TCYEC Ch. 92

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“Mom, how many times have I told you that I didn’t make other people’s stomachs bigger[1], why don’t you just believe me!” Yu Silong felt like he was going crazy, how could it be impossible to explain to his own mother?

His mother didn’t believe his son, and even believed what the invisible woman said in the video. It was Yu Siyang who came out to retaliate against him which was clear at first glance. People with little IQ could see it.

“So, you think Yu Siyang deliberately framed you?”

“Isn’t it so obvious that even fools could tell.”

“Slap—” Mother slapped Yu Silong’s face and said angrily: “Deserve it.” This son was extremely disappointing.

This child had always been like this. Once something happened or he made a mistake, he always looked for the cause in others and never reflected on his own mistakes.

One time when he was young, he was playing with Yu Siyang and accidentally broke an antique vase in his uncle’s house, but he insisted that Yu Siyang broke it. She taught him to take the initiative to admit his mistakes. In the end, he cried and said that he was going to run away from home. He seemed to have suffered a great grievance. Both Yu Zhongmin and the departed Yu family grandparents blamed her. After so many years, she looked at him, and she was truly disappointed.

Yu Silong was slapped by his mother, and this shocked him a little bit. It took a long time to come back to his senses. He stared at his mother as if he was about to breathe fire and rushed out of the house angrily.

Seeing her son leaving without looking back, she sat down tiredly on the sofa. Two days ago, her father and eldest brother asked her to divorce Yu Zhongmin and get rid of the muddy water of the Yu family. She had not made up her mind yet. Her son had helped her decide.

She gave a wry smile and picked up the phone to dial. After the call was connected, the other party had no time to speak, before she said directly: “Big brother, I agree to divorce Yu Zhongmin.”


Yu Silong ran out of the house but didn’t know where to go. Before the family accident, he had applied for a foreign university, so he didn’t read much in the last year of high school, so he could not go to school. Now something had happened at home. Before his father’s final judgment came out, both he and his mother were restricted from leaving the country, and the university he applied for was also full of twists and turns.

“Hey, you said that Yu Siyang’s cousin looks like a dog, and is a scumbag.”

“He has a pair of stubborn eyes, and he looks like a villain. I think Yu Siyang was hacked this time because of him.”

“Huh, how do you say this?”

“The transferred property must be recovered. So, he’s anxious and doing these kinds of tricks.”

“That pregnant girl is also very unlucky.”

“You still have to keep your eyes open to find a boyfriend. It’s very unlucky when you encounter such a scum.”

Two women stood on the bus stop and chatted while waiting for the bus. The “hanging eye bastard” in their mouth stood behind them with an angry face.

Upon seeing this, an enthusiastic aunt who was also waiting hit Yu Silong with her strong body, her hands on her hips, and asked him in a very loud voice, “You are standing behind sneakily, what do you want to do to these girls!”

Yu Silong staggered, then the two women looked back at him and shouted, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

The two women screamed so miserably; there were also enthusiastic aunts with them, so the old and young men waiting for the bus gathered around him righteously and pointed at Yu Silong.

Two fists could not beat four hands, not to mention more than twenty hands were present there. Facing so many enthusiastic people, Yu Silong could only run away in embarrassment.

At the same time, the two women who had just chatted tacitly took their mobile phones to post on Weibo: “Waiting for the bus at Qingshan Road Station, I did not expect #ScumYuSilong# to stand behind my friend and me with a wretched look, wanting to misbehave with me and my friend. But fortunately, enthusiastic aunts and uncles drove him away, which really scared this baby to death.

The two women’s Weibo accounts were small accounts with only two digits of fans without certification. Because of the hot topic, a large group of people eating melon came in shortly after the post and hugged them expressing consolation.

Luo Peng, who had been scanning Weibo, also saw these two Weibo posts that were exactly the same. He was laughing and rolling on the sofa, and he looked like he was going to pass out, “Why is this kid so funny? He already smells bad, why didn’t he hide at home, why run out.”

Yu Siyang waited for him to laugh enough before asking, “Where did you find this girl?”

“Just the girl in our team who wrote the manuscript.” Luo Peng laughed and said: “That girl is a dramatist. As soon as we asked someone to pretend to be Yu Silong’s girlfriend, she immediately raised her hand to sign up.”

Yu Siyang asked hesitantly: “…that is to say. Yu Silong didn’t make the girl get pregnant?”

“That I don’t know,” Luo Peng said, “Where are we going to find Yu Silong’s girlfriend in such a short time? So, I made one for him. He is not in love. It’s ok to spread rumors, let him eat the fruit for himself.”

“Insidious, Brother Luo, you are so insidious.”

