TBVSR Ch. 89

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The smile on Zhen Xuxu’s face disappeared, and the brows turned furrowed: “You said you were looking for Qiu Li?”


“You are his girlfriend?”

“Yes, do you know him?”

The girlfriend’s expression was very exciting, and she couldn’t wait to talk.

However, Zhen Xuxu glared at her and told her to shut up.

She said to Jiang Yu: “I don’t know, I haven’t heard of this person.”

Jiang Yu shrugged, without any doubt: “There are so many classmates in the school, it’s normal not to know each other, he doesn’t like interpersonal communication, but can you find his contact information for me? Even just a phone number is fine.”

Zhen Xuxu smiled and said: “Yes, but you have to teach me how to swing the whip first, and I will help you find his information”

Jiang Yu readily agreed: “Okay, but I can only teach you the skills of rotation here. The specific movements and details require you to repeat a lot of training. Ballet cannot be accomplished overnight.”

Zhen Xuxu said firmly: “I don’t need to worry about it, I will train hard.”

For the next two hours, Jiang Yu carefully guided Zhen Xuxu’s basic number of whips, and taught her the experience she had figured out without reservation.

Even so, because Zhen Xuxu had no ballet foundation, she still danced barely, crookedly, not worth seeing.

Jiang Yu could only tell her to strengthen her training in the future, it was best to practice the basic skills of ballet, any dance followed the same principle: practice makes perfect.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening when they walked out of the dance classroom.

The sky had gradually dimmed down, and the number of students in the activities of the University Student Center began to increase, which was very lively.

Zhen Xuxu brought Jiang Yu to the door of the University Student Activity Center, and said to her, “Wait here, I will go in and help you find the student roster. You just said he is a student of School of Psychology, right?”

“Well, it should be Psychology School.”

“Then just wait a moment.”

Zhen Xuxu and her best friend entered the Student Union Office of the University Student Activity Center together.

After entering, she quickly turned on the computer and began to use Word to guide the student roster of the School of Psychology.

The best friend closed the door carefully, rushed over excitedly, propped the table and said to Zhen Xuxu: “My mother! She is Qiu Li’s girlfriend! What kind of fate is this!”

Zhen Xuxu said blankly: “Ex-girlfriend, thank you.”

“I finally know why you have been chasing Qiu Li for so long, but he is still unmoved. The beauty of this ex-girlfriend is already considered the ceiling!”

“Just now she danced ballet, she was so beautiful! The goddess of temperament! How did Qiu Li, a decadent boy, find a girlfriend with such qualifications?”

“Can you stop talking.”

Zhen Xuxu finally became impatient: “It’s so noisy!”

“No, I’m also doing it for your own good. You see, with such conditions… Qiu Li can break up with her. Is he out of his mind?”

Zhen Xuxu remembered that Qiu Li used to have a girlfriend, and the reason for the breakup seemed to be that he was mentally ill…

Zhen Xuxu thought he was joking.

“Anyway, it’s a break-up.”

Zhen Xuxu said dissatisfiedly: “There must be a reason for breaking up. Even if this woman stalks him and wants to get him back, he may not be happy! Isn’t this right, he even changed his mobile phone number, he definitely doesn’t want to contact her anymore.”

Her best friend raised her eyebrows: “Then why are you so enthusiastic about helping her find contact information?”

“Isn’t this for her to teach me how to dance?”

Zhen Xuxu tapped the keyboard on the computer and said, “That girlfriend must have attracted him because of her good ballet dancing. Qiu Li is a man who keeps his word. If I can practice this dance well, I will definitely have a chance to be with him.”

“But it’s also possible that Qiu Li likes ballet because of this girlfriend!”

The best friend continued to insert the knife: “You may look ridiculous if you act like this.”

Zhen Xuxu looked at this best friend who “told the truth”, and really wanted to break up with her all the time.

No, she really wanted to strangle her best friend.

Seeing that Zhen Xuxu’s face was ugly, the best friend hurried to make amends: “Of course, of course, they have already broken up, which means that there must be a reason for breaking up, so you still have a great chance, hahaha.”

