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Walking out of the elevator, Si Huang spotted her target at a glance and smiled.

A familiar helmet was thrown at her.

Si Huang caught it and asked while putting it on her head: “Aren’t you afraid that I won’t be able to finish my work.”

Qin Fan waited for her to get on the bike, and he started the accelerator, “Then I’ll arrest you.”

Si Huang was noncommittal.

“You missed the training today, come back tonight.”

“Got it.”

After returning home, Si Huang started to do gymnastics after lunch, finished the training content, and then went to the study to process the materials just obtained.

After Yu Xi knocked on the door and got permission to go in, he saw Si Huang who was busy in front of the computer. It made her skin look more translucent, yet more inviolable, noble and glamorous.

It was the first time he had seen Si Huang looking so serious. It was not that he wasn’t serious before, but he felt that he looked more serious this time, as if he wouldn’t allow even a little mistake in what he was doing.

“What are you doing standing there?”

Hearing Si Huang’s voice, Yu Xi woke up and lost his mind.

He came over, “What’s the rush? I see you haven’t stopped since you came back.”

Si Huang handed him the document just printed out on the table, “You take the list and information on it, after reading it you will know what to do.”

Yu Xi picked it up and turned two pages, then his expression changed, “This is someone from Fenghua Entertainment…” Looking up at Si Huang, seeing her take it for granted, Yu Xi’s heartbeat suddenly sped up, and after two seconds, he said: “I’m here to be a broker, not an all-round employee. This is the rhythm that will kill me.”

“Add 20% to your salary.”

“…It’s not a question of salary.”

“Thirty percent. You seem to be looking at houses in the capital recently.”

“The temptation of money is useless to me.”

“Fifty percent.”


Yu Xi picked up the document and left, “I will finish it as quickly as possible, when these people are in position, I can concentrate on just being a manager.”

Si Huang didn’t bother to poke him.

The second hand of a clock hanging on the wall of the study moved slowly. Apart from the sound of the second hand moving, there was the sound of typing on the keyboard, which proved the passage of time little by little.

The slight sound of the door being pushed open entered Si Huang’s ears.

She didn’t look up, her gaze was still on the computer, thinking it was Yu Ling who came to deliver water.

Immediately, a flash of inspiration flashed in her mind—Yu Ling would not walk without sound.

Si Huang’s fingers paused, and when she raised her eyelids, she saw that Qin Fan had already approached the desk, and she couldn’t not care about his behavior of coming in without knocking, “If I’m not inside, it’s forbidden to enter here.”

“You’re here, and so am I. So, I can come in.” Qin Fan said this in a softer tone than usual, she didn’t know if it was because it was already night, or something else… “It’s time to sleep.”

Si Huang didn’t move, “There are still things to finish.”

“You’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I have other things to do tomorrow.” Saying this, Si Huang shrugged, with her improved physique and youth, even if she stayed up all night, she won’t feel uncomfortable, but no one liked to stay up late and then rush to work. She stretched her waist, and at a glance, she saw the man who was only wearing a long-sleeved shirt, eye her good figure at a glance. A gleam of light flashed in her eyes, and she raised the corners of her mouth and smiled, finding an idea to relieve the heavy burden, “You also said that I should solve these messy things before the year ends, if you don’t finish it soon, how will I spend this New Year? Then next year, I can be a good student, an actor, and have a good relationship.”

The man’s expression really changed, it wasn’t vivid, but there was a change in the end, as if he was happy and troubled at the same time.

It was so interesting that Si Huang’s fatigue and irritability from work disappeared.

Qin Fan caught the slyness in her eyes, knew that the bad boy was playing tricks again, he walked silently along the table to her side, and reached out to rub her hair. After rubbing for less than two seconds, Si Huang tilted her head and said in a dissatisfied tone, “I told you, don’t touch my head.” She didn’t like it before, but now she felt all the more that this action was like treating her as a child, which was too childish.

“Then do you want me to massage your head?” Qin Fan asked.

Si Huang was slightly taken aback, the expression in the eyes of the man was calm, but his eyes had melted away the usual evil spirit, and the dark color seemed unexpectedly gentle under the warm light of the study, and more importantly, his tone was softer than usual, compared with normal people, it was still not gentle, but if this person was Qin Fan, compared to his normal, Si Huang couldn’t help but feel it was a little gentle.

