SLDH Ch. 71.2: Popcorn Kindergarten

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“Huh, so many children.” Suddenly, an old man in a tunic carrying a thermal container appeared at the door. He looked at the chattering children in the store and asked lovingly.

“Butler Ye.” The sparrow demon greeted happily. When the pet shop first opened, Butler Ye often came to the shop, and they naturally knew each other well.

“Miss.” Butler Ye smiled and walked towards Mi Wan.

“Uncle Ye, why are you here?” Mi Wan was a little surprised.

“I wanted to get a fruit tree planted in the courtyard, so today I let Xiao Zhang and the gardener to go buy fruit trees together. Without a driver at home, I had to send over your homework books.” Butler Ye said with a smile, then he first handed the workbook under his arm to Mi Wan, and then placed the thermal container on the table in the rest area. “Just as I was leaving, Auntie Zhang finished stewing the fish soup, so I brought a little bit for the lady to drink.”

“Fish soup? What kind of fish?” The five little frys asked nervously.

Butler Ye was stunned and glanced at the five children strangely, but he still answered kindly: “It is crucian carp soup.”

“Fortunately, it’s not us.” The five little frys let out a sigh of relief.

“…” Mi Wan.

“…” Sparrow demon.

“No wonder there are so few crucian carp in the clan, they were all caught for soup ~~” The straight-hearted little fatty couldn’t help but sigh.

“What nonsense are you saying?!” The sparrow demon couldn’t stand it anymore and knocked fiercely on the head of the chubby fish, until the tears of the chubby fish almost came out.

“I’m sorry.” The chubby fish also knew that he was wrong, and whispered angrily, covering his head.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, there’s a lot of fish soup. Do you want to have a drink together?” Old people all liked children, not to mention that these five children were so cute and adorable. Butler Ye’s kind smile from the door had never disappeared.

The five little ones shook their heads together.

“Uncle Ye, let me drink. They don’t like to eat fish.” Mi Wan quickly hugged the heat insulated tiffin to herself.

Butler Ye did not insist, and continued to serve soup to his own lady, while casually asking: “Whose children are they, why are they all here?”

“A friend temporarily deposited them here, and they will be taken away in a while.” Mi Wan replied.

“You friend is so blessed that there are five such lovely children.”

“Thank you, grandpa.” The five children had grown up so big but they were always rejected by the elders in their family. Later, they went to kindergarten and were rejected by their classmates. This was the first time someone had praised them.

“Really, have you started going to kindergarten?” Butler Ye’s heart softened, and he asked softly.

“Going, but we have just been expelled and are still looking for a new kindergarten.” Little girl Yaya replied.

“Expulsion?” Butler Ye stunned, “Kindergartens also expel students?”

“Private kindergartens, there are more rules.” Mi Wan was afraid that these little frys would talk again and quickly explained.

“Oh ~~” Butler Ye was also a person who had been staying in the wealthy circle all the year round. As soon as his mind turned, he found a reasonable excuse. 80% it must be because these children encountered difficulties at home, and their family conditions were not up to the standard of that private kindergarten, so they were expelled. In today’s society, capital division started happening right from kindergarten.

“How is the new kindergarten search going?” Butler Ye’s eyes softened as he watched the children.

“They have found a few, and they can go to school when the interview is over.” Mi Wan continued to answer, fearing that the five little frys would say something and shatter the pot again.

“Well, but the interview is so difficult, we can’t pass it.” Mi Wan’s replies still didn’t stop the little frys from complaining. How did the human cubs interview, how could they be so smart?

“Xiao Hai, if we still met, we wouldn’t have missed it.” Yaya asked Xiao Hai uneasily.

“No.” Xiao Hai comforted.

A black line appeared on her head as Mi Wan listened to this conversation, although this time the five little frys did not talk nonsense, but she was still scared, so she quickly said: “Uncle Ye, I’m fine here, you go home.”

“I’m not busy, I’ll go back after you finish the soup.” Butler Ye and the children were talking happily, where could he go.

“…” If the fish soup was not too hot, believe it or not, she would have gulped it down for him.

In desperation, Mi Wan could only drink the soup in silence, listening to the conversation between the five little frys and Uncle Ye while worrying, but fortunately, the five little frys didn’t talk nonsense. Before leaving, Butler Ye touched the heads of the five little ones and comforted: “Don’t worry, you will definitely find a suitable kindergarten. If you can’t find it, go to Popcorn Kindergarten.”

“Popcorn?” The five little ones were not the only ones stunned. “Sounds like a good kindergarten.”

“Yeah.” Uncle Ye looked at Mi Wan and said with a heavy heart, “Miss, I know you don’t want to lean on your home, but it’s not good to struggle too much. The children of your friend’s family are going to kindergarten. You can just say hello to the head, and everything in your own kindergarten is easy to discuss. If you treat it so out of sight, it’s easy to hurt feelings.”

After he finished talking, Uncle Ye sighed and touched the head of the nearest young fry before he left the pet shop.

“Sister, does your family have a kindergarten ?!” Five little ones surrounded Mi Wan excitedly.

“…” Mi Wan.