Zhen Xuxu didn’t bother to talk to her, and printed the revised roster, then she went out of the student activity center.

Jiang Yu, who had been waiting for a long time, hurried up to greet her: “Did you find him?”

“I’m sorry, I searched all over the roster of freshmen in the School of Psychology, but there is no name as your boyfriend.”

“How could this be?” Jiang Yu quickly took the list and looked through it carefully.

It seemed… It was true that Qiu Li’s name was not found.

She frowned and asked, “Isn’t it the School of Psychology?”

Zhen Xuxu hurriedly said, “I logged into the system of the Academic Affairs Office and searched for his name, but I couldn’t find it.”

“Your…It means…”

“He should not be in our school.”

Jiang Yu’s heart skipped a beat: “How is that possible!”

No, Qiu Li showed her the admission notice, and he should have come to Haicheng University.

Had he lied to her again?

Jiang Yu’s mind was in a mess. If he hadn’t come to Haicheng University, where would she go to find him?

Zhen Xuxu smiled and said, “I’m really sorry, I can’t help you.”

“Since he wants to cut off contact with you, it means that he doesn’t want to be found by you, so you should move on.”

Zhen Xuxu persuaded kindly: “Even if you find him, if he has made up his mind and must break up, then that’s okay. You will only embarrass yourself, why not let him go free, what do you think.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yu looked at Zhen Xuxu seriously, and suddenly chuckled: “What are you laughing at?”

“Senior sister, do you know him?”


Zhen Xuxu didn’t expect her to see it and was a little at a loss, then she said with a face: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Jiang Yu handed the list to Zhen Xuxu, and said, “With Qiu Li’s college entrance examination scores, he should be admitted to the school with the first grade. You see, the first row of the list is the line with the three digits 001 after the student number. You deleted it.”

Zhen Xuxu’s best friend squeezed over to take a look, and as expected, Zhen Xuxu directly deleted the information on Qiu Li’s line and printed it out. But this idiot didn’t even change the student number of the next classmate. So the roster started with the student number 002, which was quite abrupt. Anyone who had been to university knew that student numbers were arranged sequentially, and it didn’t make sense that the first place for freshmen who had enrolled was 002. The best friend held her forehead. She felt really… dizzy. She was usually quite clever, how could such a bug happen.

Zhen Xuxu’s face was ugly, she gritted her teeth, and admitted angrily: “Yes, I just revised the roster and don’t want you to find him.”


“He has already come out, what’s the point of you stalking him now?”

“Come out.” Jiang Yu asked softly, “Where did he come out from?”

“From …from the pain of his last relationship.”

“In pain?” Jiang Yu smiled calmly: “Until one minute before we broke up, he was still fulfilling his promise to me, sending me to school, making my bed and cleaning, and even bought half a year’s worth of sanitary napkins for me to fill a cabinet. Senior sister, where did you see that he was hurt in his last relationship?”


Zhen Xuxu was shocked, she couldn’t believe it, those thoughtful things in her mouth… that indifferent teenager would do that.

Perhaps, he was really just indifferent to insignificant people.

Zhen Xuxu’s best friend was also dumbfounded.

She looked at Zhen Xuxu’s extremely ugly face.

This… this was really a dimensionality reduction blow.

But Jiang Yu could see that the senior in front of her actually didn’t know anything.

Even if she knew Qiu Li, it was only an acquaintance.

Qiu Li was not a man who gave his affection easily, and trying to win his heart may be harder than picking off the moon from the sky.

Otherwise, this young lady wouldn’t have spent so much effort learning how to swing the whip 32 times. If he really cared about her, she wouldn’t be so embarrassed in front of Jiang Yu now.

It was clear that Qiu Li was deliberately looking for an excuse to make things difficult for her, so that she would retreat in spite of the difficulties.

It was useless to say anymore, Jiang Yu didn’t want to argue with her, so she turned and left.

Since there was no way to get his mobile phone number in the most convenient way, Jiang Yu chose to use the most stupid method, asking at the door of the male dormitory of the School of Psychology, she could always find someone who knew him there.