Qin Fan reached out and touched her forehead without waiting for her answer.

The man’s fingertips were full of calluses, and she could feel a sense of strength when he touched her skin, which was a bit rough but unexpectedly comfortable.

Si Huang didn’t get entangled, and enjoyed it with half-closed eyes, laughing and teasing, “If you retire from the army, you can definitely make a lot of money by becoming a masseuse.”

These words didn’t make Qin Fan happy, but instead aroused his dissatisfaction and he sneered, “Do you think anyone can get me to massage them?”

A love sentence that the speaker himself didn’t notice came out like this, hearing this Si Huang’s heart trembled, then a hint of sweetness rose, his spirit seemed to be soaked in a hot spring, it was so soft and warm that it was hard to control himself.

Was this what he felt when she deliberately teased him with love words? Si Huang was a little distracted. From her previous life to this life, it was the first time for her to experience this strange feeling.

“Huang Huang.”

The sudden whisper from above her head made Si Huang tremble, and she immediately raised her head and stared over, “Don’t you feel disgusted?”

“Not disgusted.” Qin Fan had a calm expression of course.

“I feel disgusted, don’t call me that.” Her goose bumps came up.

Qin Fan fixed her head that was about to turn back, “You don’t have disgust in your eyes, you are embarrassed, your face is flushed.” There was a smile in his eyes.

Si Huang couldn’t stand the serious tone, “Do you want me to call you Fan Fan?”

Qin Fan looked like he had eaten a fly, and Si Huang laughed when she saw it.

She was smiling happily, and then she heard Qin Fan say, “I’m nearly ten years older than you, so it’s right to call you Huang Huang, you should call me Brother.”

“It’s not strange to even call you Uncle.” Si Huang responded to him.

Qin Fan was shocked, his eyes darkened, and his expression became cold again.

“Do you really care about this?” Si Huang stretched out her hand to touch his face, “I didn’t realize you are so thin-skinned.”

Qin Fan said seriously, “I really like you.”

Si Huang was taken aback by the sudden confession and moved away. She moved her lips without making a sound, and it took a second for her smile to return, “I know, and I too…”

Qin Fan interrupted her, “There will be many obstacles for two men to be together, and you haven’t experienced it yet since you are young. There would be pressure from all aspects of society and family, so you can appear relaxed now, and I hope you can continue to do so.”

Si Huang’s lips parted slightly, silently looking at his serious face.

This appearance fell into the eyes of the man and was infinitely beautified. Those clear eyes were clear and bright, and her expressionless and flawless face looked ignorant and innocent. Even if he could act and be funny, he was still an underage child.

“These pressures hinder me, and I will bear it down. If you want to fall in love, I will talk to you for as long as you want. If you don’t want to announce the relationship for the time being, we will not announce it. But you have to remember one thing, I have chosen you, you can’t think about other people now, I will try my best to satisfy you in most things, but you can’t exceed my bottom line, understand?”

Si Huang saw guilt in his eyes, probably in his opinion, he had trapped a minor and already couldn’t help but gnaw him by a few mouthfuls, and now he was still telling her a very unscrupulous thing which would decide the rest of her life, and so he must feel that he owed her. She really couldn’t see that he had done so much psychological construction before, the first time he gnawed on her mouth so suddenly, and what he said and did later was quite domineering, without any hesitation.

“It’s normal to break up when you’re in a relationship.” Si Huang rolled her eyes around, pretending to be relaxed, and carefully watched Qin Fan’s reaction.

Qin Fan’s eyes deepened, and his expression suddenly turned cold, “Then don’t tease me casually again, once I eat everything, I will be responsible to the end.”

Si Huang couldn’t laugh or cry, usually at this time, shouldn’t he say some sweet words as a guarantee? For example, ‘I will treat you so well that you can’t leave me’, ‘This situation will not happen to us’, ‘I will hold your hand tightly and you will not break up’ and so on.

But… this was his style, yes, simple and rough enough.

“To say that you have a negative EQ is to flatter you.” Those who should be buried should be buried.

Qin Fan didn’t respond, let go of her hand, and looked at the computer screen in front of her.    

Si Huang looked at him who had returned to normal, and a flash of light flashed in her mind, “Why are you telling me this all of a sudden?”

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