SLDH Ch. 72.1: Car Accident

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While going home from work, Fan Chen subconsciously looked at the window on the second floor next door, he did not know when it started, but the first thing he did after entering his house was to look up at that window.

Not seeing the lights, Fan Chen couldn’t help but smile, he thought Mi Wan would have to hide from him for another week this time.

As he was thinking about it this way, his phone rang suddenly, and he took it out and found out that it was the fox demon Quan Juncai who had sent him a message: (Boss, when is it suitable for me to send Xiao Rui to your house, so I can fix the date of the business trip.)

Fan Chen thought for a moment and replied: (Send him tomorrow morning.)

After replying to the message of the fox demon, Fan Chen opened the dialog box with Mi Wan to prepare to mention this matter with her, but when he was halfway through typing, the demon king suddenly stopped. He turned his head to look at the opposite window again, I wonder what he had thought of, but he suddenly put away his cell phone and went to bed.

Early the next morning.

After a good night’s sleep, Mi Wan stretched out her lazy waist and got up to go to the bathroom to freshen up. As soon as Auntie Zhang saw that she had cleaned up, she came to her bedroom with a nervous and happy expression.

“Miss, why haven’t you changed your clothes yet.”

Mi Wan glanced at her pajamas, and at the wall clock on the wall again. She started half an hour earlier than usual today. But when she listened to what Auntie Zhang said, why did she seem to be late?

“Sister Zhang, are there any special arrangements this morning?” Mi Wan asked doubtfully. Did she forget something important?

“No.” Auntie Zhang said as she pulled Mi Wan to the cloakroom next to her and began rummaging through it.

“Then why are you so anxious?” Mi Wan was even more puzzled.

“Mr. Fan is here.” Auntie Zhang picked out two clothes from the hanger, held them in front of Mi Wan, and then picked a peach dress which popped against her skin color and handed it to Mi Wan. “Miss, this one is beautiful, it is peach with flowers, it’s a good sign.”

“… Mr. Fan?” Mi Wan held her peach flower dress and froze.

“Yes, that is the Mr. Fan you like, he came to visit this morning suddenly, Butler Ye is entertaining him, you hurry.” Auntie Zhang pushed Mi Wan to change clothes.

After being pushed into the dressing room, Mi Wan was still ignorant. What did she mean? Who do I like? Mr. Fan, Fan Chen? Why did Fan Chen come to my house?

Mi Wan felt strange. She changed her clothes quickly, and she couldn’t wait for Auntie Zhang to hand her the matching jacket and hurriedly hurried out of the door. Auntie Zhang took a step slower and ran to the door of the room with her coat, but she couldn’t stop her own young lady. She suddenly felt embarrassed: Miss, even if you want to see Mr. Fan sooner, you can at least comb your hair.

That’s right, Auntie Zhang chased Mi Wan not to ask her to put on her coat, but because her lady still had messy hair.

Downstairs, Butler Ye had made a pot of good tea and brought it out. When he was about to speak, the sound of footsteps came from upstairs. The footsteps were quick, and it could be seen that the person coming downstairs was in a hurry. Butler Ye’s eyes twitched, and he knew that his own young lady had a crush on Mr. Fan next door, but he felt she had to be more restrained.

“My lady heard that Mr. Fan was here and was a little excited.” Butler Ye tried hard to save her face.

Fan Chen had already looked up to see the stairs. At this time, listening to Butler Ye’s words, he couldn’t help but ask, “Wan Wan mentioned me?”

Of course not, it was all our eyes that saw that she had a crush on you.

“My young lady really appreciates Mr. Fan.” As the president of Wanwu Group, a legend in the environmental protection industry and the business community, there were lots of people who appreciated Mr. Fan in this world. Butler Ye consciously said what he said, which gave him room to advance and retreat, which could be understood both as that my lady likes you, or it can be understood as simple appreciation. That’s right, this was the professional quality of being a qualified Butler.

“Wan Wan she …”

Fan Chen’s eyes shone slightly, only to feel that he was really right in coming here today. He could actually hear this news. When he was about to ask a few more questions, Mi Wan’s voice suddenly came from the stairs.

“Fan Chen, why are you here?”

Butler Ye and Fan Chen turned their heads at the same time, and then their faces became different.

