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As soon as Ji Wenfeng reached a place where no one was around, the WeChat in his pocket rang. Someone had tagged him in the class group. When he opened it, it was the photo of him and Lu Rong, but how had it spread so quickly. In the photo, he was wearing formal attire, kissing Lu Rong who was wearing a wedding dress, from the side angle. Behind him, pigeons and balloons were flying against the sunset. Under the glorious Leica lens, this was a dreamy and perfect wedding photo with profound artistic conception.

Just as Lu Rong ran to the dressing room and took off his veil, he received a WeChat message from Li Nanbian.

Li Nanbian: Boss, Ji Wenfeng can’t be the school grass anymore.

Li Nanbian: He married his childhood sweetheart [Photo.jpg]

Li Nanbian: It is said that his wife eats both black and white at home, and is almost as rich as the Ji family. She went to a famous girls’ school in the United States and is a supermodel. Don’t supermodels have a list? She was in the top 50 last year, with an annual income of over 10 million, and she is now pregnant.

Li Nanbian: The female classmates who liked Ji Wenfeng before are now calling him a scumbag, and that married men are inferior to dogs.

Lu Rong: “…”

He looked at the description of Ji Wenfeng’s wife on the screen, and his mind went blank—was this description worthy of Lu Rong?!

Lu Rong shook his head, the distortion and reprocessing in the process of information dissemination was really amazing.

But this was rare good news for him, he told Li Nanbian: “Let Yan Gou collect all the wedding photos.” He wanted to see how much was leaked and if there were any photos of him from the front.

Li Nanbian: “Huh?”

Lu Rong: “Hurry up!”

Li Nanbian conveyed the task to Yan Gou, while thinking about Lu Rong’s strange request: Is he interested in Ji Wenfeng, or in Ji Wenfeng’s wife?? Oh… Maybe he wants to see what the school grass’s wife looks like? Boss is not such a gossipy person.

At the same time that Lu Rong sent this WeChat, Ji Wenfeng, the groom who was said to have skipped class to marry the niece of the party secretary of S City who was a global supermodel tp50, also clarified in the class group next door. Zhao Yiheng had been criticizing him in the group, saying that he was climbing high branches with his little face, and the eldest lady of the secretary of the municipal party committee originally ignored him, but Ji Wenfeng made her stomach bigger and she had to marry him, causing devastating damage.

Ji Wenfeng couldn’t help standing up and explaining: “You made a mistake, this is my younger brother.”

Girl A: “Did you hear that! This is not Ji Wenfeng himself! This is his younger brother!”

Girl B: “A twin brother?”

Girl C: “Nonsense! Didn’t you see that they look exactly the same!”

Ji Wenfeng’s clarification message ran all over the school at the speed of light, and the girls came out of a desperate situation!!! Ji Wenfeng is still single, everyone still has hope! It’s just that hope also brings pressure–Ji Wenfeng’s twin brother married the niece of the party secretary of S City and a top 50 global supermodel. It’s really tough to have such a sister-in-law! That night, basically 80% of the girls in the school announced their weight loss in Moments.

Naturally, Yan Gou immediately conveyed Ji Wenfeng’s clarification to Lu Rong: “It’s okay, it’s his brother.”

Lu Rong almost fainted: Didn’t Ji Wenfeng say before that they should not be known to others? Is this selling him out for personal image in the blink of an eye? Now that the whole grade knew that he was the adopted son of Ji’s family and wore women’s clothes, should he hang out in the south of the city?

Yan Gou released a screenshot of the class group in Class 1. Ji Wenfeng said dryly: You made a mistake, this is my brother. The group of people below were all kneeling and licking: the younger brother is exactly the same as the elder brother! Twins!

Li Nanbian said in the group: “So it is Ji Wenfeng’s twin brother who married the niece of the Municipal Party Secretary of S City and the global supermodel tp50. He is still single and has great commercial value. He also made his twin brother famous. With this brother-in-law, there is a huge demand for their wedding photos now. Some people want his brother’s formal photo, which can be pasted on the bedside, because they are exactly the same anyway; some people want his sister-in-law’s photo, if we can find the face photo of the young lady…”    

Lu Rong: “No!”

Yan Gou knelt and licked: “The boss is still thoughtful.”    

Lu Rong collapsed on the sofa and let the makeup artist remove the makeup from his face. Thank God, thank you, thank the Chengnan students for their gossipy imagination, he finally escaped this disaster – it was really tiring to get married, and those who had been here were really not talking nonsense.    

Seeing that the situation was developing in a strange direction, Ji Wenfeng silently put his mobile phone into his suit trouser pocket without further explanation.    

As if he really had a twin brother.    

Ji Wenfeng settled the rumors in the school, walked up to the cameraman and said, “The rehearsal is over, and today’s videos should all be deleted.”

The photographer looked at the video inside: “Hmm…it’s a pity.”    

Ji Wenfeng repeated: “Delete all.”    