“Can we go?”

“Can we not interview?”

“… I’ll ask?” When she took out her mobile phone and called Mi Yan, Mi Wan was still wondering, how did things get to this point?

After two beeps, the phone was quickly connected, and Mi Yan’s cold voice sounded from the phone: “Hey.”

“Hey, it’s me, what …” Mi Wan opened her mouth and didn’t know how to open her mouth. In fact, after transmigrating that year, she rarely went back to the main house and contacted the Mi family. While she was hesitating, the five little ones all came together, and five pairs of eyes flickered at her.

“Speak, I happen to be free. What’s the matter?” Mi Yan also knew that his sister was different now and would only take the initiative to call him to find him if there was something wrong.

“… Does our family have a kindergarten?” After all, Mi Wan couldn’t meet the five pairs of flashing eyes.

“There is a kindergarten opened for our group’s employees and is part of the company welfare. What happened?” Mi Yan asked.

“I have a friend whose children can’t find a suitable kindergarten. I don’t know if I can …”

“Yes, I will ask Assistant Zhang to contact you after a while.” Mi Wan rarely asked him for help. Mi Yan would never disagree to her, and even regretted it was such a trivial matter.

“Okay, thank you brother.” Mi Wan thanked him happily.

“When you’re free … come home to eat and hang.” It seemed that Mi Wan would refuse, so Mi Yan voluntarily cut the call.

Mi Wan lowered her head, facing the big expectant eyes of the five little frys, she nodded heavily: “It’s done.”

“Yeah ~~~” the five little ones happily turned around in the pet shop. “We are going to popcorn kindergarten, and we don’t need to interview.”

Interview? Mi Wan thought about it and felt that she had to find a way to limit the power of these five little demons, otherwise it would be very scary if they broke the window or the table after a music class.

When Yu Feihang finished dealing with the emergency, he returned to the pet shop to pick up five small frys and found that Master Mi had helped him solve the problem of school for the five small frys.

“Master Mi, thank you.” Yu Feihang, who was so exhausted, shook Mi Wan’s hand with gratitude.

“Oh …” In addition to awkward laughs, Mi Wan no longer knew how to react.

Mi Wan still had classes in the afternoon, so she left Mi Yan’s assistant’s phone number to Yu Feihang and left.

Wanwu group.

The demon lord glanced at the clock on the wall: 1:50, by this time Wanwan must have finished sleep and finished lunch.

That’s right, Lord Demon King learned from the little squirrel again about someone’s insomnia overnight.

The Demon Lord took out his phone, unlocked it with his fingerprint, opened Mi Wan’s WeChat chat box, then he smirked and sent a message: (Wanwan, how about it, do you want to go through the back door?)

Fan Chen knew that Mi Wan would definitely not agree. He sent this message only to remind someone that he was still waiting for her answer.


Fan Chen raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, since Mi Wan had replied to his message so quickly, he had thought that she would pretend that she hadn’t seen it, or that she would reply to him after a long time. He opened the message and glanced over.

Mi Wan: (No, I’ve got it done.)

Got it done? Fan Chen replied immediately: (How did it get done?)

Mi Wan: (I found a new kindergarten for them.) Followed by a GIF picture of a rabbit with his head raised proudly.

Looking at the proud rabbit head in the back, Fan Chen couldn’t help but chuckle and laughed for a while, then he put down his phone and picked up the intercom, and called Quan Juncai in.

“Lord.” Quan Juncai came in shortly.

“You don’t need to go forward with the acquisition of the kindergarten.” Fan Chen said.

“Don’t do it? Didn’t you say you want to try again to make the demon cubs grow with ordinary people?” Quan Juncai was surprised.

“Wanwan has already found a kindergarten for those little frys, and you just send Yu Feihang a bracelet to control the magic power.” Originally he wanted to use the little frys to push the plan again. The demon tribes were somewhat resistant to the demon cubs who had degenerated. They were not treated very well since their health was not very good originally. And they were cured by the human being Mi Wan, so Fan Chen thought that maybe letting such a group of demon cubs enter the human school may have better results.

“Okay.” Quan Juncai nodded.

“Oh, is your little fox demon okay at school?” Fan Chen asked.

“Xiao Rui? He couldn’t be better.” The little fox in his family was naturally charming, once he smiled, everyone would like him.

“So does he want to transfer?” Fan Chen asked again.

“Transfer …” The Fox CPU started to follow the operation. Two seconds later, Quan Juncai resolutely said, “Transfer, he must transfer, he really wants to go to school with humans, preferably with the few frys.”

“Well.” Fan Chen nodded smilingly and continued to look at him.

“By the way, this school is recommended by Master Mi, so could you help me ask her if this school will still accept more people?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Fan Chen asked.

“Master, have you forgotten? I’m going on a business trip recently, and it’s far away. I’m going to go abroad for a long time.”

“Okay, let me ask for you.” Fan Chen was satisfied.

“Thank you, sir.”

The author has something to say:

Quan Juncai went out to find someone to book tickets.

Staff: Special Assistant, where are you going?

Quan Juncai: Abroad, which country is far from China, which one to go ~~


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