Of course, they soon found a boy who was said to be Qiu Li’s roommate.

“Sorry, he’s not in the dormitory right now, and I can’t give you his cell phone number.” Duan Bo regarded Jiang Yu as one of countless little girls trying to court Qiu Li.

He had called in the past, but Qiu Li dealt with him, so when he met a girl who asked for his phone number or WeChat, he dared not give it.

“Please, I’ve been looking for him all day.” Jiang Yu put her palms together sincerely, blowing out a rainbow fart: “It is said that faces come from the heart, little brother, you are so handsome, you must be a kind-hearted person.”

Duan Bo seeing that the little girl was quite sincere, he couldn’t bear it after all, and said, “How about this, I’ll call him and tell him that someone is waiting for him, so let him come back early, okay.”

In the male dormitory, he took out his mobile phone while going upstairs, and called Qiu Li.

There was a lot of noise on the phone call, but his voice was lazy, and he presumably was playing in a bar again.

“What’s the matter?”

“Brother Li, there is a super beautiful sister waiting for you downstairs, come back and have a look, she is really good! She has a thin waist, great aura and long legs, which is no match for Zhen Xuxu who chased you before! Let’s take a chance, she seems to really like you!”

Duan Bo’s words were always exaggerated, after the previous experience, Qiu Li didn’t believe his words much anymore.

No matter how beautiful she was, she would never be the girl in his heart.

It was none of his business.

“I’m busy, I’m hanging up.”

“Hey, hey! No, Brother Li, she is really pretty!”


Qiu Li had already hung up the phone.

From 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock, Jiang Yu stood downstairs in the boys’ dormitory and waited for nearly two hours, watching the boys coming and going, but she never waited for Qiu Li to come back.

When the boys passed by Jiang Yu, they couldn’t help turning their heads to look at her. The first glance was amazing, and the second glance was nostalgic…

Jiang Yu knew how beautiful she was. Ever since she went to university, she had followed Teacher Ling Xuan. This teacher had really completely transformed her female student, from clothing and makeup to walking manners.

Just by looking at Bu Xi, one could tell that within a few years, Ling Xuan would train her to become the most outstanding lady goddess in the ballet circle.

Even if she entered and exited major international exchange meetings, her temperament would never lose to any chief.

In addition, Jiang Yu had a big dad who lacks everything but money, and a second dad who lacked everything but fashion resources. Now her wardrobe was full of new season goods from major luxury brands. Clothes, shoes and bags…

Unknowingly, Jiang Yu had begun to slowly shed the shell of an ugly duckling and transform into a beautiful white swan.

If Qiu Li saw her, he would also be pleasantly surprised.

Jiang Yu really, really missed him!

At half past ten, the student dormitory had a curfew and was closed, and Qiu Li still hadn’t come back.

Jiang Yu walked out of the school in disappointment, looking at the cars passing by on the unfamiliar street and the numb faces of pedestrians, feeling a little lost in her heart.

He couldn’t see her, the makeup was useless.

She didn’t know what Qiu Li’s life was like now, but it must be not very good, he didn’t even go to the library.

Thinking about how hard the teenager worked so hard in the past, how depressed he must be now.

Jiang Yu was suddenly a little scared to see him, maybe he was also afraid to see her…

She walked casually on the street and entered a small bluestone street. All kinds of clear water bars were mostly filled with college students.

Jiang Yu casually entered a bar, ordered a cocktail, and sat on the high platform by the window.

The girls in the art department of the university were very good at playing, and the roommates often took Jiang Yu for disco clubbing.

Playing with these cheerful girls, she learned to drink, and even learned to smoke, but it was Mu Zixian’s women’s e-cigarette, which had extremely low nicotine, was not addictive, and had a lemony fragrance, and very good smell.

She sipped a drink while sitting on the bar, in a trance, as if sipping repeatedly could make her temporarily forget the heartless boy who had abandoned her.

Jiang Yu soon became slightly drunk.

Through the transparent glass, she seemed to see a man coming out of the tavern opposite, his face was very much like the boy in her dream.

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