SLDH Ch. 71.1: Popcorn Kindergarten

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“Ding Ling Ling Ling ~~”

A crisp bell sounded after class, and the students who had just been languishing instantly cheered up and sat up one by one.

Even after teaching for many years and having become accustomed to it, the old professor couldn’t help but twitch his lips. He closed the book and said to a boy sitting in the second row: “Squad leader, collect the homework that I arranged last week and bring it to my office.”

“Good, teacher.” Han Xiao quickly stood up and responded.

“Well.” The old professor picked up his textbook and walked out of the classroom slowly.

Yesterday evening, Han Xiao mentioned in the group that they needed to hand in their homework today. The students had already made preparations, so they had already done it themselves or copied it and handed over the homework to Han Xiao in a little while. Han Xiao counted and found that there was one less notebook. When he was about to ask who had not submitted, he looked up and saw Mi Wan who stood in front of him with a haggard expression. She looked like Jin Mingxuan after he had played games overnight.

“Mi Wan, did you sleep well yesterday?” Han Xiao asked subconsciously.

“Well.” Mi Wan couldn’t do it. The hour and a half of sleep in the classroom just wasn’t enough sleep for her. After changing the classroom, she had to go to sleep again. She blamed Fan Chen, that idiot. She finally forgot his confession, and it took three days to cure the insomnia, but she relapsed again now.

“Did you hand in your homework?” Han Xiao asked again.

Mi Wan shook her head, looking weak and said: “But I’ve done it, however I forgot to bring it in the morning, can I submit it later.” She was forcibly dug up from the bed by Auntie Zhang in the morning, and she almost forgot to wash her face, where would she remember to bring her homework.

“Where did you put it? If it is in a pet store, you can get it now. I’ll wait for you.” Han Xiao thoughtfully.

“At my house,” Mi Wan replied.

“Well, I can’t wait for you.” Han Xiao thought for a while and said, “I can help you talk to the teacher. You go back to take it at noon, and then give it to the teacher yourself in the afternoon. Mr. Mu is very good, so he should not be angry.”

“Okay, let me go first.” Mi Wan nodded and yawned and left. The next class was in the ladder classroom, and she had to hurry and go to sleep. By the way, before she went to sleep, she had to call Butler Ye and ask him to find someone to help her deliver the homework to the school.

There were another two classes, and Mi Wan, who had enough sleep for four classes, finally recovered a little, but she still felt uncomfortable. After all, human beings going to bed at night had some sense behind it. If you don’t sleep at night, even if you try to make up for sleep during the day, you would still feel panicked.

“Remember to hand in your homework in the afternoon, and don’t stay up late in the future.” Han Xiao saw Mi Wan’s bewilderment and feared that she might forget it, so he urged her again.

“Got it, I’ve got someone to send my homework over. Also, I was not staying up late, I’m suffering from insomnia.” Mi Wan said sadly, didn’t she want to sleep? She lay in bed yesterday and kept her eyes open till dawn.

“Insomnia? Are you so old?” Jin Mingxuan beside her laughed and said. He knew that girls hated being called old.

“Yeah, I’m more than 500 years old.” According to human age, she was indeed not young, but it was a pity that she was not suffering from insomnia because of her old age, it was because of emotional troubles.

“Hahaha … I just like you.”

“Do you like me?” Mi Wan’s drowsiness disappeared. What happened? Was it because it’s spring, so she was blooming peach flowers desperately? Even Jin Mingxuan wanted to confess to her?

“What are you thinking about, I mean I like your kind of joking character.” Jin Mingxuan looked helpless.

“Huh, that’s good, you scared me.” Mi Wan felt relieved.

“Hahaha …” Witnessing this back and forth together, Han Xiao laughed at Jin Mingxuan, who was looking red, “You were abandoned.”

“Laughing fart!” Jin Mingxuan was also speechless. He didn’t expect to be ridiculed so casually. Mi Wan actually dug him a big hole, and it was so obvious that she disliked him. What was wrong with him, he was also a handsome future talent.

“So what, I’m leaving ~~” Mi Wan laughed and ran away carrying the schoolbag.

After sleeping all morning, Mi Wan suddenly felt thirsty. She went to the milk tea shop at the school gate to buy a cup of iced lemon tea, and then slowly walked to the pet shop. Walking around, she suddenly noticed a few faint traces of magic: how did this power feel so familiar, as if it had only recently appeared.

