KHSW Ch. 337

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Chi family.

Wang Suping was sitting leisurely on the sofa drinking coffee, but she had asked Ou Mengxue to kneel on the ground and wipe the floor tiles.

Ou Mengxue was wiping the ground while thinking about things. It had been so long, and the truth about Ling Xi’s fraudulent donation hadn’t been revealed yet. What on earth did Ling Xi want to do?

Ever since she failed to kill Jiang Shu that day, she began to panic. Jiang Shu would definitely tell Ling Xi and the media what she had done.

So she immediately borrowed a sum of money based on her identity as Mrs. Chi and bribed the person who she had donated the money to. As long as they identified it as Ling Xi, no one could find any evidence to refute it.

Everyone would only think that Ling Xi was shirking responsibility.

But for some reason, they still didn’t clarify the matter, leaving Ou Mengxue a little confused.

Wang Suping was watching the news on TV, which happened to be about Ling Xi.

Hearing the word “Ling Xi”, Ou Mengxue also looked up.

It turned out that Ling Xi and her mother were interviewed together.

Ling Xi said in the interview: “My mother and I have always had a good relationship. Maybe my mother didn’t want to distract me, so she didn’t tell me about her resignation from “Fengxing”. Later, she still talked to my former agent. She said that my mother was sweeping the streets, and that’s when I found out about it.”

Meng Xinyan looked at her and said, “Yes, Xi’er has been a very well-behaved and sensible, since she was a child. I didn’t want her to know about the family affairs, for fear that it would delay her work, but I didn’t expect that she would get to know anyway.”

Host: “So, please tell us Ms. Meng, what kind of job does your husband do?”

Meng Xinyan was slightly startled. This question was not included in the original interview script of the host. She might have added it temporarily.

Just when Meng Xinyan wanted to say something, Ling Xi said first, “I’m sorry, this question involves some private matters, so it’s not convenient to answer it here.”

Meng Xinyan heard what Xi’er said and knew that she had her own considerations, so she nodded lightly.

What Ling Xi thought about was that her father would come back in the future, so naturally she couldn’t say that her father was gone now.

What’s more, her father’s identity was also very special. He was probably still on a very dangerous mission. If the “hard-working” media found him out, wouldn’t her father’s identity be revealed…

Ou Mengxue looked at Ling Xi and Meng Xinyan on the TV with a hint of malice in her eyes.

These two people were really hypocritical. She knew everything about Ling Xi’s family. Her father died in a car accident, and her mother was still a stepmother. What kind of show of mother-daughter love were they playing on TV?

Wang Suping looked moved and said, “This child Ling Xi is really pitiful. Her future husband was snatched away by others, and it was deliberately revealed that she abused her mother. She has such a bad fate!”

When Ou Mengxue heard what Wang Suping said, she pretended not to hear it and continued her work.

“Mom, can you sit over there first? I’ll mop the floor.”

Wang Suping directly raised her feet and said, “Just wipe it like this.”

Ou Mengxue gritted her teeth, but suppressed her inner dissatisfaction, and stretched out the rag to wipe the floor. Wang Suping stepped on it and stepped directly on the back of Ou Mengxue’s hand, “Oh, I’m sorry, my legs are tired.”

As she spoke, she stood up, and Ou Mengxue screamed in pain, “Ah, mom——”

Wang Suping then moved her feet away, with a trace of sinisterness flashing in her eyes. She felt heartbroken when she saw Ou Mengxue now. If she didn’t cause some trouble, she would feel really unhappy.

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