YXBG Ch. 10: Xianxian

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After a class in the dance academy, Chang Mei sat in the practice room and took off her dancing shoes. Her inadvertent posture brought out her innate elegance and nobility, which made the students look at her with deep emotion. The beautiful girls whispered: “I wish I could still be so beautiful at that age as Teacher Chang Mei.”

“Yeah ah, hey hey. When my mother heard that Teacher Chang Mei taught the class, she insisted no matter what or where it is, I have to come, even my dad agreed…”

“Wow, is your father still chasing stars?”

“What’s the matter, my father likes her too, but my mother is still very happy, she said, this shows that my father has a good vision and taste.”

“Really. It’s a pity that she is married. If she was willing to continue acting, she would be an international superstar now.”

“The teacher is not at a disadvantage, her husband is handsome and rich, and so dedicated, alas… I also want such a prince charming.” The girls had changed their topics and started discussing their criteria for mate selection.

A faint smile appeared on Chang Mei’s lips, thinking that she was also looking forward to Prince White’s “rescue” back then! Now the video tape of time had been pressed and fast-forwarded, in an instant, she was already the mother of two children.

“Chang Mei!” A clear voice sounded at the door of the practice room. Chang Mei raised her head and saw a slim woman wearing a tailored suit, standing there excitedly and waving at her.

“Duo Duo?” She stood up in surprise and ran out quickly: “Why are you here?!”

“Oh, put on your clothes and don’t freeze.” Fang Duo knew that she was afraid of the cold, and hurriedly took her own mink coat and gave it over to her, “I’m here to talk about business, let me take a look at you! Let me take a look! You woman, are you the reincarnation of the little dragon girl, won’t you get old?”

By this time, she had changed her clothes. The students filed out and bid farewell to Chang Mei.

Fang Duo was still talking: “I used to say that Yin Ruoji is a vampire who will never grow old, but now it seems that he is not good anymore. I just met him this morning and he looks like an uncle! Hey, when you go out together, do others think you’re a father and daughter pair?”

Chang Mei laughed: “What nonsense, how can it be so exaggerated. By the way, has Jia Ming come with you?”

“He, I wanted to come see you, and I think he is too clingy. But…” She was mysterious and smiled, “I brought your daughter-in-law!”

“Xianxian is here?” Chang Mei laughed, “They are on vacation so early?!”

“Yes, Zhefei should still be in class, right? She couldn’t be idle as soon as she was on vacation, and she kept clamoring to see Zhefei! By the way, I know what your newly adopted child’s name is!”

“She’s Yin Xiaomei, and she went to school today to pick her transcript up. The transcript of the final exam is available, and you will see it after dinner together.”

“Yin Ruoji praised her as being as cute as you. I bought her a lot of toys and clothes. She will definitely become good friends with Xianxian!” She took out a pink letter from her briefcase again: “Here, this is a love letter from Xianxian to Zhefei!”

Chang Mei suddenly felt petrified.


Yin Xiaomei, who was sitting in the classroom, suddenly felt a chill on her back. She didn’t know if it was because of the tragic grades, or because she felt a dangerous air current was approaching. She looked at Yuanyuan’s transcript. Except for the language in which she had 99, all the others were 100.

“Yuanyuan, you did well in the exam!” she said, entangled. This time Yuanyuan was the first one in the class. When she was cleaning the office, she heard the English teacher say that Lin Di’s English score was only 98 points. Oh, yes, now she knew that Lin Di’s name was actually Lin Diyi, but she still preferred the former, after all, it was more in line with her character. She looked at Lin Di’s seat. The strong girl was crying so sadly that Xiao Mei didn’t know if she should cry too.

And Yuanyuan was so happy that she narrowed her eyes: “Mom said, if I get the first place in the exam, she will take me to Disneyland this holiday.”

“Disneyland?” Xiaomei came back to her senses. She only knew in the orphanage that Disney made cartoons, so how could she go there for a holiday?

“Yeah, I can’t wait to go. I don’t know what American food is like.” She sucked in her mouth and was more concerned about eating. “What about you? What are you planning to do during the holiday?”

Yin Xiaomei was a little dazed, yes, she didn’t even know that they could go out to play during the holidays. Well, she had to plan well.

