KHSW Ch. 336

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At the dining table, Meng Zimiao looked at Xiao Nuo curiously. This little guy looked really cute. At first glance, he did look a lot like Ling Xi.

Xiao Nuo seemed to have noticed Meng Zimiao’s observation, so he raised his head, picked up a piece of chicken with his chopsticks, and put it into Meng Zimiao’s bowl, “Auntie eat chicken, the chicken made by grandma is delicious!”

Meng Zimiao couldn’t help but curl up the corners of her lips. It would be nice to have a little nephew.

Listening to Xiao Nuo’s praise, Meng Xinyan beamed even more. Her grandson was so well-behaved and had such a sweet mouth. How could he not be liked by others?

“Hello? Yizhi, what’s wrong?”

When he heard his father’s call, Xiao Nuo’s attention was focused on his mother’s mobile phone.

“We might not go back today… forget it, you don’t have to come over, we’ll go back in a while.”

After putting down her phone, Meng Xinyan said, “Xi’er, seriously, why don’t you let son-in-law come to our house for a meal?”

“Mom, actually I want to ask you something, so I didn’t let him come.”

“What’s going on?”

“Before Yizhi and I got married, did you publish a message in the magazine “Fengxing” to help me find a blind date?”

When Meng Xinyan heard her mention this matter, her heartbeat began to speed up and she couldn’t help but become nervous.

“Did Yizhi tell you?”

“Yeah.” Ling Xi nodded slightly, and at the same time she was sure that her mother had published this information in a magazine.

Although it seemed ridiculous, it did happen.

“But when Yizhi came to find you, why did you only ask him one question?”

Meng Xinyan’s facial expression began to become a little uncomfortable. It was absolutely wrong to let Ling Xi know about this matter. If she were to know, Xi’er might be in danger if she didn’t calm down.

“Um… Xi’er, how can mom remember something that happened so long ago? Okay, let’s eat quickly!”

Ling Xi wanted to break the pot and ask the truth, but since her mother didn’t want to tell, it was useless for her to ask again.

After Chi Jingyu came back from walking the dog, he lay down on the sofa tiredly.

“Brother, I don’t want to help you walk your dog anymore. I’m not walking the dog. It’s clearly the dog walking me. I can’t even pull him back. It’s so hard~”

Xu Yizhi kicked his feet off the sofa, “You can leave!”

“Brother, I didn’t take you to be a person like this. I helped you walk the dog, so why don’t you give me a reward? Do you know how seriously damaged my image was when I helped them deal with… shit~ ba~ ba? You know the way those people looked at me when I was dealing with shit? It’s just unimaginable.”

A faint smile appeared on Xu Yizhi’s lips, “Is two days of vacation enough?”

Chi Jingyu’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Including today.”

Chi Jingyu lamented in his heart, well, he knew that Xu Yizhi only had his sister-in-law in his heart and not him, and he forgot his loyalty.

“Two days is better than nothing.”

Just when Chi Jingyu was about to go out, a car loaded with roses stopped outside the gate.

“Hello Mr. Xu, these are the 9999 roses you ordered. Where do we need to move?”

Chi Jingyu heard that he was talking about Mr. Xu, and looked at the heart-shaped roses on the car, and became convinced. No wonder he wanted to drive him away! Unexpectedly, Xu Yizhi finally got the idea!

“I’m not Mr. Xu, the one inside is.”

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