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“Do you know what I’m thinking now?” Shen Chengfeng squatted down, his eyes falling sharply on Xiao Jing’s thin body.

Xiao Jing tightly clasped the hat in her hand, wondering in the heart that can’t you old man make it because I saw you, so you old man are also ready to come and **** me up, this was the rhythm of hurting each other.

Shen Chengfeng raised his eyebrows and his eyes were like a torch, “In some things, I don’t like to talk nonsense.”

Xiao Jing nodded, “I promise not to say it.”

“You won’t say anything?”

Xiao Jing stared at him, grinning in a silly manner, “I promise not to say you have eight packs.”

“You are very clever, knowing to pretend to be stupid with me in this case.” Shen Chengfeng pointed aside, “Let’s wash, no one will disturb us to take a bath.”


“How? I want you to take your clothes off?” Shen Chengfeng stood under the shower head and turned on the tap again.

Xiao Jing moved her feet stiffly. She felt that the big wolf’s implication was to warn her that if she did not take off her clothes, he would run over to help her take them off. No matter how she struggled or asked for help, no one would come here to save her.

“This is the nature of human beings. The more the other party covers up, the more one can’t help but want to find out.” Shen Chengfeng looked at the motionless figure, his eyes flickering.

Xiao Jing embarrassedly revealed a bitter smile, wondering how far she was from the door of the bathhouse, and how long it would take her to escape from this predicament with his strong skills.

“You really are not an obedient soldier.” As soon as the voice fell, the water beads were like a sharp marbles spattering towards Xiao Jing.

Xiao Jing rolled her eyes twice quickly to avoid Shen Chengfeng’s attack. She stared in surprise at the leader who started the fight without a word, and smiled bitterly: “Captain, I’ve already washed up.”

“I see you sweating like rain, it seems very hot.” Shen Chengfeng walked three steps straight towards Xiao Jing. His intention was obvious. He was becoming more and more curious about this guy’s hidden illness which he could not allow anyone to see.

Xiao Jing hid everywhere to avoid his contact. Her body was about to slip away from his side, her waist was tight, but then she stared at the corner of her clothing with disbelief. A gloved hand was holding it tightly. He dragged his horns, and the next moment, when the other party gestured, he pulled back with all his strength.

Shen Chengfeng pressed back and easily imprisoned this disobedient soldier in his territory.

Xiao Jing retracted into herself, and she was facing the wall, so she couldn’t move.

Shen Chengfeng suppressed her struggling body, his voice was normal, and he sounded cold, as he said: “It can be seen that the movement is very agile, but unfortunately, the physical strength is not enough. In time, it should be comparable to Mu Xichi.”

“Captain, don’t make fun of me. I just came to take a bath. You can’t do this to me.” Xiao Jing tried to twist out of his restraint.

Shen Chengfeng narrowed his eyes and clasped her collar with one hand. As long as he pulled it hard, the shirt would instantly tear into a rag in his palm.

“Captain, I confess that I lost, I’ll take it off, I’ll take it off myself, but let me take it off with dignity.” Xiao Jing twisted her body desperately, trying to slip away from his control like a loach.

Shen Chengfeng loosened his restraint, stood up, and stared at him with a burning gaze, “I give you this opportunity.”

Xiao Jing was free, then she stood up pantingly, bowed her waist deliberately, put her hands on her knees, and was about ten meters away from the entrance of the bathhouse. According to her current skills, her top speed could reach 11 meters per second, so with only the blink of an eye, she could definitely run out.

“What do you think is faster, your speed or my hand?” Shen Chengfeng took off his gloves, and the threat intent was clear.

Xiao Jing was startled, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she could be sure that as long as she made a move, the man would rudely take off her clothes with his hands.

Hehe, if they were really corroded, that would be too embarrassing.

A man and a woman, candidly meeting in the enclosed space of the bathhouse. You are naked, I am naked, and looking at each other.

Thinking about the picture, even if she jumped into the Yellow River, she would not be able to wash herself and suspected that she had a past life feus with her captain.

Wait, she was thinking wildly, and now the top priority was to think about how to hide her body?

What should she do?

Taking it off would also lead to her death, and not taking it off would also lead her to death.

“What are you doing here?” A third person’s voice rang out from the door. The next moment, a figure came like a wind, blocking between the two like a barrier.

Xiao Hong glanced expressionlessly at Shen Chengfeng, who was only wearing a cloak around his waist, and then at his stunned fourth brother, who was disheveled, and frowned, “I went to your dormitory to find you, and I didn’t see you there but I didn’t expect you to be here, um, going to take a shower?”

Xiao Jing grabbed the life-saving straw and hurriedly responded, “I’ve washed up.”

“Follow me after washing, I came to find you for something.”

“Wait a minute.” Shen Chengfeng didn’t seem to plan to let them go and took two steps forward without any trace.

Xiao Jing carefully moved his body to ensure that Xiao Hong could block the captain who was too enthusiastic for her.

After returning, she must check the Internet: her captain was too enthusiastic about her, always thinking about plans to rip off her clothes, what should she do?

Xiao Hong stretched out his hand, blocking Shen Chengfeng’s approach, and said positively, “General Shen has something to say.”

“This is Tie Ying. The Xiao family has been coming and going a bit too much recently.”

“I came to see my fourth brother. Do I need to ask General Shen?”

“The army has military regulations, and Xiao Ershao is also a leader who naturally knows that there are many rules, and my Tie Ying does not have idle people, etc. Everybody is forbidden from entering the camp. The Xiao family has broken my rules twice and made it very difficult, after all the relationship between the two of us is not as friendly as the legend says.”

“So, is it that General Shen has built resentment to my junior due to my personal forgetfulness?” Xiao Hong glanced obliquely at the back of Xiao Jing, who did not even dare to come out of the air. When he entered, he clearly saw her worry.

“Yeah, I’m doing that.” Shen Chengfeng didn’t hide anything and said it outspokenly.

“.” Xiao Jing froze, wondering if she heard it wrong. Was this the purpose behind him bullying her?

“No matter what your Xiao family says, he is now my soldier. If you want to take him back from here, you will have to defeat me, then.” By the way, Shen Chengfeng had already preemptively attacked Xiao Hong.

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