“It’s Brother Xiaofeng’s idea, I’m just the executor.” Luo Peng cried out feeling unjust.

Yu Siyang nodded “as expected”, “I said that this kind of idea doesn’t seem to be what you came up with. Brother Xiaofeng is really amazing.”

Luo Peng wanted to spray the bear child’s face with a mouthful of blood.

If he gave this idea, he would be thought of as insidious, and it became great as soon as it changed to Brother Xiaofeng, how could he have such a double standard!

“Xiao Yu, you’re learning bad things.” Luo Peng’s face was sore, and he was looking at Yu Siyang as if looking at a mischievous boy.

By coincidence, Wei Xiaofeng walked into the office and heard Luo Peng’s words and called him out, “Xiaoyu broke his character because of you. You are the culprit and still have a face to blame others.”

Luo Peng immediately pretended to be well-behaved. His burly figure shrank in the corner of the sofa, and his face had written on it: “Baby refuses, but the baby won’t say anything.”

“Have you seen the script for “To Tell the Truth”?” Wei Xiaofeng sat down beside Yu Siyang, “Because it is a live show, their scripts are very simple, relying on live performance, but there are a few questions that will definitely be asked. Prepare your answers.”

Yu Siyang nodded and took out a piece of paper from his pocket, “I have read it all and remembered it, and I also wrote down the answer, Brother Xiaofeng, you help me see.”

Wei Xiaofeng took the densely written A4 size paper, read it from beginning to end, nodded, “Just answer like this. He Youyou has a poisonous tongue, you should pay attention to it, don’t let him get you into the hole. “

Yu Siyang patted his chest and said that he would be extremely careful and would find opportunities to promote the new movie.

Wei Xiaofeng looked at Yu Siyang, wondering if it was his illusion. He always felt that the child looked more and more like Luo Peng, and it made people too weak to complain.

“To tell the truth” Program’s official microblog picked up the latest issue of the guest promotion, the people who were eating melons went crazy in calling the program group and told them that they loved to watch this kind of direct hits and keep up with the times.

The host of the show, He Youyou, reposted the official Weibo, “This show has been on the air for five years, and for the first time I found out that this show might be the first in the ratings for one episode. I feel a little bit emotional. It’s complicated. Isn’t it because I’m handsome that you watch the show? @To tell the truth @Yu Siyang.”

The people who were eating melons laughed immediately-Mr. He, it’s no wonder that your ratings have not reached the top.

Yu Siyang replied to He Youyou’s Weibo: “Teacher He, I think I may be a little more handsome than you. //This show has been on the air for five years, and for the first time I found out that this program might be the first in the same period. …”

The people who were eating melon went from He Youyou’s Weibo to Yu Siyang’s Weibo again: Hahaha–It turns out that the head of the group will also be narcissistic.


On Saturday morning, Yu Siyang flew to Xinshan City, where Onyx TV was located, landed at one o’clock in the afternoon, and went directly to the Onyx Broadcasting and Television Building in the north of the city.

He Youyou had just finished a show and was removing makeup in the dressing room. His assistant sister was absent-minded from morning. When he asked her to bring towels, she brought him paper towels. He asked her to pour water, and she poured him tea.

“Hey, hey, what are you thinking?” He Youyou pinched the fleshy cheek of his assistant sister.

The assistant girl shook her head, shook his paws off, rubbed her cheeks and complained: “Mr. He, I have said this many times, don’t pinch my face, my face is already big. If you keep pinching, it’ll become bigger.”

“I pinched your face. Obviously, because you are fat.” He Youyou waited for a long time, but the tea still didn’t turn into boiled water, so he had to get a bottle of mineral water by himself.

The assistant girl was depressed for a while, and suddenly ran to He Youyou enthusiastically again, and asked: “Mr. He, when will Yu Siyang come?”

“Why are you asking about this?” He Youyou took a sip of water and squinted at the assistant girl.

“I’m looking for him for an autograph.” Her eyes beamed and her excitement was hard to suppress.

He Youyou: “…”

The assistant sister completely ignored the irreverent expression on her boss’s face, pulling him to say how good and handsome Yu Siyang is.

He Youyou: “…” He didn’t know if it was too late to change to an assistant who was not someone else’s fan.

The assistant sister was talking, the master had already arrived outside the dressing room and was knocking on the door.

She ran over and opened the door, but facing Yu Siyang’s delicate face who was standing only two steps away from her…

“Who—” The assistant girl took a breath with her hands shaking and closed the door of the dressing room with a bang.

Yu Siyang, Luo Peng, and Tang Hang stared at each other before they could speak–what’s going on?

Luo Peng looked up at the sign hanging next to the door, and thought they were in the right place.

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[1] Pregnant.

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