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Oh, it turned out that Tang Bai in his memory also shyly expressed that he would give the commander gun to him…

So this gun, do you want to give the gun to an alpha when you see an alpha?!!!

Xie Ruheng was about to go mad with sourness, he even wanted to pick up this little green tea and shake him, to see how many tricks he could shake out from the opponent!

Xie Ruheng tried his best to maintain a calm expression, and said, “Giving me the gun, so you’re not afraid that I’m a bad guy?”

“You don’t look like a bad guy.” Tang Bai blurted out, he felt very at ease staying with this alpha.

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Xie Ruheng finally couldn’t hold it anymore, he pointed to the attacker who was tied up by him and said in a deep voice: “Does he look like a bad guy?”

No one knew, when Xie Ruheng saw the moment when Tang Bai was being pointed at with the energy gun by the killer, how much fear there was in his heart.

The finger pointing at the assailant twitched slightly, clenched on the side of his leg as if covering up his gaffe, Xie Ruheng pursed his lips tightly, and spoke again in an extremely hoarse voice: “Too naive, to think you can even protect yourself! No.”

Tang Bai felt that what Xiao Cheng said was very reasonable, Xie Ruheng had accompanied him to the slums every time before, and it was Xie Ruheng who blocked the dark side of the slums for him, so he really thought it was safe here.

Ten slender and white fingers twisting together, his red eyes drooping slightly, Tang Bai looked like a child who did something wrong and was listening to scolding.

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Did I yell at him too loudly…

Seeing Tang Bai looking at him pitifully with his wet eyes, Xie Ruheng felt unbearable and submerged himself in blame bit by bit.

He shouldn’t have scolded him.

Xie Ruheng thought angrily.

Obviously he didn’t protect him well.

Xie Ruheng was extremely frustrated.

He was already terrified just now, but he still scolded him.

Xie Ruheng felt distressed.

The lips that were pursed into a straight line opened, “…But it’s not a bad thing to be innocent.”

Tang Bai who was waiting to continue listening to the scolding: “?”

Tang Bai was stunned to find that the alpha who was as dangerous as a lone wolf had suddenly turned into a frustrated big dog.

Ah… was this the Sharp Knife but Tofu Heart[1]?

Tang Bai took out a toffee with filling from his pocket, and handed it to the other party carefully, “Do you want to eat candy?”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

After Xie Ruheng took the candy, Tang Bai touched his nose and softly said: “Thank you for what you said to me. I have learned a lesson this time, and I will definitely pay more attention to safety in the future~” After speaking, he showed a vigorous smile.

Xie Ruheng, who was instantly healed by this smile: “…um.”

The suspension car stopped on the side of the road, and they boarded the car. No one spoke along the way. Tang Bai thought about what to do to repay “Xiao Cheng”, he sent over the commander gun but he didn’t want it, and it was too vulgar to give money directly.

Tang Bai searched on Xingwang in distress, and after seeing nothing that showed promise, he turned off the search engine with black lines on his face and looked out the window with a messy mind.

From the car window, he saw Xiao Cheng’s side face. This alpha had a very alienated temperament, and in the blurred scenery, he looked more and more far away from all the hustle and bustle of the world.

Through the reflection on the glass, Tang Bai saw the alpha suddenly turn his head to look at him slowly, and his endlessly suppressed black eyes showed a momentary feeling of losing his defense.

It was a gentle gaze that he himself hadn’t noticed.

When Tang Bai blinked and looked again, the alpha had turned his head again.

He must have been blinded by it just now.

Tang Bai didn’t get too entangled in this little episode, and soon the suspension car took them to the police station, and the police took them to make statements separately. When the police told Tang Bai, the child who attacked had highlander syndrome, and was not a real child, but actually a stunted adult, the thorn in Tang Bai’s heart was finally removed.

Although the traces left behind were difficult to remove for a while, it was finally not as uncomfortable as before.

“Mr. Tang, you can leave now. We will investigate this case with all our strength.”

Tang Bai glanced at the hall, “Has my companion come out yet?”

“Mr. Xiao left early.”

“Did he leave his contact information?”

“No, are you worried about your safety while going back alone? We have already contacted Mr. Bai Zhi for you…”

Tang Bai stood blankly at the police station, his heart suddenly feeling a little empty.

He… He hadn’t thanked Mr. Xiao properly…

Bai Zhi, who came to pick up Tang Bai, saw Tang Bai’s lost appearance, and thought that Tang Bai was frightened by the attack. Comforting Tang Bai, he said: “Take a bath immediately after returning home, drink a cup of hot milk, and sleep well, forget all bad emotions.”

Tang Bai nodded obediently, thanked Bai Zhi, and went home according to Bai Zhi’s instructions. He went to the bathroom to take a shower first as he was told, but when he took off his clothes, Tang Bai suddenly found a charm stuck to the necklace he was wearing with the magic silver as the body.

It seemed that there was a small bead in the talisman, and the bead and the magic silver were attracted together with invisible stickiness.

Tang Bai didn’t open the talisman to see what was inside, after all, such things as talismans couldn’t be taken apart casually, and this talisman probably belonged to Xiao Cheng, he probably got it from his physical contact with Xiao Cheng today.

This talisman looked very old, its color was dim, but it was still worn by Xiao Cheng. It should be a very important thing, but how should he return this talisman to Xiao Cheng?

Tang Bai thought for a while and logged into his account on Xingwang. It so happened that he was chatting with X the last time, so X’s account was at the top, so Tang Bai clicked in and asked X, “Is there such a place as lost and found in the slums?”

X immediately replied to him: “What did you find?”

Tang Bai: “I picked up a talisman in a slum today. Although this is not a valuable item, I think it should be very important to the owner, so I want to return it as soon as possible.”

After a while, X: “Yes, it is very important to me.”

Tang Bai: “Yes.”

Tang Bai: “Huh?!??!?!”

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[1] someone who has a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

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