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Chi Fang took a deep breath, calmed himself down and didn’t think about the car accident. He put his hands on the steering wheel tremblingly, holding the shift gear with the other hand, and lowered the handbrake.

First, he stepped on the clutch…then pushed the gear…and the car started…Chi Fang ignored the blood flowing down his forehead, and recalled the steps of driving little by little, focusing his attention on driving. The car was stopped directly on the side of the road, so as soon as Chi Fang stepped on the accelerator and turned the steering wheel to the right, he was on the main road.

The people chasing from behind were about to touch the door of the car, but they were still a step late and could only watch Chi Fang driving away.

“Damn!” The tall man was pale and kicked the person on the side.

The man didn’t dare to resist, and his face was dark, “Brother, what should we do?”

“What else! Wait for the Chi family to kill us!” The tall man said viciously; originally, they would be torturing Chi Fang. He was blindfolded to make sure that they were not seen. However, the faces of the several people were all seen by Chi Fang. After Chi Fang returned, they would be directly arrested for their entire lives.

The car was out of sight. Several people stood stupidly on the avenue for a long time. When the cold wind blew them, they sneezed one by one.

“What are you doing standing here stupidly! Quickly call Brother Wang!”

Although Chi Fang suppressed the fear in his heart when he drove out of the car. But in just five minutes, his hands trembled, and he didn’t even dare to fall on the steering wheel. The sprains under his feet became more and more painful. In addition to the nervousness, Chi Fang couldn’t feel whether he was right or wrong when stepping on the accelerator.

Fortunately, there were no cars on the road at night, so Chi Fang didn’t hit anyone when he drove out.

After barely driving for ten minutes, Chi Fang’s forehead was already covered with cold sweat, and the palms of his hands were also sweaty. When the car accident happened to him, the car hit the guardrail and flew out. Chi Fang couldn’t help it anymore and stepped on the brake. He moved forward a little and allowed the car to stop.

Chi Fang crawled out of the door of the car, got out and was blown by the cold wind, only to feel that he had come back alive.

He stood by the car blankly for a while, his face stiffened by the cold wind, and then looked around blankly. He didn’t know where those people took him to. He didn’t see any street lights or the like on the way, let alone signs. This road did not look like a big road, but just like a small country road.

Behind him were the kidnappers, and Chi Fang didn’t dare to go back. There was no shop or a village, and he couldn’t find people on his two legs. Chi Fang had to get back into the car again.

This time, Chi Fang did not close the car window, but opened the car window in half, and the speed was kept at 30 or so, not much faster than a bicycle.

Just relying on the speed of thirty, Chi Fang continued on the way for almost two hours while he stopped and rested countless times in the middle. The wound on his forehead was no longer bleeding, and Chi Fang just saw a faint light in front of him.

It was only after getting closer that he saw that it was a gas station. Chi Fang was overjoyed and hurriedly drove the car over.

There were people around the gas station 24 hours a day. As soon as the car in which Chi Fang was stopped, the people in the gas station came out. The man walked over, knocked on the car window, and just wanted to ask how much gas to fill, but he found that the person in the car was covered in blood, as if there had been a car accident.

“You… are you okay?”

Chi Fang got out of the car. His long-term blood loss and driving discomfort made him a little dizzy. He relaxed his mind. Chi Fang grabbed the man’s sleeve with one hand and said with difficulty: “Trouble, borrow the phone.”

The man hurriedly held Chi Fang and led him into the gas station room. There were two people on duty tonight, the other was on the twelve o’clock shift, who was still sleeping, and he was alone now.

“Here, you can call.” The man unlocked his mobile phone and handed it to Chi Fang. He went to find a towel and handed it to Chi Fang, motioning him to wipe the blood from his forehead.

Chi Fang thanked him gratefully but hesitated when dialing the phone.

Yu Mo must have known that he was missing. Under this circumstance, he didn’t know if Yu Mo told the Chi family, if Yu Mo didn’t say anything, wouldn’t he just make them worry if he called them?

In the end, Chi Fang chose to call Yu Mo. Fortunately, he had a good memory. He had seen Yu Mo’s phone number once before.

The phone rang twice, and Yu Mo picked it up with a cold voice: “Say, what conditions?”