The photographer felt a shudder: “Okay.”    

Ji Wenfeng raised his eyes to the dressing room, the door of the dressing room was open, and Lu Rong sat in front of the makeup mirror getting his makeup removed.    

Ji Wenfeng then said to the photographer: “Wait a minute, copy it to me first, and then delete it.”    

The photographer: “Right! I also think it’s super commemorative!”

Ji Wenfeng got all the video materials from the photographer, and slowly enjoyed it on his mobile phone. He stared at Lu Rong’s profile standing by the lake with a bouquet in his hand, looking noble and glamorous, and kissed his cell phone calmly: He got the treasure, Lu Rong.

“If he is disobedient one day, I will set our wedding photos as the wallpaper of my mobile phone.” Ji Wenfeng put away his mobile phone contentedly, sat down at the dining table calmly, and poured himself a glass of victorious red wine.

When Ji Tong learned that the two children had helped them complete the rehearsal, his anxiety reached level ten: “No, we have to walk again by ourselves.”

Fang Qing comforted him: “Old Ji, don’t do this, trust Xiao Feng and Rongrong, and trust the staff here, everything will go smoothly tomorrow. The wedding is just a wedding, and it’s over when it’s over, do you know what problems are really imminent?” She cast her eyes not far away where Ji Wengfeng was holding up a goblet drinking red wine.

“You haven’t had a good talk with him yet.” Fang Qing looked sincerely at Ji Tong. “He’s only 16 years old, and he’s starting to drink away his worries. Facing the pain of family reorganization, he must be very stressed.”

Ji Tong nodded, “Yeah.”

Fang Qing took his hand: “You should talk to Xiao Feng, I should talk to Rong Rong, it must be hard for them tonight. They were the only ones who had a claim on us before, and now we suddenly belong to someone else… Tonight should be us Mother and son, and your father and son’s bachelor party.”

Ji Tong suddenly realized: “Oh—that makes sense.” The bachelor party sounded super wonderful, and he could play games with Xiao Feng.

Fang Qing stood up and kissed his side face, then went to the locker room to find Lu Rong. Ji Tong walked up to Ji Wenfeng and sat down, then he cleared his throat: “…Xiao Feng, tomorrow, Dad is getting married, and tonight is the last day that Dad will belong to you alone.”

Ji Wenfeng: “… “

Ji Tong: “If you have any confusion or complaints, you can tell Dad. Dad knows that you have been wronged during this time.”

Ji Wenfeng played with the phone: “… I wish you happiness.”

“Thank you, but I’m not sure if I can be happy.” Ji Tong poured himself a glass of wine anxiously, and murmured, “I didn’t become a groom until I was 40, unlike you. You stood on the wedding lawn, so young, so dazzling, but I am getting old.”

Ji Wenfeng turned to the photo of Lu Rong pointing at the camera with scissors hands and pouting mouth, smiled, stared at the screen and comforted his father with the attitude of someone who was a passer-by: “Anyone who gets married will be nervous, it has nothing to do with age, my experience is: take a deep breath.”

Ji Tong took a few deep breaths: “…not much better. She is a very amazing woman, very beautiful, compared to her, I am ordinary and rigidly boring, I don’t know how to behave better in front of her, what if she gets tired of me one day? I may not have much time left to change, I’m already 40.”

Ji Wenfeng raised his head and stared at his father: “You are a very attractive man.”

Ji Tong: “Really?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Well, you are super rich.”

Ji Tong said dejectedly: “It’s not about money! Xiao Feng, not everything can be solved with money!”

Ji Wenfeng hummed with some reservations, expressing his disapproval of the high degree of this sentence, and lowered his head to find the wedding climax blockbuster shot by Jin Menglu with Huawei Honor, they really looked like they were kissing at a wedding: “It’s just that the price is not high enough, or the timing is not ripe.” For example, when Lu Rong had just gotten his driver’s license and he bought him a three million Ferrari, he would definitely be willing to wear women’s clothing again and take a set of wedding photos.

“What have you been watching since just now?” Ji Tong couldn’t help leaning his head to look at his screen, and Ji Wenfeng quickly turned off his phone.

“I’m going to be a groom tomorrow.” Ji Tong said sullenly, “Today is our father and son’s bachelor party, but you only know how to play with your mobile phone!”

“Take a deep breath, relax, you are overly emotional.”

Ji Wenfeng lazily patted him on the shoulder and stood up.

Ji Tong: “Where are you going? Won’t you play games with me?”

Ji Wenfeng raised his hand and shook his phone: “I don’t have time today, I need to edit the video.”

Ji Tong poured himself a glass of red wine and drank it all in one gulp. He must be the unluckiest groom in the world.

On the other side, Fang Qing took Lu Rong to the nearest famous bar: “Let’s stay up all night tonight.” As she spoke, she pushed a glass of cocktail in front of Lu Rong.

There was a pole dance on the stage, and it was still being done by men.

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