitedly rushed to hug him, but Yan Han quickly slapped him back.

He couldn’t help but get goosebumps when he heard someone call him Han Han.

“Let’s get down to business!”

“What else is there?”

“This… I didn’t expect it.” Yan Han said boldly: “Then it’s nothing, let’s do this for now.”

“Wait Han Han! I remembered it!”

“What?” Yan Han asked, shaking the chicken skin on his arm.

“I have breast pads here, why don’t you try it first?”

“…Whatever you want to try, give me the stuff and I’ll go back and try it on myself.”

“But can you really understand how to use this thing? The hard breast pads are useless.”


“You have to know how to squeeze.”


Why was this so troublesome!

“You’re not shy, are you? We are all good sisters, what’s there to be shy about?”

Li Hongqing said, reaching into a drawer and finding a wig.

The long black hair straight to the bangs was put on his head very skillfully. After a little arrangement, Li Hongqing seemed to be a different person.

The originally delicate facial features paired with waist-length hair immediately made him look much more solemn and refined than before. The neat bangs and the hair scattered around his ears made the outline of his face more beautiful, and it suddenly turned into a small V-shaped face.

With well-maintained skin that could be broken by a single blow, Li Hongqing took off his white coat with ease, and with a coquettish posture… he looked more of a woman than a woman!

So the system actually selected the wrong person, right? This person was more suitable to be a women’s clothing boss!

“Don’t praise me like that, I’ll be shy!” Li Hongqing was obviously very satisfied with the effect of his women’s clothing. In fact, he often dressed like this when hanging out in nightclubs.

Yan Han only went to a gay bar once. After entering, he was pestered by several teenagers. He found it boring and was frightened, so he never went there again.

“Gay bars are everywhere.” Li Hongqing waved his hands indifferently and played with a strand of long hair hanging on his shoulders, deliberately pinched his throat while saying: “It’s hard to find a good attack. If you encounter me, you have to rely on your ability to chase him. I will let my brother take you to see him tomorrow and you will know.”


No, thank you.

“Okay, don’t be naggy! Come over here, there is no surveillance here.” Li Hongqing continued to pinch his throat and said: “Let’s get down to business! Take off your clothes quickly!”



Su Linpei didn’t know today either he bumped into some god or ghost, but he almost choked on the milk he drank in the morning, then he went to the cafeteria to eat at noon and slipped and sprained his foot.

The other brothers still had things to do, so he didn’t ask anyone to accompany him. He thought he would stop by the school infirmary and buy a bottle of pain relief spray or something.

Unexpectedly, when he walked to the door of the campus infirmary, he found that the door was closed.

Just as he was about to knock on the door, he was stopped by strange voices inside!

What did it mean to get down to business quickly? What serious business required you to take off your clothes!

Su Linpei was completely confused. He reacted after a while before he remembered to put his ear against the door to hear what was going on.

As a result, he forgot to move while lying on his stomach, and only heard another voice inside saying: “Hey, it’s so cold.”

Huh? Why did this voice sound familiar? …

He was wondering in his heart, when the voice inside became a little louder: “Oh, oh, oh, please be gentler!… Damn, I can’t help it, it’s so tight…”

“Shh, please lower your voice and bear it a little longer.”

“I can’t breathe…well…”

Su Linpei:…!!!

His body bounced away uncontrollably, his back pressed against the opposite wall, his hands and feet going stiff.

…So what was this called? Sexy affair in the school infirmary? Should this matter be taken care of? Was it under their control? Who was the person inside…

His mind went blank, and he was in a state of panic. Su Linpei had always been a tough-minded and upright young man since he was a child. He had never encountered such a thing before… Boss… By the way, Boss! It was already deeply ingrained in him to ask the boss if there was anything he needed. Su Linpei quickly took out his cell phone.

Before he could dial the number, there was a sound at the school infirmary door. At that moment, Su Linpei was like a deer being chased by a tiger. He acted completely on instinct and hid at the corner of the corridor.

The door to the campus infirmary opened again, and he poked his head out from the wall, not forgetting to record it all with his mobile phone.

It would be fine if the person inside was a teacher, but he was afraid it was some student… wait… a fool?! Wasn’t that Yan Han?

So the other person with her in the campus infirmary was… a woman?!

Su Linpei was too far away to see clearly, but he could see that the person had long hair reaching his waist and was tall!

So this s*x incident in the school infirmary…was it a girl-girl version?!

Su Linpei’s brain was knotted again when he heard the woman say in a weird voice: “Uncle, come here often when you have time.”

Yan Han, who had already gone away, waved his hand to her, looking a little cold.


I’m so sorry!

Seeing this scene with his own eyes, Su Linpei was so frightened that he forgot about the pain in his feet. He immediately dragged his remaining leg out of the building from the other side and went to find their boss.

He needed to tell the boss about this quickly!

Their boss was such an outstanding and pure person! He would never allow it! The boss was not allowed to be cheated on for the first time when he fell in love!

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