Chi Fang choked and didn’t understand Yu Mo’s meaning, and subconsciously “Huh?”

Yu Mo’s eyes opened wide, he almost instantly reacted in an urgent tone said: “Chi Fang? Where are you? Did they hit you? You wait for me to come right away.”

With these words, Yu Mo’s other hand crackled on the computer a few times, and the code on the computer screen began to run. And Chi Zheng, who was originally sitting beside Yu Mo, also leaned forward and snatched the phone. “Brother, it’s okay, second brother is here, don’t be afraid.”

“???” Chi Fang didn’t expect Chi Zheng to be there. It was just that he couldn’t discuss the matter over the phone, so he could only comfort him: “I’m fine, I’m now…” Chi Fang hesitated for a moment, and looked at the man on the side, “Where is this?”

“Chenghe Gas Station.”

Chi Fang nodded and told Chi Zheng the location.

Several people looked at the position displayed on the computer, and it was exactly the same as what Chi Fang said.

Chi Zheng was a little at a loss, “Brother, were you…asking the kidnappers?”

“No… I can’t explain on the phone. Come here first.” Chi Fang touched his still aching head, “It’s better to bring a first aid kit…”

After the call was hung up, Chi Fang wiped the blood from his forehead with the towel provided by the man. Only then did he realize that he had lost a lot of blood, no wonder he kept feeling cold, probably because of excessive blood loss.

After about half an hour, Chi Fang heard a sudden rush of brakes outside, and the car slammed the brakes as it had been running at a rapid speed. Chi Fang covered the wound with one hand, while standing up and looking out the window.

Yu Mo didn’t wait for the car to stop but jumped out of the car and ran towards him with long legs. Behind him were Chi Zheng and Chi Yan.

It seemed that Mother Chi still didn’t know… Chi Fang breathed a sigh of relief.

Yu Mo entered the room without paying any attention to the other person and threw himself directly in front of Chi Fang.

Chi Fang looked quite embarrassed. Although the blood on his forehead had been wiped off, there were still some residues. The hair and clothes were also messed up because of his rolling in the dirty warehouse. His trousers got wet when he was running in the forest. Although they were a little dry now, the water marks could still be seen.

In addition, because of the sprain, he did not dare to land one foot on the ground, and Chi Fang could only stand there with a golden rooster like posture[1].

Yu Mo didn’t even dare to reach out and hug Chi Fang.

Chi Fang saw through what Yu Mo was worried about at a glance. He smiled and took a step forward, and voluntarily fell into Yu Mo’s arms. Yu Mo stretched out his hand to catch Chi Fang, only then did he believe that Chi Fang had no other injuries.

“I’m fine. Before those people could do anything, I ran away.” Chi Fang soothed him.

Behind him, Chi Zheng and Chi Yan also entered the door. Chi Zheng’s expression turned black when he saw the little brother’s appearance, and he gritted his teeth wanting to find those people. Chi Yan grabbed his second brother, helplessly, “They won’t wait there.”

It was nice to get Chi Fang back. The several people took Chi Fang to the hospital for examination. The injury on the head was caused by a heavy object. Fortunately, there was no concussion. It was just that the blood loss was a bit serious, and he needed to recuperate.

Chi Fang’s ankle was also very serious. Originally it was just a slight sprain, but because Chi Fang just hid in the snow for half an hour and drove like this for almost two hours, it became worse. When he arrived at the hospital, his ankle was already swollen into a bun.

After Chi Fang’s feet were treated, they were heavily bandaged.

“Your foot can’t touch the water for at least one month. You can wipe it with a wet towel. If you have to take a bath, try to be careful of your foot. It is best to have someone help take care of it.” The doctor glanced down at his notes, and Chi Fang suddenly felt something wrong. “Also, the patient’s body is a bit too weak and needs to be supplemented.”

Chi Fang didn’t like to be hospitalized, but as he was now, he definitely couldn’t go back to Chi’s house, otherwise Mother Chi would be worried. But Chi Fang’s own small apartment was not safe after all. What’s more, Chi Fang had just been kidnapped near there. How could Chi Zheng let Chi Fang live there again?

In the end, Chi Zheng could only watch the kid from Yu’s family return to Yu’s villa with his little brother.

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[1] Leaning while standing on one foot.

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