Butler Ye: Miss, what kind of look are you showing? Even if you can’t wait to see Mr. Fan, you can sort yourself out anyway. And didn’t I ask Auntie Zhang to help you. Why didn’t you even brush your hair?

Fan Chen: She didn’t comb her hair again.

That’s right, because someone often wore pajamas while lying on the window and chatting with him, so Lord Demon King had seen all the images of someone before and after going to bed and even when she was asleep. In this way, in fact, he was already familiar with some of her aspects.

“Cough … Miss, do you want to go back and clean up again.” Butler Ye touched his hair, hinting desperately.

It was a pity that Mi Wan didn’t understand it at all. She waved her hand, walked down the stairs a few steps, stood in front of Fan Chen, and asked again: “Why are you here?”

“I have something to ask you for help with, so I came to visit.” Fan Chen stood up from the sofa with a smile.

“What can’t you say on the phone?” Mi Wan was puzzled.

The Butler Ye on the side listened to Mi Wan’s conversation that could almost kill him and couldn’t help but squeeze out a bead of sweat. His young lady seemed to have a low EQ.

“I thought since I live next door, it would be more sincere if I came to visit in person.” Fan Chen continued to smile.

Butler Ye: Look, look at Mr. Fan, how graceful and self-confident.

“Oh ~~” Mi Wan thought that Fan Chen was right, but they used to jump over the wall and make phone calls before, and they never visited like this, so she suddenly felt strange when Fan Chen came here today. But then she thought about it, normal people should get along with each other like this, that’s why earlier she used to feel a bit sneaky, “So what do you want to ask me for help with?”

“My special assistant’s nephew wants to change the kindergarten. He asked me to ask if there are any places open in your Popcorn kindergarten.” Fan Chen said.

“Xiao Bai … Rui?” Mi Wan changed her words in time.

“Well.” Fan Chen nodded.

“Why didn’t Juncai tell me directly?” Mi Wan really asked the question.

“He had to go on a business trip in a hurry. He sent Xiao Rui to me early this morning and left. I just brought him over.” Fan Chen, who had prepared the answer earlier, answered calmly.

The little white fox had also come, hearing this Mi Wan looked around, but did not see the little white fox.

“Xiao Rui hasn’t eaten breakfast yet, and Butler Ye was afraid that he was hungry, so he took him to the dining room for breakfast.” Fan Chen seemed to have guessed Mi Wan’s thoughts.

“Yes, the child can’t be left hungry. The young lady hasn’t eaten either. I’m going to prepare it now. Will you come over with Mr. Fan for breakfast?” Butler Ye stared at her messy hair, desperately. It had been a long time since they had been talking, and it was too late to tidy up, so be it.

“Troubling Butler Ye.” Without waiting for Mi Wan to answer, Fan Chen took the initiative to respond.

“No trouble, no trouble, I will go.” Butler Ye smiled and quit the living room.

After Butler Ye’s retreat, only the two of them were left in the living room. Mi Wan stared at Fan Chen again in doubt: “Were you really looking for me?”

“Huh.” Fan Chen nodded, and then raised his hand to flick Mi Wan’s head, and where the magic power overflowed, the messy hair seemed to be combed by an invisible comb and became soft and smooth.

“What are you doing?” Mi Wan subconsciously touched her hair.

“The hair was a little messy just now,” Fan Chen reminded. “Wasn’t your Butler trying to tell you?”

Mi Wan thought for a while and realized: “No wonder he just touched his hair just now.”

“Butler Ye just said, you admire me very much.” Fan Chen smiled and asked with his head down.

“I didn’t …” Mi Wan was about to refute, but when she looked up, her eyes suddenly fell into a pair of smiling eyes. The eyes were dark and deep, with gentle tenderness, which reflected a girl’s stunned face, except that there was nothing else, and Mi Wan’s heartbeat suddenly began to be out of control.

When did they stand so close?

Mi Wan stepped back half a step and embarrassedly said: “Eat … eat.”

“Okay.” Fan Chen nodded and didn’t continue. He only needed to confirm that Mi Wan was not completely unintentional towards him and did not need to force her to immediately agree, even if they stayed just this ambiguous, it would be the joy of his long life.

The two walked slowly towards the dining room. Behind them, on the second floor staircase, Auntie Zhang squatted in the corner with a comb, her excited hands shaking: there is drama, there is drama ~~

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