After the distribution of the transcript was the general cleaning. Xiao Mei looked at the English teacher with her sleeves rolled up, and then at the teacher Li in the first class, and said strangely: “Why is our class being cleaned by the English teacher, shouldn’t the class teacher come?”

Song Yuanyuan wiped her mouth, looking through the window, she said maturely, “You don’t understand, Ms. Laura is a newcomer and has low level of qualifications. Of course, the Owl will tell her to do it! But working with Ms. Laura is better than that one!”

“Why can’t she? What about her being the class teacher?”

“Being a class teacher is so easy. After all, the salary is more! I think Ms. Laura will have to spend a while before earning that much. Although she is a famous university student, people don’t look at this when you are working. Unlike Teacher Li, who has academic qualifications, and everyone still likes him.”

“Then Teacher Li’s wife must be very happy.”

“He doesn’t have a wife yet! Speaking of which, Teacher Li is 30, right? Maybe he plans to devote his whole life to education.”

Xiaomei nodded and said frustratedly: “That’s fine, but it would be nice if Teacher Li was our head teacher.” Speaking of which, she also had good math grades! She saw Teacher Li who was working hard on the other side. He always glanced there from time to time where Ms. Laura was working. She couldn’t help but wonder: “Mr. Li’s eyes are so strange.”

Song Yuanyuan said absently, “Who knows? Perhaps an eyes cramp! You never had a mouth cramp? “


When Zhang Bo went to pick Xiaomei, he saw her dejected look, and he knew that she did not test well. Alas, it was too immoral to let a child go to school, let’s see what his cute little princess has been tortured into! He hurriedly greeted her and said with a grimace, “Xiaomei, let’s see Grandpa pretending to be a monster for you!”

Xiaomei looked at him speechlessly and sighed deeply: “Grandpa is so naive…” Uncle Zhang almost burst into tears instantly, naive, he was actually called naive by this first-grade guy! He took the transcript in Xiaomei’s hand and said with relief: “They are all above 80 points, very good! It seems that Zhefei’s tuition is still effective.”

“But there are only two students in the class below 90 points! One is me! The other is a fool.” Xiaomei’s face was sullen.

“Um…well…but it’s much better than before, right! People just want to compare themselves!” Uncle Zhang quickly invited the unhappy little guy into the car, telling many interesting stories along the way. When Xiaomei got off the car at home, she was in a much better mood. She rushed into the house without thinking, “Mom! Mom!”

“Bang”, she hit a wall and was almost bounced to the ground.

Eh? How could a pink wall be erected in front of the door at home?!

She raised her head, only to realize that it was not the wall that stood in front of her, but a tall and strong girl! Xiaomei could only see a black outline because of the backlight, but there was no doubt in her mind that it was not easy to resist Xiaomei’s bull-like impact!

“Grumbling”, she swallowed her saliva unconsciously.

Should I apologize? Was it better to run away?

The latter! The chances of surviving were relatively high, she had slowly receded after thinking about it this way. However, the giant girl had stretched out her hand, and said in a voice that was as delicate as Sailor Moon’s Chinese dubbing: “Hello! You must be Yin Xiaomei!”

Xiaomei only felt that her goose bumps were all magnified and rushing out layer by layer. The girl continued to say in her lively voice: “My name is Lu Xianxian, and I am Yin Zhefei’s fiancée. You can call me sister-in-law!” The pride revealed in the words made those who heard it think she was a little rabbit inside a black armor[1]!

The top of Yin Xiaomei’s head was hit with a lot of lightning strikes. Fiancée?! She didn’t know that Yin Zhefei had such a heavy taste! She liked such a girl! She did not resist completely and obeyed: “Sister-in-law!”

At this moment, Uncle Zhang stopped the car and walked over and said happily: “Ah! Xianxian, you are here! Why are you standing outside?”

Lu Xianxian smiled sweetly: “I’m waiting for Zhefei to come back.”


At Zhang Xiang’s family, Yin Zhefei’s face was pale, sitting on his friend’s bed, it seemed that he would faint at any time. In his hand was the pink letter sent to him by the diligent Uncle Zhang to the school.

And the pink letter paper of the same color was pasted with the type cut letters from the newspaper into a sentence: I have been paying attention to you for a long time.

Immediately afterwards, there was the impression of flaming red lips…

T/N: I didn’t know children wrote such love letters like ransom notes…

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[1] The voice and body do not match.

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