FESM Extra 6.2: Benjamin × Li Xin

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After hanging up the communication, Benjamin opened the glass door. Just as he was walking back to the living room, Li Xin happened to be coming out of the kitchen. Seeing that he was holding a communicator in his hand, he asked casually, “Did you just video chat with someone? I heard some voices.”

“Well, my father just scolded me again.” Benjamin blamed his father without hesitation.

“Admiral Carlo is really strict with you.” Li Xin smiled and said, “My father seldom cares about me.”

“Do you have any brothers or sisters in your family?” Benjamin asked.

“No, I’m the only child.” Li Xin said, “Beta’s fertility rate is relatively low, so it’s difficult to conceive. My parents are both betas. My mother suffered a lot when she gave birth to me, and her health has never been very good, seeing this my father didn’t want to have a second child anymore, so I’m the only child in the family.”

“What a coincidence?” Benjamin sighed softly and said, “My Dad’s health is not very good either. My father was just worried that he would not be able to bear the burden of pregnancy, so I’m their only son, and he hasn’t let him get pregnant again for so many years.”

“Really? I’ve never heard of your Dad.” Li Xin only knew that the alpha Carlo of the Behe family was the current head of the Hydra Legion. As for who his lover was, it was indeed rarely mentioned. It was only heard that it was a male omega, and Admiral Carlo loved him very much.

“Dad has been in poor health since he was a child, so he doesn’t show up very often. He is very low-key and few people have seen him. By the way, his name is Aidean. He is a very gentle omega. He is very easy to get along with and treats me very well.” Benjamin smiled slightly and said, “You will definitely like him.”

“…It really sounds good.” Li Xin scratched his head, a little confused about the meaning of Benjamin’s last sentence.

“Let’s go for a walk downstairs, we’ve eaten too much.” Benjamin suggested.

“Okay.” Li Xin also felt a little stuffed. For just the two of them, he made four dishes and one soup, which was really hearty, and they ate them all. His stomach was too full and he felt uncomfortable. Taking a walk to digest was indeed a good choice.

“Wait a minute, I’ll change my clothes.” He brought the suitcase over this time and went to the bedroom to take off his army pants and shirt and changed into a loose casual outfit.

It was the first time Li Xin saw him wearing casual clothes. The tall and handsome alpha was just a clothes hanger. His long legs were comparable to top models, and he looked good in anything. Especially when showing a smile, even if Li Xin was a beta, he had to admit that the hormones emanating from Benjamin’s body were really charming – it could fascinate anyone, let alone an omega.

Fortunately, I am a beta, if I were affected by strong pheromones, I would probably lose my footing.

Li Xin sighed in his heart, and when he saw Benjamin turn around to go out, he immediately followed.

The two came downstairs, and during the period after dinner, there would not be too many people in the community to make people feel noisy, nor would they be too few so as to appear deserted. This community was a high-end residential area, and the quality of the residents was very high, so there were no loud noises.

At dusk, the golden light enveloped the whole community softly. Occasionally, young couples passed by holding hands, and old people took their beloved pets for a leisurely walk. When they saw Li Xin and Benjamin walking side by side, they were not indifferent. They would stop and watch curiously, smile politely, then pass each other and walk away without disturbing each other.

The whole community looked comfortable and peaceful, with a kind of warmth like a paradise.

Li Xin had been staying at home for the past few days, so he didn’t realize that the community at dusk was so charming.

Benjamin asked softly: “Do you still like the environment in this community?”

Li Xin came back to his senses, nodded and said, “It’s really great, your cousin has a really good vision.”

Benjamin smiled slightly and said, “It’s good if you like it.”

When he bought the house here, he planned to get married and live in it later. Benjamin didn’t like big villas very much. He always felt that living in a villa was too much space for two people. Sometimes one was on the third floor and the other was on the first floor. When talking to each other, they had to shout at each other, otherwise they couldn’t hear them. So he felt it would be cozier to live in this kind of small flat-floor living room.

Probably because of his Dad’s influence, even though Benjamin was an alpha, his mind was more delicate and gentle, and he was not as careless as his father Carlo.

After withdrawing his thoughts, Benjamin accompanied Li Xin for a walk around the garden.

There were not many pedestrians along the way, Li Xin was enjoying the scenery at dusk, but Benjamin was a little absent-minded, because Li Xin’s slender and beautiful hand was dangling non-stop beside him, he just had to move a few centimeters to the left, and he could hold the hand of this beta man.

Alas, him being able to hold back was really due to the strong self-control of a soldier.

Benjamin took a deep breath, ignored the fluctuations in his heart, and walked with Li Xin for an hour with a calm expression.

Feeling much better in the stomach, Li Xin proposed to go home.

After going back, it was almost dark, Li Xin politely asked Benjamin to take a bath first. The bathroom was large, with a bathtub and a shower, but Li Xin was a tenant after all, so he had never dared to use the bathtub, for fear that the owner would mind, and he usually used the shower to take a bath.

Benjamin didn’t bother to turn on the water, he just took a cold shower, put on a black bathrobe and came out.

Li Xin followed him to take a bath, but he was not used to wearing a bathrobe, instead he wore a traditional two-piece pajama set, the beige plaid pajamas were buttoned up to the neckline, until nothing was exposed. But, paired with his flushed face from the heat of the bathroom, it looked extra cute.

In particular, since after Li Xin came out of the bathroom, he was still wiping his hair with a towel.

The wet hair hung down to the side of the ears, and the eyes were also wet. The whole person looked like an innocent sheep that accidentally fell into the water and was just fished out.

Benjamin’s Adam’s apple rolled violently.

He heard the sound of his heart beating.

This beta man obviously had a very traditional concept. He wore pajamas so rigorously that he didn’t show anything on his body, but in Benjamin’s eyes, he looked more and more attractive. He really wanted to unbutton all the clothes on him, take off his pajama pants, and press him hard on the bed…

Suddenly meeting Li Xin’s gaze, Benjamin’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately controlled the animalistic thoughts in his mind.

Benjamin smiled slightly, and asked gently: “What’s wrong? Looking at me suddenly?”

Li Xin straightened his wet hair, and said, “I was thinking, how do we sleep at night? There is only one bedroom here, or…”

He wanted to say, or I’ll sleep on the sofa, and you, the general, can sleep on the bed. I’m only 1.75 meter, so I can sleep completely on the sofa.

In the end, before he could say anything, Benjamin smiled shamelessly and said, “Since there is only one bedroom, of course we will sleep together.”

Li Xin was stunned, his cheeks flushing slightly: “This… You, don’t you mind sleeping with someone?”

Benjamin said with an upright face, “We’re all men, and you’re not an omega, what do you mind?”

Li Xin always felt something was wrong.

But what was wrong, he couldn’t tell.

Especially since the general’s expression was very calm, his eyes were very upright, and the general even said in the afternoon that he would introduce a girlfriend to him, so what was the issue with two single men sleeping together?

Thinking of this, Li Xin felt calm.

Benjamin said softly: “Don’t worry, I don’t have any bad habits, I sleep very honestly.”

Li Xin hurriedly said: “That’s not what I meant…then I’ll clean up the bed, and we can go to bed earlier.”

Watching Li Xin turn around and go to the bedroom to make a bed, Benjamin’s mouth curled into a tricky smile.

This bed, which he bought specially to be used as a wedding bed, was very comfortable to lie on. More importantly, no matter how much movement was made on the bed, it was impossible for the bed to collapse, and the mattress would not make embarrassing sounds.

Li Xin slept on this bed alone for so long, it was time for him, the main character, to sleep on it with him.

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