“Boss, is school over? Your relatives’ children are here again, they have been waiting for you for a while.” At this time, Xu Zhuang just came out of the pet shop and saw Mi Wan waving from afar.

Relative’s children? These words were also familiar, was it …

“Sister ~~” Wow lala, five extremely familiar little heads came out behind Xu Zhuang, all smiling brightly and innocently.

“Poof ~~” Mi Wan almost spat out her lemon tea, aigoo, these little radish heads did not seem to intend to let her go. Didn’t she just draw two talismans, was the aquarium planning to hold her accountable? At this time, Mi Wan suddenly remembered a line in the movie she recently watched: If God gives me another chance, I must …

Well, God will not give her another chance.

“Boss, I want to take a leave with you.” Xu Zhuang originally wanted to call and ask Mi Wan. But since Mi Wan came back at this time, he decided to ask her in person, “Today Lu Xinyuan is going to try to stand up again, I want to look at it, so it may take a while.”

“Lu Xinyuan?”

“It’s the little sika deer. It has recovered very well recently, and its bones are healing well. The professor just called me and said that she might be able to stand up today. If she is able to stand up again, she can return to the forest soon.” Xu Zhuang was happy, as he had fulfilled his promise to the black bear to heal the little sika deer before sending her back. “Moreover, people from my hometown said that at the start of the mountain junction where the sika deer was brought back from, different animals guard there every day, as if waiting for the small sika deer to return.”

“Oh, then go.” Mi Wan waved happily before returning to the store with the five small frys following her.

“Boss, after school, what do you want to eat at noon, I will buy it for you.” The sparrow demon greeted her attentively.

“No.” She didn’t have any appetite now, so she sighed, and glanced at the five little frys in the store. Mi Wan took a sip of the iced lemon tea, which calmed her down a little: “Why are you coming here again?”

Weren’t they expelled from school? Why did they come ashore again?

“Oh, they were sent here by Elder Yu temporarily. Elder Yu left in a hurry and said that he would come over to pick them up in the afternoon.” The sparrow replied instead.

This answer did not make Mi Wan feel satisfied. Yu Feihang must have a meaning. Why did he put the frys in her place? It was just in disguise to remind her of the expulsion of the five frys. It was just too insidious.

Although she was indeed responsible for this matter, she had already figured out a way to remedy it yesterday, and even wanted to go through the back door, but … she couldn’t think of it, or she wouldn’t be able to sleep again tonight.

“Sister, sister, we will soon have a new kindergarten.” Little girl Yaya shared the latest good news with Mi Wan.

“Really?” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up.

“Well, Elder Yu took us out today to find a kindergarten. We went to two in the morning. Both of them were very beautiful.” Yaya stretched out two lovely fingers.

“Do you like the ordinary kindergartens?” Mi Wan knew that Yu Feihang was looking for ordinary human kindergartens for them.

“Like.” The five little frys nodded happily.

As soon as Mi Wan heard it, she felt much better. It turned out that Yu Feihang didn’t find her to hold her responsible. It was really just a simple deposit, so she didn’t have to think about finding Fan Chen to go through the back door.

“Which of the two kindergartens are you going to?” Mi Wan asked with a smile.

“We will go to neither.” The answer was given by Xiao Hai this time.

“Didn’t you like both?” Mi Wan puzzled.

“But they don’t like us.” Xiao Hai looked depressed.

What, they also don’t like you? Do you have annoying physiques?

“Sister, human kindergartens are so strict, even going to school, there is still an interview.” Little girl Yaya grabbed her pigtail and looked worried.

“Yes, the questions they asked were so difficult that we couldn’t answer.” Little Fat Fish also complained.

“In fact, they were the one who were wrong, the teacher asked us to perform a talent, why did they get angry when we shattered the windows.” An Ren complained about the kindergarten.

“It was the teacher who asked us to sing.” The children said that they didn’t do it on purpose. “In the first kindergarten, Xiao Hai also performed a one-handed splitting of the table.”

Xiao Hai’s dark face suddenly turned red.

Suddenly Mi Wan started to feel tired again. In this way, do you still want to go to ordinary kindergarten? Even if you go, you will be expelled again.

Help me, why did I have cheap hands and draw talismans for them, I will never draw talismans anymore ~~~

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